A Sunday Thought 



My Favorite Things Today 

Some old, some new, as the saying goes. As oodles of boxes got unpacked yesterday, I snapped away as the goods got placed in displays. Always fun to see how everything gets along with one another and looks side by side. Whether at your home or the shops, it really is in the mix. That is when the magic happens…



A Singular Sensation 

I wrote yesterday about the orchid I picked up recently at the grocery store. This singular beauty had to be our Flower Friday post for so many reasons. I had sort of forgotten about how much I loved orchids until I was reading an article about the upcoming documentary on Joan Didion (who I adore and can’t wait to see, btw) and there was mention of her beloved orchids scattered about her apartment. Which got me thinking about how much we have enjoyed them in the past, and later that afternoon on a grocery store run, boom, a big table of them when I walked in. Secondly, orchids are one heck of a deal when you amortize the life of the blooms and how long you get to enjoy them. And lastly, they are super easy to care for. Place a few ice cubes atop the roots when things feel dry and they melt slowly keeping things nicely moist and perfectly watered. 

A lovely, lovely Friday to you all and a stellar week-end ahead. X, T



An Orchid, Geranium, Hydrangea Layered Supper Table 

Setting a table can be lots like getting dressed on a chilly morning. Layering becomes key. This dining table was pulled together by the addition of the orchid I bought at the grocery store the other day for 10 bucks that I plunked into an old English biscuit bucket. The pumpkins, little vessel of hydrangea and geranium had already been on the table. The orchid became the final flourish, like adding a scarf or hat just as you head out the door.



The Simplest Autumn Dessert

This time of year a caramel apple can make the perfect simple Autumn dessert. We picked up this perfect jonboy caramels specimen at a farmers market on Sunday, but by all means if you want to get creative making them, do. I just love the idea of serving each one to a guest or serving slices with coffee after the meal. Gotta say, I felt like a kid again the moment I had my first bite. Amazing how scents & flavors can transport you and bring back such fond memories. Happy Wednesday everyone!



365 Lovely Thoughts

Just In, 365 Lovely Thoughts for Each Day Of The Year tablets. A big box of them arrived last week, which makes me so happy, as they are always such a hit. A quite hefty stack of paper, each page is primarily blank, just waiting for a note to be taken, with the bottom of each one containing a quote for the day. You all know how I love my quotes! Whether seen just by the note jotter, or used to write a little note to someone else, the quote will inspire. 



Ted’s Tip No. 119

Easiest simple supper. Scatter cherry tomatoes in a large baking dish, sprinkle heavily with extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper. Crush and add a few cloves of garlic. Bake in a hot oven until tomatoes just pop open and release juices. Mix all with waiting hot pasta. 



A Nelson Mandela Sunday Thought 



Shop Vignettes 

The light has just been so awesome in the late afternoon into the early evening this past week. As I walked around tidying up some of the shop displays, I clicked away at a few vignettes. Some with an assortment of goods, others nice and tidy and fully stocked. The amount of product arriving this time of year is pretty off the charts, which is incredibly fun, tons of work, and hugely satisfying at the end of a long, busy day. I like to take a few moments of quiet to soak it all in and enjoy the effort that has gone into the process. I liken it to taking a moment to sit and enjoy the silence before guests arrive for a dinner or a party. Happy Saturday all!



Dancing Dahlias

Flower Friday has me savoring every last dahlia as the season begins to wrap up. A bunch of simple fluttery white caught my eye, each living in a single stem vase at the end of the dining table. Their dance enjoyed with each meal and each time we walked by the table.