The Gift Of White Lilacs

May 14, 2024

We arrived late last night to Hawthorne. Caretaker Bill knows of my love of white lilacs and he has a bunch of bushes on his property, so he had them waiting for us when we arrived. Along with the house being in tiptop shape for us. I shot this image as soon as I got up for breakfast and the day was already spectacular outside.

This was Hendricks last night when I hopped into bed dead tired and he would have none of that. He was wide awake! He is such s good traveler. But has tons of energy when we get to the house. Ahhhhhhhh, puppy energy. I want to be able to tap into some of that some days…

He was also up first thing to watch the birds. My favorite part of this is that it is the exact spot Bailey would sit and do the very same thing. We head to Brimfield on Thursday to find vintage goods for the shops. Lots of fun stuff in store this stay!