A Snowy Late Lunch, Early Supper

January 16, 2020

Monday the first of the snow arrived. We stayed in the city to enjoy it. Being on the island, getting back into town from WestWard if it is a big snow, can be a challenge. Last year we had a nerve wracking afternoon trying to get our car up our icy road. So this year we thought we would avoid that possibility and make it a Seattle snowy adventure. It was a pretty swell day from start to finish. Ending with a meal at the dining table as the snow fell.

It was still light out but I decided to light the candles anyway. It was late afternoon so I knew the flicker of the flames would be pretty as the darkness of the eve fell. Plus this was a very late lunch or a super early dinner. Linner? We had picked up lilies when we were driving around watching our fine city get a light blanket of snow that day. They were the starting point of this table. The green from the leaves and the white of the blooms made me think cabbage plates. A little green setting it would be.

The white ceramic stack of books my gift from TPS this anniversary having a place of honor under the lilies. A favorite key from a favorite Paris flea market placed atop. The topiary in an old trophy and the oversized cloche with a bird vignette along with all the brass candlesticks pulled it all together.