Ted’s Tip No. 107

Take a few moments each day to do something creative. Paint a little, write in your journal, put together the new recipe you thought up, arrange a group of flowers you just picked. Creativity comes in many forms. By taking some time each day, you keep your creative mind flowing, creating all sorts of wonder and goodness in your world. 



A Happy Sunday Thought 



jonboy Balsamic Berry Caramels

Yum. Yes, you read that right, balsamic berry caramels. I always do a happy dance when these seasonal treats arrive from the local caramel maestros at jonboy. Made from raspberries & blackberries grown at Hayton and Sidhu Farms here in Washington State. Each caramel is lovingly wrapped, so a few of these are sweet added to a gift or added to a place setting for a tasty addition. The boxes the perfect size to fit in luggage to take as little gifts when traveling. 

A lovely, lovely July week-end to you all! T



The Gift of Hydrangea 

Flower Friday is about the gift of flowers. I have written about this before, and I for sure will many more times too. If your garden is plentiful, giving some of that bounty away to friends who are gardenless will be HUGELY appreciated. Our friend Peg grows a variety of hydrangea and keeps us well-stocked throughout the season and every time she brings me a new bundle I am happy beyond measure. The gift of flowers you grow yourself is like giving a part of yourself. Much like giving food you have cooked, which is I think is a majorly winning gift, as well. You will be thought of each time the recipient glances at the flowers, and in the case of hydrangea, that can be quite awhile, as they often dry beautifully once they are beyond their peak.



My Favorite Things Today

I have been out of commission since Saturday with a bum knee. Argh. Tons of icing and bed rest. Been missing all sorts of fun things being sidelined, so I enlisted the fab WK family to shoot some of the goods/vignettes that caught their eye. Today’s assortment is a collective effort with a big shout-out of thanks to them. Many things new, many things tried & true.



Les Gardettes Rosé

Wine Wednesday brings a new rosé to my ever-expanding roster of French varieties. My eye went right to that label, being a lover of all things crown related, which was the first thing that grabbed me. Our island grocer stocks wines both high & low, but there is always a heavy concentration of rosé this time of year under $20, which is hits the sweet spot for me for the beloved pink. So in the basket it went to be enjoyed for a dinner for two under the umbrellas on what has turned out to be a stupendous city and island July.

From the maker: Named after the two guardian towers of the castle, Les Gardettes is the entrance to the castle and to the Montfaucon range of wines. Concentrated in both color and flavor, the Les Gardettes rosé delivers a healthy dose of French relaxation just like good rosé should. This blend of Cinsault, Counoise and Grenache is a true rosé de saignée (French for “bleed”) where some of the wine is removed from the vat leaving a smaller amount of wine left to bleed with the skins which intensifies color, tannins and concentration. Les Gardettes is full of strawberry, peach and other stone fruit flavors supported by good acidity and freshness.



Saint-André with Candied Ginger or Pickled Figs

Saint-André is a French triple crème cow’s milk cheese, and is our ‘go to’ cheese if we are only serving one option. It is best left out for several hours before serving, as it softens beautifully and taking the chill off of it really opens up all the complex flavors. We often serve it with pieces of candied ginger as the combo is quite something. Recently we started stocking pickled figs at the shop and they are also a winning combo. Slices of baguette or a really good cracker are what we set out as the transporter for all that goodness.



Ted’s Tip No. 106

Sometimes your body, mind & spirit just need what I like to call a ‘nothing’ day. A day where you do nothing but relax, look at the water, look at the sky, the moon, the stars, the grass, a painting. Whatever puts your mind at ease. A time to have nothing scheduled and let time slip away.



A Sunday Thought



INNA jam/pickle/shrub at Watson Kennedy 

A well-stocked larder is such a pretty sight. Same goes for a shop shelf newly refreshed with a new shipment. Such is the case with our INNA goods. These have become “go to” tasty gifts for host/hostess treats. 

A little bit of background by this awesome company from Northern California that I am so proud to offer at WK: We make fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit sourced within 150 miles of our Emeryville kitchen. By sourcing produce directly from local organic farmers we’re able to get the best possible fruit – fruit that’s picked ripe and is absolutely fresh. Our single-varietal jams are crafted so that each fruit varietal’s unique essence and natural subtleties shine through in bright flavors. A jar of jam contains fruit from a single source! We don’t mix fruit, we don’t add herbs, spices or flavorings – INNA jam tastes like the freshly picked fruit from which it was made, each jar a time capsule of flavor.