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Hi there.  My name is Ted, and I write this blog.

I live in Seattle with my partner of almost 24 years.  We live in the city during the week, in a 1929 building called The Gainsborough, and on Vashon Island on the week-ends, in a little house on the water, set in the woods, we have dubbed WestWard because it faces West and we both moved out West, so we found the name fitting.  Plus I love the preppiness and Old World-ness of naming a house, as it seems like houses should have names too.  Several years ago we bought 10 stunning acres in the Hudson River Valley, and have been in the process ever since of dreaming & scheming & designing our home from the ground up.  It has been a very fun process from the moment we thought of living there part-time, and one day soon our house, named EastView, will be built.  And how dare I forget, we do all of the above with our beloved pooch, Bailey.

I am the owner of the retail shops and web site, Watson Kennedy.  I feel fortunate every day that I get to do what I do.  Owning retail shops allows me to travel, design, display, and work with cool people, both those that work for me, and those that are my customers.  We have amazing customers from around the globe.  The last few years I have sent out a monthly e-mailer to our mailing list, and the response to it has been amazing.  It really has been the catalyst to me starting this blog.  I love sharing ideas with folks, so this allows me to do it on a more frequent basis. Plus, working retail, for those of you who never have, can throw at you some pretty funny/wacky experiences.  Some are just outright funny, and others are really almost hard to believe.  For those of you who know me, you know a sense of humor & laughter is something I value tremendously.  Well, believe me, some of my retail world experiences will bring a smile to your face, or just leave you shaking your head in disbelief.  I hope to share some of those stories with you.

I love design, making guests feel comfortable, cooking a lovely meal, giving a great gift. Please join me on my journey.  I think we will have a fun trip together!

Best, always,
Ted Kennedy Watson

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  1. Hi Ted,
    I was just introduced to your site and newsletter by a friend, Kristine Alana, who has a shop in Sonoma, CA (Kingston Ellis). I just have to say that I look forward to your emails and love your taste and sensibility. You’re FABULOUS!!
    All the best,
    Carol Spence

  2. Hi Carol. You are so sweet! Merci, merci for the lovely compliments. All my best back to you, and thanks for reading, Ted

  3. Ted,

    Two questions: Did you teach tennis at Thprd and can you help me find a zig zag wine opener before Christmas?

    I hope both are true.

  4. Hi Deb. Yes to both! Give me a call after 11 today at the shop, 206.652.8350 and I can ring you up for a ZigZag. Best, Ted

  5. KathleenWatsonCordonier

    To my dear baby brother who I love and adore, I am extremely proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Love reading your blog! Keep up your hard work and know your family is so proud of you. God bless you and your family always! Lovingly, Kathy

  6. Heather H. Schuchert

    Dear Ted,
    My sister Brooke always raved about your stores and when I came to visit her in Seattle she knew how much I would love your stores. She knows how much I appreciate beautiful and unique things for gifts and my home. Watson Kennedy is always at the top of my list when visiting her in Seattle. I never leave Seattle without visiting your fabulous stores and buying a unique and very special keepsake for our home. Thank you for making the world a better place. You truly have a Gift in all that you do.
    All the best,
    Heather H. Schuchert

  7. Hi Heather. Soooo sweet and kind of you to write the kind words! I love seeing you and your Mom on your Seattle visits. Very, very happy you enjoy it all. Bestest, Ted
    p.s. Brooke needs to make us all a fad dinner when she gets back from passing her Paris exams and you both are up on your next visit!

  8. Hi Ted!
    My sister and I spent a week in Seattle (plus 3 extra days in Tacoma, stranded by Sandy), and had the good
    fortune of visiting your store. We actually found it by accident and I am still high from the experience.
    What an amazing collection of so many things that you have displayed so perfectly. I wish you were in
    my town, (Gloucester, MA.) so that I could come and be inspired every day. What a gift you have for buying and
    merchandising your products. I wanted everything in your store but alas, my suitcase only allowed for two tiny books: “I could pee on this.” (I bought 2 of them!) I hope you will consider Boston for one of your store locations.
    Newbury Street or Charles Street would be the perfect address for WatsonKennedy! Now that I have found you, I will be a WatsonKennedy groupie and follow your blog religiously! xxooLG

  9. Hi Leslie. That comment just made my day! So happy you enjoyed the experience of being in the shops. I hope you had a safe trip back home. Thanks for checking into the blog too–I think you will like it, much like you did being in the shops. xoxo back, Ted

  10. Thank you to my co-worker Janeen for turning me on to your site. I sent your rosemary candle to my sister in Florida and now we are in touch again.
    Looking forward to reaching out to more friends with a token of love from TKW:)

