Welcome to the new, Ted Kennedy Watson blog! I hope you like this latest edition.

The below written when I first started writing the daily blog in May of 2011. Fun to look back on it and all that has grown & changed over the last bunch of years. We will celebrate our 32nd anniversary this coming January. Our beloved pooch Bailey turns 14 this November. My book is in its 5th printing. The shops & website & blog continue to grow and grow. We have a loyal following across the globe. I have always said, I have the BEST blog readers! Folks that are interesting and interested, for whom classically stylish beats trendy any day. People who value kindness, manners, and the importance of living well and giving great gifts. I can’t thank you enough for all the fabulous support for reading and following along over the years. Cheers to many more adventures together!

Hi there.  My name is Ted, and I write this blog.

I live in Seattle with my partner of almost 24 years.  We live in the city during the week, in a 1929 building called The Gainsborough, and on Vashon Island on the week-ends, in a little house on the water, set in the woods, we have dubbed WestWard because it faces West and we both moved out West, so we found the name fitting.  Plus I love the preppiness and Old World-ness of naming a house, as it seems like houses should have names too.  Several years ago we bought 10 stunning acres in the Hudson River Valley, and have been in the process ever since of dreaming & scheming & designing our home from the ground up.  It has been a very fun process from the moment we thought of living there part-time, and one day soon our house, named EastView, will be built.  And how dare I forget, we do all of the above with our beloved pooch, Bailey.
I am the owner of the retail shops and web site, Watson Kennedy.  I feel fortunate every day that I get to do what I do.  Owning retail shops allows me to travel, design, display, and work with cool people, both those that work for me, and those that are my customers.  We have amazing customers from around the globe.  The last few years I have sent out a monthly e-mailer to our mailing list, and the response to it has been amazing.  It really has been the catalyst to me starting this blog.  I love sharing ideas with folks, so this allows me to do it on a more frequent basis. Plus, working retail, for those of you who never have, can throw at you some pretty funny/wacky experiences.  Some are just outright funny, and others are really almost hard to believe.  For those of you who know me, you know a sense of humor & laughter is something I value tremendously.  Well, believe me, some of my retail world experiences will bring a smile to your face, or just leave you shaking your head in disbelief.  I hope to share some of those stories with you.
I love design, making guests feel comfortable, cooking a lovely meal, giving a great gift. Please join me on my journey.  I think we will have a fun trip together!
Best, always,