This and That

This post is about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Sort of how many brain feels this time of year. So many little details floating around. Being a ‘details’ guy, I don’t want to miss a one. As well as being a ‘live in the moment’ guy, trying like the dickens to savor each and every one.

Here goes! Our kick-off to the festive season ahead starts today with our Holiday Open House at the First & Spring shop, from 10 to 6. Hope you can join us. A lovely new line of candles arrived the other day, Maison Louis Marie. I keep walking by the display lifting the cloches enjoying the scents. We head to WestWard tomorrow eve for our last stay until the New Year, and we are both looking so forward to relaxing a bit before the marathon begins. Well, actually it has begun, but next week is when it really hits you that it is in full motion. Then the festivities begin for the 20th anniversary of WK. Oh my, my body and brain gets tingly with emotions. It will be an incredibly special week. Throw in Thanksgiving just to add a cherry on top of everything. While in the back of my mind I can’t stop thinking of my friend Tami who is a Watson Kennedy alum, who lost her home this week in Paradise, California. My heart just aches for her. I have an idea I would like to share with you all in the next few days to help Tami out, but I need to sit with my thoughts out at the beach to formulate it all. The fires have been devastating for so many. You know I like to keep my posts upbeat but with so much going on in our world and in our country, we all must do what we can to help others and spread as much love as we can. That is where I will leave you on this early Saturday morning as we head into this week of thanks. To enjoy and be thankful for each moment, to make those moments count, to honor those around us, to love all.

P.S. Caretaker Bill just sent us this photo of Hawthorne in the first snow of the season. Had to share. Much love to you, Ted



Tulips, A Fern, A Paper Geranium & Kale

Flower Friday brings the 3 table vignettes I did yesterday on ‘NewDay Northwest’ with Margaret Larson. It was a super fun morning chatting with her on the show about setting a creative & festive Thanksgiving table. Here is the link, click here to take a look. Seven and a half minutes flies by! TV time just seems to go quicker. She is a delight and I think I got some good tips in for setting a table that can also translate to setting a stylish table any time of the year.

Quick reminder, our first Holiday Open House of the season is tomorrow at our First & Spring shop. If you are in the area I so hope you will stop by. X, T



My Favorite Things Today

The deliveries just keep on arriving. This festive time of year brings so much new goodness at the shops. Below some of my favorite things over the last few weeks that have caught my eye.



NewDay Northwest with Margaret Larson

Tune in Thursday morning at 11 Seattle time on King 5 as I set a few creative & festive Thanksgiving tables on NewDay Northwest. My signature green is sure to make an appearance. Margaret Larson will be the host and I will share all sorts of tips to make your table sing. {Here is the link to the show after it aired on Thursday.}



WK Fine Home Holiday Open House

Please join us this Saturday if you are in the Seattle area for our first Holiday Open House of the season. From 10 to 6 at our First & Spring shop, bubbly will be served, music will fill the air and we will be wrapping up a storm.

A Holiday tradition has been having artist Jeanne McKay Hartmann join us to paint her coveted pieces that she creates just for our event. Over the years they have become prized works. She will be painting from 1:30 to 4 that day. Pieces are $75 each and may be ordered over the phone and personalized if you don’t live in the area and would like it shipped to you. Give me a call directly at 206.617.9678. This year’s watercolor is whale-y fun!

I so hope you can join us this Saturday as we kick-off the gift giving season. Ted



Ted’s Tip No. 175

If you are fortunate enough to have a hydrangea bush or have access to one, cut those glorious, started to dry already blooms before the cold seriously sets in. Cluster all together in a vessel of your liking and enjoy the heck out of them in the Winter months.



A Sunday Thought



Market Shop Displays

Spent the last few days at the Market shop getting it ‘Holiday’ ready. That also means redisplaying things to make room for all the new. These are majorly happy days for me. I think of display as a bit like working on a puzzle. A very layered puzzle with a ton of pieces. You try something, it does not fit, you try something else. We work often by color or subject. The above we refer to as bird-land. The below our ornament area as well as some of the Holiday cards, with a bit of red-land in the shot too. By the end of each display day, I sleep verrrrry well.



Scented Geraniums, An Orchid & Mint

Flower Friday brings a dining table tableau. TPS cut back all our geraniums and herbs out on the island this week-end, they then made the ferry crossing into town. The apartment dotted with them all over the place, but the big clear compote just had to get the lion’s share of the scented geraniums. I wish the screen were a scratch & sniff. Can’t begin to tell you how deliriously happy that overflowing vessel makes me. Adding to that a bundle of mint and a grocery store orchid. Have a lovely, lovely week-end all!



Here a Taper, There a Taper, Everywhere a Taper

We sell taper candles all year round, but once the chill sets in the air, we start selling them like crazy. Think cozy meals at the table with the flicker of dancing light. There are lots of subpar candles out on the market, so finding the very best is always my goal. Whether hand rolled beeswax or solid paraffin, we have you covered–vibrant colors from France, to white & cream made in England for the Royal family for over 150 years, to square tapers that have become a bit of our trademark. Having extra on hand is always a good idea. For when you want to set a stylish table to reaching for a few when the power goes out, we have you covered.