An Afternoon/Eve in San Francisco

20140920-084257.jpg I wanted to make the most of my 36 hours in San Francisco this visit. Aside from my 2 book signings, there were a few places I have been really wanting to check out. My friend Betsy picked me up at the airport and we were off and running! SF is such an amazing city that you really can squeeze in a ton to see & do in an afternoon.

20140920-084539.jpg First stop, Pizzeria Delfina. I was starved, how not surprising, so that was the first task at hand. This spot is not to be missed.

20140920-084733.jpg We sell the Bi Rite book at WK, but I had never been. A complete and utter visual feast.

20140920-084909.jpg Next stop, Heath Ceramics. Wow, just wow. The space alone is worth the visit. The goods ever so lovely. Snapped up a treat for Hawthorne…

20140920-085045.jpg Then it was up to Sacramento Street for a bit of shopping and then my signing at glassybaby at 5.

20140920-085153.jpg Then off to dinner and then a very swell party hosted by Vanessa Getty and Ken Fulk, of which I was a guest of my friend Tolan Florence. It was an action packed day. Needless to say, I slept very well. The Bell’occhio signing is today at 1:30. If you are in the area, please stop in. I think it is going to be a real treat.

Happy last full day of Summer!
From SF,



What a Summmaaaa

What a Summer indeed. As it draws to a close, it is so lovely to look back and reflect on all the good this past season brought. It is also a time to look ahead and enjoy all the bounty that the next season has in store for us. The below Hudson River Valley apples just caught my eye as I was looking through images I had shot when I was thinking about what to write before I fell asleep last night. The incredible colors a reminder of all the beauty that is ahead in the coming months.



I am up and out early for a flight to San Francisco. If you are in the area please stop by the new glassybaby shop on Sacramento Street this eve from 5 to 7 for my Style & Simplicity book signing. Would love to see you!



More Vintage Baccarat Coupe Love

There are just certain vintage goods that I find that are always strike a cord in folks. Vintage Baccarat Champagne coupes would be close to the top of the list of those things. They are just so pretty to look at, they are lovely to drink from, and they are ever so special & delicate to hold. I am always tickled to find them, and this go round, I found several styles. They are spiffy-ing up the display at the back of the Home shop until they find a happy home.






{BOOK SIGNING} San Francisco glassybaby & Bell’occhio

20140917-062239.jpg I am so excited to be hopping on a plane Friday morning and heading to San Francisco for 2 books signings. If you are in the area, I so hope you can come to one of them. If you are not, but know someone in the Bay Area that you think would, please pass on this invitation.

Friday evening September 19th, from 5 to 7, I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity at the new glassybaby on Sacramento Street. Wine will be served and folks will get a chance to see all the beauteous range of glassybaby colors available at the moment. Sets of the ‘Style & Simplicity’ duo will also be available. 10% of the proceeds from the signing will go to The University of San Francisco Medical Center at Mission Bay to help cancer patients.
3665 Sacramento Street

Saturday afternoon the 20th, I will be at the heavenly shop Bell’occhio from 1:30 to 3 signing books. I have been shopping at Bell’occhio for close to 20 years, and the enchanted experience always leaves me beyond happy with a box being sent back to Seattle of glorious finds. Being a shopkeeper myself, I have such respect & admiration for those who do it well. Claudia, the owner has kept her shop inspiring after all these years. I am deeply honored to be signing copies of my book at Bell’occhio.
10 Brady Street

A lovely Wednesday to you all.



48 Hours at WestWard

This last full week-end of Summer we had a lovely WestWard stay out on the island. We had guests on Sunday, which we often do during this sunny season. Monday is spent resting, reading and doing a whole lot of nothing. Here are a few snapshots of the last 2 days. The thing I most like about writing the blog post each morning is it makes me super aware of the season and the time of year. If you would have asked me several years ago when the seasons start and end, I would not have been able to tell you, or it would have been a guess at best. Writing each day makes me so aware of what produce, flowers and foods are plentiful at that point of the season. We have relished our outside meals–bringing the zinc topped dining table outside in early June and slide it under the covered porch when we head back into the city during the week. I so hope you enjoyed the season in which you live. I know there are many readers in Australia and other parts of the globe who are enjoying Winter coming to a close. Wherever you are, I hope your season has been grand & memorable. Our guests on Sunday brought a very special bottle of Champagne as a host gift, with which we toasted the end of the season. Cheers!











Ted’s Tip No. 11

20140915-080657.jpg Many of one thing makes for a striking visual display. This concept can easily be translated into your home for eye pleasing vignettes. If you have many of one thing, such as silver candlesticks, group them all together on the middle of the dining table instead of having them scattered around a room and you will be treated to one strong & nifty visual display.




A Little Maya Sunday Wisdom

A little Sunday Maya wisdom is always a good thing. Hope your day is lovely.
From sunny WestWard,



Plums Roasted with Chicken & Green Olives

20140913-074510.jpg A super easy meal to make as the plums are so plentiful right now. Halve plums and take out pit. Add to chicken filled baking dish alongside green olives, minced garlic, S&P, extra virgin olive oil, and a splash of white wine. Cook at 400 degrees until chicken is done. Serve over egg noodles or rice. Many of the plums breakdown and create a glorious sauce and others remain intact and look great nestled up next to the chicken. Apologies, we were so hungry after this came out of the oven that I forgot to click a photo of it plated up. Perfect for a week night meal but also lovely to serve to guests.



Seriously… White Tulips

There they were. Bucket after bucket of them. Our local grocer filled with tulips. Early September. I know they are hothouse grown, but it still takes me by surprise how they are out earlier and earlier each year. Seems funny to see them when dahlias are still profuse. But ultimately I don’t really mind, as you know my tulip love runs deep. Very deep. I grabbed a few bunches of white and I was on my way. They would be just the hit the table needed–running down the middle as if they are announcing their arrival.






Green Apples & Green Zinnia with Rosemary

20140911-062449.jpg The green theme continues with a combination of green zinnia with a bit of rosemary thrown into the mix. Oh, and a few green apples for good measure. A close to end of season tableau using what is plentiful at the moment. Herbs work so nicely mixed in with blooms to add a little extra earthiness and deeper tones set amongst the color. So many gorgeous varieties of apples showing up in the produce sections at the moment too.