  11. Tricia–I love that some part of WK has in some small way helped to rekindled your relationship with your sister. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. So happy you are enjoying the blog and the shops! Best, always, Ted

  12. Found your website and wonderful blog yesterday due to the comment about y’all on the Facebook page for Cross Roads Food Shop in Hillsdale. I found Cross Roads via the feature in Martha Stewart Living. I have enjoyed catching up on your past posts and look forward to your future posts. Hope to see lots of updates about your home in Hillsdale. Love that area – seems like a wonderful place. Fredericksburg, Texas is home right now but I would move there tomorrow if I could. And maybe eventually I will! Thank you for your lovely blog and all the ideas – I am excited to try out many of your recipes and ideas in addition to trying the wines you suggest. As an animal lover and rescue volunteer, I am especially thrilled to learn about Three Legged Red. I enjoy spending money on companies that are run by good people. You have many wonderful products on your site and I know I will be ordering soon. Blessings to you and yours. xxxx

  13. Hi Julee! Thank you so much for the lovely comments. So glad you found the blog from the Crossroads Facebook page–how cool. It really is a fab place to dine. And yes, our beloved Hillsdale is a must stop next time you are in the area. Merci for following the daily blog posts. xxxx back, Ted

  14. Please sign me up for your e mails…thanks, you’ve been recommended by Janeen Mount more than once! And I love Los Olivos too, my brother and sister in law live there…charming!

  15. Hi Holly. Welcome! All signed up. You should receive the daily post each day. Please let me know if you don’t start receiving it. Best, Ted

  16. Hi Ted. Please sign me up for your emails ~ Pretty Pink Tulips recommended you. I enjoyed an interior design career in Palo Alto many years ago . . . currently a Realtor in Charlottesville, VA and offer design services to many of my clients. I appreciate your unique sense of style and look forward to visiting your shop on my next visit to Seattle!

  17. Hi Phyllis. I will add you to my list. Let me know if you don’t start receiving the daily e-mails soon. Thank you! Ted

  18. Hi there, I am coming to Seattle for Thanksgiving and I would love to visit your shop. However, I looked all over the web site for an address. Did I miss it? I would love to know where you are and what times that you are open. Thank you, Lynne

  19. OK I am embarrassed….I went back and found the information….looking forward to visiting your shops…..Lynne

  20. No worries! Happy you found the info. Hope to see you soon! Bestest, Ted

  21. Dear Ted, What a treat to meet you at Debra’s party. It was a great celebration. I especially loved the delicious Meyer Lemon cocktails. I poured over every page of your captivating book on the plane back to Houston tonight. It is delightful! Hope to see you again soon. Kindly, Sandy

  22. Please sign me up for your daily blog. Janeen says I must…and
    that I will love it! Thanks. K

  23. Please sign me up for your email blog. LOVE the new book! Thanks. JMc

  24. Hi Joyce. Just signed you up. Let me know if you don’t start receiving it in the coming days. Best, Ted

  25. Good morning Ted,
    Please sign me up for your email.
    I discovered you via your book on Amazon.
    Your big is so excellent.
    I especially liked the handwritten envelope comments.
    Have a blessed day.

  26. Happy you like the book! I will sign you up for the daily e-mailed blog post today. Many thanks, Ted

  27. Hi Ted, from your favorite admirer Paula, here in Kansas City . This is a message to tell you how much I enjoy reading all about you and your life. My how you’ve grown. How beautiful it ALL is.
    Much love

  28. Hi Paula! I hope this finds you well. So lovely to hear from you. Happy you are enjoying the blog posts. Have you read my book yet? If not, let me know. It will be a gift from me for being such a good friend to my mom. She adores her almost 50 year friendship with you! Much love, Ted

  29. Ted, not sure if you got my email or not but am going to try again. This is Paula and you will remember the name, Haflich. I knew you growing up and I love reading all about you. I haven’t been to any of your stores but absolutely love reading your Blog. I have told many of my friends about you also. Your are awesome…love and hugs, Paula

  30. OMG Just saw your reply. New kid on the block. ha…. I will do better now.
    I just talked to your mom this a.m. and told her to get with one of her grandkids to see YOU. She did tell me about your book and I would LOVE to read it.

