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The WK One Kings Lane Sale Date is Set

20150303-035719.jpg I received word the other day from the folks at One Kings Lane that the Watson Kennedy sale would be this coming Saturday, the 7th of March. It was not confirmed whether it would be the morning or evening slot, but I will let you know that in a later post this week. For those of you not familiar, One Kings Lane is a site that offers a range of sales twice a day, each & every day. The variety of goods they offer is pretty off the charts fabulous. From rugs, to towels, to pots and pans, to lamps and sofas and so much more. It has become tremendously successful over the last few years, I was honored when they asked me to partake in a shopkeeper sale. I selected 125 goods, to offer a bit of a glimpse of what offer–like artwork, hotel silver, and vintage objects.
Above photo taken by photographer extraordinaire Renata Steiner



One Kings Lane Photo Shoot

20150122-063542.jpg Yesterday was a full day of shooting the goods I have assembled for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale in March. It is so fun to see it all come together. The word ‘curated’ is so overused at this stage, but it really is the word that best describes the grouping of things that will be offered. My idea was to gather 125 objects that tell the story of Watson Kennedy. Think a Limoges bowl filled with Santa Maria Novella potpourri or a pair of vintage French ivory candlesticks filled with our hand-rolled beeswax taper candles. The date range is sometime in March, but I will let you all know as soon as an exact date is finalized. Photography by Renata Steiner




Market Hyacinth


20150121-035243.jpg My Saturday morning stroll had me finding some stunning hyacinth at one of my favorite Market stalls. On these chilly Winter days, I am totally cool that they are grown in a hothouse. I am just so happy to see the perky, happy, jaunty stems dance about. Thought you would enjoy.

Up & out early this morning. Meeting with a photographer at the shop for a full day of shooting. She will be photographing the goods I have chosen for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale. More details to follow once the date in March has been finalized.

A lovely Wednesday to you all!



Bits & Pieces

20140207-081726.jpg We are awaiting the arrival of a large crate of things we had shipped from Seattle to Ghent. Was to have arrived Wednesday, then Thursday, now today. The snow has played a bit of a trick on deliveries. Fingers crossed. We are both so excited to have some of our existing ‘things’ here, and really feel like it will be the big layer that starts making our farmhouse into our home away from home. I/we find such comfort in our books, artwork and various other pieces that having them at Hawthorne will really make this whole experience even more real. We still sometimes feel like we are in a bit of a dream, as this is something we thought about/dreamed about/worked towards, for more than 20+ years. I thought I would share some of the things we brought with us on the plane, had shipped here directly, or have found on this visit. The above L.L. Bean bag is always stuffed with stuff on each plane ride. Things we bring with us and then things we find for the shops that fly back to Seattle with us. I sometimes call myself a professional schlepper.

20140207-082913.jpg We spotted this hay trolley at a shop in Hudson in October. Such a cool sculptural industrial piece. TPS had Bill pick it up for us and it was here waiting as a surprise.

20140207-083147.jpg The ficus trees and the vintage ginger jar lamps I wrote about last week but wanted to include again, as they have been so thoroughly enjoyed on the sun porch this trip.

20140207-083334.jpg We bought these Hermes hand towels on a trip to France and were waiting for just the right time/spot for them. The only non-green centric room is the guest bathroom that has white small tiles on the floor with blue round tiles set about. These finally found a home.


20140207-083744.jpg Bailey has rarely found a rug she does not like to nap on. One Kings Lane has been an amazing source for finding rugs for Hawthorne. We have scattered them here and there for pops of color & pattern, while also creating warm underfoot.

20140207-084026.jpg I bring a different shade of green Glassybaby each trip. I like the idea of adding to the collection each visit. A little Seattle at Hawthorne!

20140207-084232.jpg We have found some really handsome vintage mirrors. This one is going to live in the living room. We think.

20140207-084408.jpg A happy accident. I bought this from One Kings Lane. A larger size was sent. Bailey took right to it. All snuggled up with her Lamb Chop toy that was a gift from Auntie Pam. This bed ends up working perfectly in the guest room for when guests bring their pooch. Our friend Cara visited last week and Stella settled right into the bed.

