Boston {BOOK SIGNING} at Joanne Rossman

20150522-073858.jpg If you are in the Boston area of Roslindale tomorrow, please join me from 4 to 7 at Joanne Rossman’s magical shop for a book signing. Also joining me will be my friend, artist Denise Fiedler from San Francisco. She will be showing her works and taking orders for her now famous pet portraits she creates from vintage papers. A fun, festive evening is assured! Funny how the world works. Joanne and I both know a ton of the same folks. So often this year people have said to me I need to do a signing at her shop. We will make the drive to Boston from Hawthorne tomorrow, which will be so pretty this time of year. Can’t wait to see her shop. I have heard so many fabulous things about it. Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday all and happy start to the Holiday week-end.
From sunny Hudson Valley,



Lilac LOVE

20150521-062206.jpg I wrote last year at this time how it is still taking some getting used to having a lilac shrub. A humungous lilac scrub. Filled with these beauties. Well I am still feeling the same way this year. I joked to Mister Sive that I still feel like I should leave a 20 dollar bill next to it after we cut branches. We drove around the other day doing errands and lilac scrubs are everywhere in our little neck of the woods in the Hudson Valley. The smell with the window open was intoxicating. We would round a corner and the scent would waft in and we would smell them before we saw them. So many different shades of colors too. I came to the game of lilac love later in life. I was not as smitten with them as I am now–their lacy blooms just fascinate me. The scent heavenly. Whether in a little single stem vase with a sweet tiny bloom or a large mass of branches massed together, lilacs bring such lacy fluttery happiness.



HESS Sauvignon Blanc

20150520-110226.jpg As Memorial Day approaches and outdoor entertaining heats up, finding a really good affordable white wine for large gatherings or dinners is always a nice thing to have in your repertoire. The Hess Collection is a winery in Napa Valley that makes some stellar wines–as well as what I like to refer to as ‘house wine’ aka, less expensive bottles. When well-regarded vintners release a less expensive bottle, most times it is quite good. Not always, but often times this thinking has taken us in the right direction. The Hess Sauvignon Blanc has a bright, freshness to it that I really like for outdoor party wine. Pairs well with food but also nice solo. TPS made a yummy pasta with local Hudson Valley sausage, corn and asparagus last eve and this Hess was just perfect with it. Between 10 to 13 bucks a bottle at most places, it is a heck of a deal. Cheers to festive outdoor gatherings!

Side note, if you are ever down in the Napa Valley area, stop in at Hess. They have an art collection that is also part of the winery. Quite impressive. We went ages ago and it was memorable. A little culture along with wine tasting as you meander that incredibly picturesque part of the world.



A Memory of Place

20150519-080725.jpg We arrived to Hawthorne quite late in the evening. The drive up just beautiful, and as always, filled with excitement & anticipation. This place has found a very special spot in our hearts. It has become a place we recharge, refresh and reflect. The memory of the time here something I look back on almost daily when we are not. The sounds of the birds, the feeling I get when I am standing at the kitchen sink, what it is like to wake up to the light streaming in on the walls of our bedroom. When we are here, I feel like I am storing up memories. The embrace of this house. It always welcomes us back with open arms. Just like a great friendship, we begin right where we left off.




Cards, Cards, Cards

20150518-071631.jpg May in New York. Ahhhhhhh. Love finding myself in the city for a few days to attend the National Stationery Show–one of my very favorite times of the year to be here. Spring weather, with warm days and cool nights. The flowers are in bloom everywhere. And I get to look at cards and laugh and grin and guffaw and laugh some more. There are so many different types of creativity in the world. The creativity it takes to make a card is such a cool thing. Such lovely, funny, sweet, talented folks. I give you a few that stood out…







Living Well

20150517-062633.jpg Living well really is a state of mind. It feeds into that quote I posted yesterday. To me, it does not mean having the best of everything, but making the best of everything. I just spent 24 hours with a friend of mine, Elizabeth and her family. Part of that time at their lovely home in Rye, New York. We attended the Kips Bay showhouse on Friday and then yesterday we drove up together to an event called Trade Secrets, hosted by Bunny Williams. The topic of living well was something we discussed during our chats. Again, living well means something different to each of us. So I am always so interested to hear what it means to others. Elizabeth and I are cut from the same cloth in many different ways, so many of our thoughts cross over. Funny how that works in friendships sometimes. But so much of what we discussed that held such importance to us was not about material possessions. It was about health, friendship, travel, how you view the world, how you view looking at a flower or a room. Living well does not have to mean having lots of ‘stuff’ by any means. I think it is a state of mind. You want to make the very best out of each experience that is presented to you–even if that experience is not a great one, or even if it is a really great one. I sign many of my books with LIVE WELL as a small reminder to the reader. Again, their version of living well. It is what I hope for all of you. I have a feeling if you are reading this that it holds importance to you too.

So to that I say to you all on this lovely Sunday,
and with much love,



A Saturday Thought




The Simplicity of a White Peony

20150515-085514.jpg A simple bunch of 5 peony.

20150515-085554.jpg Scattered about the house.

20150515-085632.jpg Set here and there and everywhere.

20150515-085752.jpg The singular beauty of a white peony.

20150515-085936.jpg Each fluttery bloom a small work of art.



Anthology inside/outside

20150514-052111.jpg A new stack of the latest Anthology magazine arrived at the shops yesterday. Jam packed with great ideas. Like always. The theme for this issue is inside/outside living. Perfectly timed as we start enjoying meals alfresco and hosting gatherings outside.

Up & out early to the airport for an action packed New York trip. Lots of fun stuff on the agenda. Reports to follow…
Happy Thursday everyone,



Vintage Hotel Silver Pedestal Bowls

20150513-055312.jpg I am very excited to report that a new shipment of vintage hotel silver pedestal bowls has arrived. This bowl is just such a great shape & size. We have one in town as well as Hawthorne and I use it every chance I can. Looks pretty fetching naked just left out on the coffee table or kitchen counter when not called into action too. We use this bowl to hold a generous amount of crackers or baguette slices when we are serving cheese. It holds a good amount of popcorn when we are wanting a snack while reading. I even float a bloom or two in it when the dining table calls. One of our most versatile hotel silver bowls. This round they are from The Savoy, which we have had stock of before and love, as well as Claridge’s and The Connaught. Each is marked with the hotel name, which makes it extra special. If these bowls could talk, what tales they would tell.