  31. Paula, so fun to reconnect with you. Soooo happy you are encouraging my mom. A book will be on the way! XX, Ted

  32. How do I sign up to receive your blog??
    It looks fascinating!!

  33. Hi there! If you go to the first page of the blog, and look half way down on the right side, it has a link that says to Subscribe via E-Mail to the blog, click on that and enter your e-mail. That will get you signed up! Best, Ted

  34. I keep trying to join your web site.

  35. Hi. My partner and I are visiting Seattle in July. My partner is a Regional Digital Advertising Executive with a major news company. It is my first trip to Seattle, and I cannot wait to visit your shops. Can you please give me suggestions on restaurants, shopping, etc? I would appreciate it greatly. I follow your blog and love your style.
    Thanks for your help.

    New Orleans

  36. Hi Ron. Happy you are enjoying my daily blog! You both will love Seattle. Please stop in when you arrive. I would love to give you suggestions on some of our very favorite things in the city we love. Café Campagne, Taylor Shellfish, glassybaby, Spinasse–to name just a few. And btw, we heart NOLA so much–lucky you! See you soon, Ted

  37. I just purchased your book and sat down on the sofa to read it. What a pleasure it is to find another kindred spirit who delights in the details and truly appreciates the beauty of daily life. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog, and hope to visit your store one day! Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

  38. Hi Ted, Your blog is a treasure that I enjoy every day. I am looking forward to reading your book as well. Thank you for the beauty that you share with the world.

  39. Thank you for such lovely words!

  40. I love your store though have never visited your site or blog. Fabulous. Also, I live on First Hill and regularly walk past the Gainsborough and feel lucky to have beautiful buildings like that to look at. Often, I fantasize about what sorts of people are living in it and my husband laughs and insists it’s 23 year old tech wizards with posters on the walls. Thank you for helping me reclaim my vision (and dismissing his) as to what at least one of those interiors might look like!

  41. My husband and I just received a votive as a gift (might I add that it is a delicious one at that). After taking one sniff of the votive and I was off to the internet typing as fast as I could…Ted Kennedy Watson.com. After reading JUST the blog I am sold. The feeling I got from Ted as I was reading totally made me feel as if I was sitting face to face with him it was so down to earth and “real”. Can’t wait to experience TKW to the fullest.

  42. Hi:
    Love your stores. Just learned of your blog. Help! Please add me to your blog.
    Thank you!

  43. I just found your blog site. Lovely – inspiring – creative and most of all filled with your love and energy which is so evident in your writings, pictures. I shall be a fan and follow along with you. I live in Las Cruces NM and have a thrivingart card hobby/business. Life is good. Will be even better with your blog to follow.

  44. Love your site, I just found you. Will definitely follow you. your energy and love and inspiration is so evident in all your writings and love of life. thanks for sharing. I’m a card creator and artist and living in Las Cruces NM.

  45. Hello,

    My name is Robyn. Please add me to you blog. We live in Texas for now, and are planning to move to Oregon. We will be in Seattle tomorrow and plan on visiting your store at Pikes Market.

  46. Hello,

    My name is Robyn. Please add me to your blog. We live in Texas for now, and are planning to move to Oregon. We will be in Seattle tomorrow and plan on visiting your store at Pikes Market.

  47. Angela Tannas

    Please add me to your Blog

  48. You bring joy into my life, with your warmth and love of all things beautiful. There should be more people like you around.

    And your photos are sublime!

  49. Anne Southers

    Dear Ted,
    I finally found your blog and I got so excited. I wanted to share with you how much I love your store in Seattle. I am from
    Las Vegas, Nevada. I have the pleasure of flying to Seattle twice a year to visit my daughter and her husband and I never go
    home without stopping in your lovely store. Things are beautifully arranged and so homey that I could move a bed in there
    and live there. I can hardly wait to return and come to my favorite shop where I truly find peace and joy. Thank you for
    sharing your creations with everyone. You truly are a blessing. Anne from Las Vegas, Nevada

  50. Hi Ted,
    I have followed your blog for years. If I ever get to Seattle , your shop will be my first stop.
    You have a wonderful attitude on life and enjoying each moment.
    Thank-you for being you.
    Love from Canada

  51. Deborah Mager-Strah

    I live in Alaska, and also have a small place in Kirkland. Each time I am in Seattle, Watson Kennedy is my “go to” place for inspiration, creativity, joy…a total pleasure for the senses.
    Your book, Style & Simplicity sits on my coffee table, and I go there often as well.
    I am a gift giver, a celebrator of life, and the people I love.
    I love a home full of friends laughing and connecting, a beautiful presentation of food, mood lighting, candles and music.
    I routinely send out beautiful cards to those I have not seen in a while, those i want to stay in contact with. It’s amazing what beauty, and thoughtfulness will do for a person.
    As your shops, and your recently found blog do for me.
    Thank you for loving and sharing the small details of life that makes one smile, and gives us a reason to celebrate EVERYDAY.
    Warm smiles from Alaska,

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