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A Quick Window Refresh

20160226-071520.jpg Changing out the windows and keeping things nice and fresh is akin to what we all can do at home when you have a few moments. Moving things around does not always mean having to move the big pieces. For these windows, I left all the bones in place. I kept the tables, lamps, chairs and mirror right where they had been. Only the small items were replaced. It is amazing how different they look and feel with only swapping out goods from the shop floor. For home, just changing out or moving around accessories/objects can give you an instant refresh to a room, which can take little to no time.




Shop Snapshots

It has been a few hopping weeks and I kept getting distracted from snapping away images of our latest shop re-do at the First & Spring location. Re-do, it is such a funny word. Think rearrange, move around, re-display. You get the picture. 3 to 4 of us, five days solid, moving, thinking, sweating, laughing, sweating some more, displaying, and moving some more. Most of the 1500 feet of the back portion of the shop was re-worked, along with a few displays up front, so by the end of the week, were were tuckered out. But we are so happy with the results. It is much more open & airy with more spots to linger, which is always a huge goal of mine when thinking shop displays. It is paramount that the customer feel completely at home and if time permits, that they can linger and get lost in the shopping experience. I think what we did enhanced that experience. Here is a quick look.












20150914-111417.jpg The front section of the shop got a new “orange land” as well as the design books finding a new home, the front table getting a woody, autumnal spin and one of the front windows getting a beach-y refresh. Fun to have things mixed around all feeling fresh & new as we head into Autumn.








Day Three

20150904-060819.jpg The march continues, with all the major display pieces now in place and today being the final day of the Home store refresh. It has been 4 years since we expanded to the back space, so it was time to shake it up a bit after the years have passed and we have seen how the flow of the space is best used. Just like moving furniture & furnishings around at your home, it is amazing how different things can look/feel just by having them in different positions. We have all been smiling ear to ear as we work away and are so happy with the results so far.

20150904-061603.jpg Today the artwork goes back up. Hundreds of pieces in fresh spots. The long art wall will now be on the above cork wall, which I can’t wait to see the final product. I shot these 3 images from the most comfortable leather chair at the shop. So tired I could barely move, Olivia had run out to pick up our dinner from Boka, and getting up from my perch was just not in the cards at the time. After our meal, we worked away into the eve getting things ready for our final day. A post in the coming week of it all put back together.




A Few Major Display Days

Day 1 is complete of a four day shop re-display of a large portion of the back section of the Home shop. I actually am awake super early as I could not fall back asleep with a bit of excitement for Day 2. These are some of my very favorite days! We are freshening and moving displays for about 1500 square feet of the space, so we all had some tired bones last evening. Oh, but what fun! Below a look at clearing an entire display of clear glassware, which is many hundreds of glasses along with a slew of books. The thing I find most satisfying is seeing a space blank and then make it come to life. More posts ahead in the coming days.





20150902-024225.jpg OK, going back to sleep with design excitement filling my dreams. Happy Wednesday all.



The Stroll Continues…

The walk around the shops continues on this rainy (wow, have never been quite so excited for rain) Saturday early morning. More of new, and of course, tried & true.
















Blooms In a Pinch

It is a busy social week at the Watson Sive household in town, so I wanted to have The Gainsborough looking snazzy with some flowers throughout. This is a funny time of the flower season, as we are at the end of the season for many and too early for others. My quick walk through the Market the other day left me not finding what I thought would be quite right. The grocery store would have to be my back-up plan. My heart about stopped for a quick moment when I started to come up dry there, as well. Until I rounded the corner and spotted the sweetest hydrangea in a plastic pot. Ten bucks, more than ten blooms, and I was on my way. This is where single stem containers come in so handy. Within a short amount of time, our place was flowered. All ready for guests to enjoy. Here are a few spots they landed.








Home Is…

20130829-053204.jpg Yesterday morning was spent at the dining room table completing edits I had received from my editor for my book. This whole process has been so incredibly interesting–the system/process/routine of creating a book. I needed a few breaks from looking at the pages, so I snapped a few shots of things I really like. This got me thinking of vignettes. And display. Really an essential part of the book. It got me thinking about home and the objects that make up a home, and what those mean to me.

20130829-054017.jpg I feel your home should envelop you. I feel such comfort when I am in our home. Just being. Home can mean something different to each of us. To me comfort is a prevailing theme.

20130829-054453.jpg Filled up with things that bring us happiness/joy/energy/peace/insert what words first come to mind for you. They are just “things” but they tell our story. They have meaning to us. All put together, they make up our home.



Watson Kennedy Shop Vignettes

20130709-065059.jpg I think of a vignette as a glimpse of an area of an assortment of things. If they are thoughtfully & artfully displayed, all the better. It is one of the elements that excites me the most when creating displays for the shops. A single display can contain one vignette or many. Here are a few I captured this last week as I walked around each space.











20130709-070340.jpg Vignettes can create much visual interest in your home too. Just think about telling a bit of a story with the objects that you are displaying together. A good vignette can add a bit of zing to any room.

The above images I shot for my Instagram feed as well. On the right side of the blog are the last 10 images I have posted. I have really been enjoying Instagram these past few months. It is sort of like keeping a visual journal. If you are part of Instagram and would like to follow along, I am at tkwinstagrams. Or you can randomly check into the feed on the daily blog too, for images I shoot along the way. A happy Tuesday to you all!
Best from sunny Seattle, Ted