20140207-084837.jpg Having the hardest time finding the ‘just right’ side tables for each twin bed in the guest room. These green French chairs from One Kings Lane will have to do for the moment.


20140207-085159.jpg The top English, the bottom French plates were scored while shopping with our friends Camilla & Peg, who came for a visit from Seattle, at shops in Hudson last Saturday.

20140207-085440.jpg The egg tray, which we sell a very similar one at Watson Kennedy, I picked up on that same Hudson shopping excursion. We do our darndest to support the local shops we enjoy. At this early hour and without my coffee kicking in, I am completely spacing the name of this fab kitchen shop. I will write about it on another visit for sure.

20140207-085842.jpg Our friend Cara brought many special gifts, but this 100 year old chair from her cabin in Southold where we have spent so many memorable days, is a lovely reminder of those times. At some point we will have the seat worked on, but we think it is kind of dreamy, and old, and crusty, and perfect just the way it is. Kind of like our memories of the cabin on Peconic Bay that we hold so dear.

20140207-090330.jpg All the above helping to fill up our 1920 farmhouse with things we love and make each time here memorable.



Surrounded by Green

20140128-085059.jpg Actually, that should be surrounded by green and lots and lots of white. The white of the house looks so warm set amongst all the snow outside. We are ensconced at Hawthorne and enjoying the Winter that is all around. There was another magical dusting of snow yesterday to welcome us. Currently 5 degrees and clear as a bell, the valley just stunning out the windows. We have a variety of guests arriving this stay, so we are working on unpacking things that have arrived since we were last here. The Stray Dog Designs green ficus trees adding a huge pop of color and presence to the front sun porch. A pair of them flank the French doors. There goes that flanking word again. Such a great word. Along with a pair of vintage ginger jars that were made into lamps that I snatched up on One Kings Lane. It is the dance of wanting the home to have the ‘collected over time’ vibe we hold so dear, and the practicality of needing furniture. More posts in the coming week of some of the other treasures that arrived.

From snow filled Ghent,



A WestWard Week

20121227-091135.jpg Ahhhhh, the retail marathon is complete, and we are ensconced in our home on the island for the week. It was a heck of a run, and we thank all of you who shopped at Watson Kennedy this season–and for helping to making it the best year yet! It is our tradition to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve at WestWard recouping, recharging & revitalizing. We have not been here since the first of November, so it is a very happy homecoming indeed. I snapped a few photos yesterday after we got the bags unpacked, the groceries put away, the fire started, the candles lit, and the flowers put out. Waking up the house from its slumber of the past 7 weeks.

20121227-092305.jpg So many lovely edible gifts that we will enjoy this week.


20121227-092512.jpg As well as a few liquid gifts too.


20121227-092706.jpg Lots and lots of cooking.

20121227-092811.jpg Catching up on our reading. I will write about this one tomorrow.

20121227-092927.jpg More edible gifts that will be enjoyed with our Bloody Mary’s as we bundle up, sit outside and watch the tide come in.


20121227-093256.jpg A new shower curtain I found on One Kings Lane last month along with our new favorite soap.




20121227-093620.jpg More and more red, which you know is one of my favorites.

I hope each of you can squeeze in a bit of relaxation in this week. Sending all my very best from Vashon Island.



Remembering Mister Hadley

20120608-073326.jpg So much has been written in the past few months about the passing of design legend, Albert Hadley–all of it has been so deserving, and many of the homages have been so touching. I feel like I knew quite a bit about him before, but now I feel like I have a much better sense of him as the incredible gentleman & human being that he was. I have long been a big fan of his, and have written about the amazing evening and dinner we shared with him years ago. He was such a forward thinking man that he had many of the objects in his estate planned for sale with the One Kings Lane folks shortly after he died. I knew about the sale, and was anxiously waiting with my iPad at the ready on a Saturday morning last month. There was just something tugging at me that wanted something of his to remember him by. I was incredibly happy, elated really, to find some really meaningful objects that arrived from the sale recently. I thought I would share them with you. The above hooks were gifts that his firm he had with Sister Parish, Parish-Hadley, would give as client gifts when they finished a project as a remembrance and a thank you. I was over the moon to get these. One sits in a vignette on our coffee table in the living room, and the other at WestWard on the dining table. I snapped the above photo when I first brought them home.

