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Our Mariage Frères Shipment Has Arrived!

20120927-072926.jpg Our Fall/Holiday Mariage Frères shipment of 1100+ tins and boxes of muslin tea bags arrived yesterday from Paris. We were knee deep in shipping boxes, and the shop smelled heavenly. Pam priced every one of those boxes while I restocked and finessed the display. It was a fun day filled with tea.

20120927-073922.jpg These make just the perfect gift. House Beautiful asked me a few Holidays ago, what was my favorite go-to gift. Without a second of hesitation, I said it was a tin of the tea.

20120927-074116.jpg We carry 12 varieties, in both the iconic tin, as well as the boxes that are filled with 30 muslin tea bags.

20120927-074316.jpg As well as sugar cubes, strainers, a variety of honey, and vintage tea cups. We ship daily around the globe, so keep these in mind for when you need a quick, easy & elegant gift.

Happy Thursday all!



Horn Tea Scoops

20120308-064749.jpg These lovely horn tea scoops just arrived yesterday at Watson Kennedy. I thought they were the perfect addition to a tin of Mariage Freres or Barbara Barry tea, and was tickled to find them. The beauty of the variation of color in the horn, with the blacks & browns is spectacular. I tied one off on a tin in a cello bag–all set to be given as a gift–and a stylish gift at that.




The Very Best Cup of Tea

20120209-061506.jpg A good cup of tea can just soothe the soul. We are pleased to now be serving our beloved Mariage Freres tea by the cup at our First & Spring shop. What could be more perfect with a Trophy cupcake? We are offering all 12 blends that are available at Watson Kennedy loose in tins or in muslin bags. Stroll the streets of Seattle feeling transported to Paris whilst sipping on your favorite blend.




Acacia Honey

20111130-072535.jpg I have had this lingering cold bug for weeks, and have consumed more Mariage Freres tea in the last month than I have in my lifetime. All that tea has been flavored with a favorite new find, Acacia honey. I did a little research on it. Here is what I found.

Acacia is made from nectar collected from Acacia tree blossoms. The honey we carry in the shop is from Italy, which is quite clear in color and has a mild, floral taste. Because it is so mild, it does not really over-power the flavor of the tea, but enhances the sweet quality. It is also a natural germ killer, so it is a wise addition during cold season. It also works perfectly on toast and is yummy with mild cheeses. Cheers to Acacia honey!



Holiday Open House Today

20111112-034103.jpg Please join us for our kick-off to the Holidays Open House today, at both shops–a fun day is planned. French music will fill the air, enjoy a tangerine mimosa, cup of Mariage Freres tea, or a sparkling cider while you peruse for gifts. Trophy cupcakes will also be served. The shops are bursting at the seams with gifts to give, or keep.

Sign up for our raffle, and be one of four folks to each win a $250 WK gift bag filled with oodles of goodies! For those of you who can’t attend, leave a comment between now and the end of the day to have your name entered too.

I hope to see you there!

20111112-035047.jpg Oh my gosh, what a fun, busy day yesterday was. Our homage to ELEVEN was a hit. Thank you to all of you who attended, sent a kind message or called. We all wore vintage playing card 11’s pinned to our chest, we served copious amounts of tea & bubbly, had many laughs, and just had a great time. Pam’s famous white chocolate dipped 11’s were gobbled up by one and all. As customers departed, they left with a cello bag of 11 cookies. It was cool to see and hear about other people’s connection to the number.





20111111-060622.jpg Happy 11/11/11!
I have always associated the number 11 with goods things. It has been a number I have been connected to since my earliest memory, and I am not certain why. But as many things in life, you just take it, and roll with it. In my case, I took it and ran with it! 11’s are sprinkled throughout my life–pool balls, cards, artwork–too many really to mention without boring you. But all things I love that bring a smile to my face, or that bring back fond memories.

So on this ELEVEN day, I wish you all good things!

Please join us at the Fine Home shop on First & Spring anytime from 10 to 6 today for a little 11 festive-ness, a glass of bubbly or a cup of Mariage Freres tea, an 11 cookie Pam has so lovingly made for you, and see the expanded space if you have not already.

20111111-061705.jpg P.S. The paperwhites have really started to take off.



Box After Box of Mariage Freres Tea

20111006-080458.jpg Our Fall shipment of Mariage Freres tea arrived from France yesterday. I am always delighted to see the boxes arrive after they have taken an Air France flight direct from Paris. We received over 1400 tins and boxes of muslin bags for your sipping enjoyment. The tea has gained a somewhat cult following–it is always fun to spot the iconic black tin in stylish homes when I am leafing thru design magazines. It really is amazing tea! We stock 12 varieties, in both loose and bagged. In a past issue of House Beautiful, they asked me what my favorite host/hostess gift to give was, and I said a tin of Mariage Freres would have to be it.