A Winter Country Lunch

January 17, 2024

Yesterday was so gloriously snowy. It made for snow globe like conditions today. Perfect for having guests over mid-day for lunch after the roads had been plowed and everyone gets home before it gets dark. Entertaining in the country can have very different set of rules as the commute to and from said event plays a large role in how things are planned. A fire out back with a small assortment of nibbles and a round of lovely conversation before everyone comes to the table. Lunch was Meyer lemon infused halibut with a warm currant studded farro salad alongside a shallot vinaigrette dressed arugula salad. As well as a baguette with really tasty extra salty French butter. Everyone in attendance owned their own creative business so talk was lively. Old friends mixed with new. Six so often is the perfect size for a meal gathering. Intimate and everyone feels like they get a chance to add to the conversation. An apple & pear crisp for dessert making it a tasty ending to our country lunch.