20120608-075131.jpg He was a lover of English brass, and I had seen these candlesticks in a photo of his New York apartment many years back. They sit fondly on the dining table filled with beeswax tapers at the ready, waiting to be lit for a meal.

20120608-075422.jpg Much has been written about his love of gin, which makes me so happy I can hardly stand it. We are gin fans at the Watson-Sive home, so I love that we shared the same fondness for the spirit. He was also someone who respected utilitarian objects. When the sale of a set of 24 of these basic glasses scrolled up, I thought they would be a perfect reminder of the gin & tonics he served to his guests. They will continue to serve in that tradition in our home as well.

There you have it. A few things that we will cherish always, and that will serve as reminders of a gentleman who brought design, style and so much more into many people’s lives.



Paris in New York

20120519-070911.jpg The profusion of French restaurants in Manhattan always blows my mind. The list is endless. You can be standing at a corner waiting for a light, and glimpse at the outside of a restaurant and you need to remind yourself that you are in New York, and not Paris. They replicate it well. Very well. Of course, my heart goes pitter patter at all the outside seating and all the people watching that ensues. I arrived early for my book proposal meeting, and was happy to see Les Halles, the establishment Anthony Bourdain made famous, as the taxi came to a stop. I sat outside for a quick iced coffee and croissant before my meeting. It was a perfect start to the day. Now onto that meeting.

I can not thank all of you enough that sent e-mails, left comments, sent texts & voicemails, and just all the good energy I felt being sent my way yesterday morning. I felt like I had my own personal cheerleading squad. It made me feel so good. Merci, merci. My book proposal meeting was amazing, and could not have gone better. The editor I was meeting with has worked on some of my very favorite books–I was so honored to meet her. She completely got the proposal, understood what I am wanting to present, and was just one incredibly cool person. I could not be happier with how it all went. Continued fingers crossed, as she now presents it to the other editors & staff at a meeting in June. I will keep you posted all along the way. It really was a blast. I am still smiling ear to ear.

I left the meeting, instantly called TPS, and then hopped into a cab. I was off for a meeting with my friend Jenine at Dempsey & Carroll to see all the new, lovely paper goods they have just come out with. For those of you who have never been, you must make a trip to the shop on Lexington Avenue on your next NYC visit. Stationery engravers since 1878, it is a paper lovers Mecca. I got to meet many of the staff, as well as the owner, Lauren. Everyone was delightful and so helpful. I placed my order of new things, so they should be arriving at Watson Kennedy soon. So, so beautiful.

We then went and had lunch at Orsay, another French establishment. It was a spectacularly sunny May day, which is one of my favorite times to be in the city. We sat outside, and I truly felt transported to an outside cafe in Paris. I had an omelet and frites, just like I do each day in Paris. We had a celebratory bottle of rose’ too. A perfect way to sit with my friend, chat and share my fun news.

It is a full day of vintage shopping today for the shops, website and my upcoming One Kings Lane sale in the Fall. A happy Saturday to all!



TKW Slated for Tastemaker Tag Sale on OKL

20120505-045625.jpg I could not be happier to announce that I will be curating a Tastemaker Tag Sale in early Autumn for One Kings Lane. I just found out yesterday morning, and am over the moon! My mind is racing with ideas for what things to highlight as part of the sale. It will also be fun to have all of you be part of the process with me, as I find goods, have them photographed, and then to see the sale in September.

For those of you not familiar with OKL, it is a website that hosts daily sales, with 4.5 million members to date. Membership is free. I check in almost every day at the stroke of 8, when I am enjoying my coffee. I signed up pretty soon after the site launched, and have purchased many a lovely gift and cool objects for our home. Just this morning, there will be a sale of goods from the estate of Albert Hadley, as well as many other fine things. Check it out at

Thank you so much for joining me on this, as well as, many of my journeys. It is incredibly uplifting and brings me such joy to feel all of you by my side. There are a bunch of fun adventures in the coming weeks and months–here we go!