Summer In A Glass

June 28, 2023

Summer In A Glass aka The Jay. Wine & Dine Wednesday about a super tasty cocktail that was the hit of our Hawthorne@10 party a few weeks ago. It was a concoction made by professional mixologist extraordinaire Jay Blubaum. He is a family friend we have known since he was young and he is now in his mid-forties. We have had him bartend at many of our gatherings over the years, to great success as everyone loves Jay. He so kindly took the train from the city up to Hudson for the day/eve so he could work the party, bringing a ginger syrup that he had made. It would be the element that brings the magic to this cocktail. He had a different name for the drink but I can’t remember it, so I am calling it, The Jay, in his honor.

Ok, here we go! In a glass add lots of ice. Then add:

2 oz. gin

0.75 ginger syrup

0.50 Campari

0.75 lemon juice

We sell this fabulous ginger syrup so I made the drink when we got back to Seattle. It is a bit stronger than the syrup Jay brought, so I used 0.50 instead. I also bumped up the Campari to 0.75. As with all cocktails and recipes, play with it until it is what tastes best to you. Our friend Mimi in Berkeley sent us a box of Meyer lemons to New York so we used those and man oh man, if you can get your hands on Meyer lemons, absolutely use them. Rainer cherries were just out in Seattle at the Market so I thought they made the perfect garnish as the coloring matched the shade of the drink. A lemon slice would also do. Enjoy!