An Everything You Need Sunday Thought 



WK 100% Beeswax Hand Rolled Tapers 

Just In, a fresh batch of hand rolled 100% beeswax taper candles. We use these exclusively at home in all of our candlesticks, the burn super clean and drip free. Plus we really love the earthy yet elegant look of the honeycomb design. Packaged in 2’s or 4’s, they also make a stylish utilitarian gift.



More Creamy Yellow Fluttery Tulip Goodness

This Flower Friday is all about these fluttery blooms I just can’t get enough of. This is the 5th week straight they have come up the winner when choosing tulips standing at the Alm Hills Gardens stall at the Market. They last the full week and each flower has a specialness, whether bundled up as a pack or singly, when they begin to open and do their poetic dance. Happy Friday everyone!



Garlic Vinaigrette by Alice Waters 

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I really wanted to write that post, so it pushed back my Wine & Dine Wednesday post by a day, but I think it will be worth the wait. While in San Francisco a few weeks back, I was invited by one of my fab blog readers in Berkeley, to join her for dinner at Chez Panisse. The evening was sublime on so many levels, with many lovely memories. What I want to share is one of the more perfectly simple yet sophisticated all at the same time, a vinaigrette for the ‘garden lettuces’ we each began the meal with. Seriously, I have relived that salad over so many times in my head since back in Seattle. The dressing made the lettuces be the star. We had it for as part of our Valentine supper last eve, and it again just blew me away. 

You will need: 1 small garlic clove, salt, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, freshly ground black pepper, 3 to 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Find the best garden, or farmers market or grocery store lettuce you can get your hands on.

(1) Wash the greens and dry them well, first in a salad spinner and then by rolling them up in a towel. Refrigerate until used. (2) Put a peeled garlic clove and 2 big pinches of salt in a mortar and pound into a purée, with no chunks remaining. Add the wine vinegar, grind in some black pepper, and taste for the balance of salt and vinegar. Allow to macerate for a few minutes, and (3) whisk in olive oil. Taste the dressing with a leaf of lettuce. It should taste bright and lively without being too acidic or oily; adjust the salt, vinegar, or oil as needed. To dress the salad, put several generous handfuls of greens in a large bowl. Toss with about three quarters of the vinaigrette, taste. The greens should be lightly coated but not overdressed. Add more dressing as needed. 



A Valentine’s Day Thought 

As mentioned in the past, even as a little kid I adored this day. The way I look at it, it is a day to shower people with love. By smiling, by saying hello, by holding open a door for someone, by saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” By baking something for someone, by picking up the phone and calling someone, by sitting in a chair and cherishing memories of someone. As you have probably gathered if you are a regular reader, steadfast rules around holiday traditions is not my thing. Make up your own rules. I have had several folks over the last few weeks at the shops tell me they don’t have a special someone so the holiday is not really for them. Totally fine to feel that way, but I look at this day as so much more. It is a day to embrace loving people. I feel at this time in the world where there is so much division, this is even more paramount. This day of LOVE can be a reminder of spreading the love each and every day. The above heart strand made out of vintage papers presented to me by a longtime customer on Saturday completely made my day. I wanted to share it with you all. Happy Valentine’s Day each and every one of you, from me… X, T



Vintage Here, Vintage There, Vintage Everywhere 

When we search for vintage goods for the shops, often it does not get put out right away. I like to save the little ‘gems’ and dot them here & there in displays. It sometimes takes awhile for a spot to open up or for a display to come to life from an idea I have dancing around my head. I think the same holds true for all of us and our home. If you want to inject a little vintage goodness, you might have to wait for the right moment to find the perfect spot for that awesome find. Never fear, you will. If an object spoke to you enough that you purchased it, you will always find a home for it. That home might just take a bit of time. But once it does, promise, the wait will be incredibly satisfying. 



Ted’s Tip No. 136

Objects from travels as well as things that are gifts from friends are a reminder of your past. Surrounding yourself with them in your home creates a layered feel that becomes a look back into your history as your eye glances over them.



A Sunday Thought 



Valentine Treats and Sweets

On this holiday of LOVE, we have you covered. Be it a treat or a sweet, we will spiffily wrap it up for you, and as the saying goes, make you come out smelling like a rose in the gift giving department. Just a reminder, our Valentine Open House is today at both shops, from 10 to 6. It will be a flurry of pink & red tissue as we wrap the day away. Bubbly and sparkling cider will be served. We are also ship, ship, shipping away so check out the Watson Kennedy website for any last minute Valentine’s Day treats and we will happily ship them out for you.



Tulips, Shells & Votives

I just can’t get enough of these ruffly creamy yellow-ish tulips I have now snatched up for the 4th week. They grab my attention each time I am pondering which color to buy when standing at the Alm Hill stall in the Market. They open so beautifully, each bloom so unique, each doing their own special dance. They worked perfectly for a Vashon Island dinner with shells strewn about on the zinc topped table along with a grouping of clear votive candles, and made supper with our nieces extra special. They are the winner once again for the Flower Friday floral stars of the week.