24 Hours Of A Holiday Weekend

May 29, 2024

An often asked question when I am in the shop chatting with a customer while I am wrapping their gifts (I call that a wrap session) is—what do you all do when you are in New York? My quick answer is we just live. We entertain and are entertained. We dine in and enjoy the bounty of the region as much as possible and we love eating out at the many incredible spots in each town. We work, remotely. Some days lots and other days not at all. Our goal when we bought the property, now over 11 years ago, was to make it feel like home. Not a vacation house, but a place where we lived, just like we feel when we are in Seattle or Vashon Island. It absolutely feels that way, and what makes it that way are the friendships we have made here over the years.

An example of a day is this past weekend. It was not a normal day, say like a Tuesday, as it was a holiday day. Often called the ‘unofficial start to Summer’ there were lots of things on the agenda. Our friend Audra hosted an afternoon lunch and pool party. The above is a photo from said party. Hendricks was in heaven! Running around and meeting new people. This sweetest baby became his new pal. We then went right to a dinner at friends Christine & Bert’s home. Hosted in a beautiful old building that was brought to their farm many years ago that was an old barbershop. The structure is enchanting. It houses a very long dining table that they always fill with interesting folks. We headed home after an exquisite supper to family that had arrived while we were out for the day. A catch up and a chat on the back porch before headed to bed. We were hosting a breakfast the next morning. My best college friend and his husband were joining us all for a meal and a quick visit. By the time everyone headed out, it had been a very full, fun, festive 24 hours.