The Gift of Lilacs

May 19, 2023

Flower Friday the gift of lilacs the other morning after we arrived by my handsome husband while I had my coffee. We met the lilacs at the finish line as they are almost finished for the season. So we are savoring every moment with them. These living in a big vintage zinc French bucket out on the back porch. I typically pull off the majority of the leaves but these were all so perfect just as they were, I plunked the whole thing in as the grouping, leaves and all, creating a week of flower happiness.

We head out in just a few to Quebec City to celebrate Mister Sive’s birthday for a few days. Neither of us have ever been and we have heard so many lovely things about it. Hitting the flea markets on Sunday morning. Can’t wait! If you have any tips or major likes about the city we should see/experience, let me know. Everyone have a fab weekend! X