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A Classic: Kenneth Turner Original Signature

Excited to report we once again have Kenneth Turner original signature scented candles to offer. We had been without them for awhile, as I was waiting for the simple glass container to come back into stock. No such luck, as they have stopped pouring into those, but they are now offering this iconic scented candle in a quite lovely clear glass chalice. So when all is said and done burning the candle entirely, you are left with a pretty swell vase. Mister Turner and I go way back, as I represented his company when he was first starting exporting his goods into the States, when I had my wholesale showroom. Our shop shelves have had a variety of his wares on them since we first opened our doors close to 19 years ago. This is why it has gained ‘Classic’ status in the Watson Kennedy world. The scent, ummistably Kenneth Turner.



Kenneth Turner Signature Room Spray

20150901-073900.jpg This room spray is a WK classic. More so, Kenneth Turner is WK classic. I represented Mister Turner’s line of scented goods when I had The Watson Kennedy Collection. We go way back. Now called signature, then called original, this spray & matching candle have been on the shop shelves since we first opened our doors. The scent unmistakable. A mix of a variety of things, it is warm and floral and inviting all at the same time. We received a new shipment the other day and the packaging has been updated but the original scent has not been touched or altered. Hopefully it never will, as that is what makes it a classic.

Happy first day of September to you all! 22 days of Summmaaa remaining here in Seattle and we fully intend to squeeze out the very most of them. For those of you in parts of the world where Winter is coming to a close, we can all look forward to a new season upon us.



Kenneth Turner Original

20140109-070749.jpg We received a big shipment of Kenneth Turner ‘Original’ candles recently, and it has been on my mental list to write about for a few weeks. We import them directly from the company in London, these gem of a candle. Of all my years of selling candles, both when I had my wholesale showroom to the shops, this candle has stood the test of time and always been a star–I have still never smelled another candle that is remotely like this scent. Perfect year round, but during the cold Winter months is when I think this really shines. The warm, spicy aroma filling the air, seeming to take the chill away. Packaged in his trademark blue box, it is the perfect gift to give. But you will want to try one for yourself too.



A Classic: Kenneth Turner Original

20121112-075014.jpg Kenneth Turner, flower superstar of London, began creating a line of superb candles over 20 years ago. A few years after the release, we started representing the company through my wholesale showroom at the time, The Watson Kennedy Collection. The candles were a hit then, and they continue to be to this day. His iconic trademark scent, Original, is unmistakable the minute it hits your nose. Filled with poplar, honeysuckle, lemon and orange oils, it is really the cloves & cinnamon that leave the lasting impression. Over the years he has added things like hand lotion, liquid hand soap and a diffuser, among other things. As well as many other scents. But it will always be the ‘Original’ candle that is the stand-out in the crowd. A true classic.