Ted’s Tip No. 28

20150129-083348.jpg A dollop of honey can transform a simple piece of toast or an English muffin, as well as a cup of tea on these chilly Wintery days.



A Sunny Drink on a Chilly Day

20150128-075155.jpg I like the idea of drinking a Summery drink on a cold day, as long as that chilly drink is consumed by a fire or wrapped up in a blanket reading a good book. This was just the ticket yesterday, as the temperature dipped, so this sunny drink it would be.

A Style & Simplicity originated at my Seattle book signing party last May, and has been thoroughly enjoyed since. You may certainly use Veuve, but Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco, works perfectly and is much more budget friendly. The secret is using Meyer lemon simple syrup. We sell it at the First Avenue shop, but I know it is now available at many grocery shops. Simply fill your favorite tumbler with ice, add a slice of Meyer lemon, then add a spoonful of the simple syrup, then pour in the bubbly. Give all a nice stir. Will take you right back to a sunny day.




Waking Up a House

20150127-090730.jpg Waking up a house is sort of like waking up a person. Slow is best, giving it time to get the energy flowing, and get the heat moving to the bones. So it was last evening, as our full day of snowy travel ended with us waking up Hawthorne after being away for the Holiday season. Slowly the house starts to come to life. Switch by switch was turned on, the heat was turned up, and a fire was made. Treats were unpacked that have been gathered since our last stay. Candles lit and a little extra cedar room spray was spritzed to freshen things up a bit. New books were added to the bookcase. Food & clothes unpacked and put away. The house fully awake, it once again greeted us with open arms.




A Monday Quote




How ‘Bout Them Apples



20150125-091821.jpg A little Sunday beauty for you. Yesterday morning at the Market, a vendor had just the most picturesque bushels of apples. The light was hitting them perfectly, bringing out the amazing variations of color. Nature’s magic.

We fly out early tomorrow to snowy & quite cold New York. Super excited for a Winter respite at Hawthorne.
A restful Sunday to you all,



A Little Pink, A Little Red

20150124-072458.jpg And make that a little green too. It was all about refreshing the windows yesterday. On these chilly, rainy days they just beg to be spruced up. While Valentine’s Day is still a bit away, the pink, the red, and the green just add a bit of good energy & pop to the windows. That is the thing about a hit of color–it can make a display/room/outfit just sing.




Random Acts of Creative Kindness

20150123-073111.jpg You might recognize this image from earlier in the week, when I posted it on Monday for my Ted’s Tip. Local Seattle artist, Jeanne McKay Hartmann, took the image and created a watercolor of it. I was so touched that the image resonated with her, putting her creativity & talent to work creating a likeness of the tableau. It got me thinking about kindness, talents and sharing those talents. We all have them. Even though I know lots of people don’t give themselves credit for having them. Baking a cake is a talent, as is knitting a scarf. Both things I have never attempted. To me, it takes a special skill and care to do both. I guess where I am headed with this is we all have things we do that are special but we take for granted that we know how to do them, and at times discount that skill. Jeanne shared her skill and talent of painting with me and it made my day. If you can bake a cake, make one and give it to a friend out of the blue. By doing that, you are sharing your talent. If you can knit, make a scarf for a friend and give it to them, just because, for no other reason than to show them you love them. If you have a way with words, write them in a letter to a friend. If you have a love of shoveling snow or mowing grass, surprise an elderly neighbor by taking care of that task for them. We all have things we like to make/create/do, by sharing them, we create random acts of creative kindness.



One Kings Lane Photo Shoot

20150122-063542.jpg Yesterday was a full day of shooting the goods I have assembled for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale in March. It is so fun to see it all come together. The word ‘curated’ is so overused at this stage, but it really is the word that best describes the grouping of things that will be offered. My idea was to gather 125 objects that tell the story of Watson Kennedy. Think a Limoges bowl filled with Santa Maria Novella potpourri or a pair of vintage French ivory candlesticks filled with our hand-rolled beeswax taper candles. The date range is sometime in March, but I will let you all know as soon as an exact date is finalized.




Market Hyacinth


20150121-035243.jpg My Saturday morning stroll had me finding some stunning hyacinth at one of my favorite Market stalls. On these chilly Winter days, I am totally cool that they are grown in a hothouse. I am just so happy to see the perky, happy, jaunty stems dance about. Thought you would enjoy.

Up & out early this morning. Meeting with a photographer at the shop for a full day of shooting. She will be photographing the goods I have chosen for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale. More details to follow once the date in March has been finalized.

A lovely Wednesday to you all!



Blood Orange & Brown Sugar Roasted Carrots

20150120-070551.jpg I have written in the past of my fondness for Instagram. It is such a creative outlet for ideas shared. It is also the place I find lots of inspiration & ideas about food. The chef Tyler Florence posted awhile back some carrots he roasted with tangerines and brown sugar. I was smitten with the idea. Last eve, I gave it a try. We did not have tangerines but we did have a blood orange. This refers back to a comment I made a few weeks ago about putting your own twist on things. If you don’t have a tangerine or a blood orange, but you do have a clementine or some other citrus, give that a go.

This is so simple. Have the oven nice and hot at 400 degrees. Yes, once again, 400 hits the mark. On a sheet pan lay your peeled carrots. Take your cut up citrus and squeeze over the carrots so the juice coats them. Then sprinkle liberally with brown sugar and sea salt. I tossed the citrus pieces in the oven too, for visual on the finished platter. Roast for 20 to 30 minutes turning them every so often to cook evenly. You will have a caramelized bit of tasty heaven when all is said and done. We had them with roast chicken. They really would be divine with practically everything.