20150706-080708.jpg I have been savoring each and every page of ‘Dearie The Remarkable Life of Julia Child’ which has been such a treat to read I just don’t want it to end. I have been parceling out chapters over time out at WestWard, enjoying each little tidbit of Julia history. She has always fascinated me. Julia came to the game of food love later in life. So many of the books I have read in the past center just on that culinary aspect. This comprehensive biography by Bob Spitz covers in detail so many parts of her life that I never knew about from previous readings. She was just a character. Larger than life. She brought joy to every part of her life, but thoroughly blossomed when her interest in food was awakened. From her very privileged upbringing in Pasadena, her Smith College years, working in New York City, to working for the government in exotic places around the globe, to meeting her husband Paul, to their life in France and other locales–so many fascinating details to read about along the way. If Julia holds a special place in your heart, this read is for you.



A Sea of Hydrangea

20150705-100047.jpg I found a lone vendor who had bucket after bucket of hydrangea at the Market yesterday. They will become the flowers for the table of our day after 4th of July Sunday supper with guests later today. We worked the shops yesterday, so this will be our day to celebrate. The variation in blues reminding me of washed denim and all the color variations that has, which seems appropriate for an homage to our country, as I equate denim as American as apple pie. Hydrangea speaks to me of Summer. Which, by the way, is in full-blown mode out here in Seattle. It has been so warm & dry so early that flowers are a bit out of whack of their normal cycle. Yesterday I say a few remaining peonies, dahlias, and hydrangea at the same time. Friends tell me the hydrangea in their yards are already starting to fade. So we will enjoy the heck out of these just in case the season is super short. We fly to Hawthorne next Sunday and I can’t wait to see how the hydrangea plants are doing there. Bottom line, we must enjoy all these blooms while they are here, early or late. Happy Sunday all.




Happy July 4th + flower winners

20150704-090540.jpg A happy 4th of July to you all! I hope your day and eve is grand.

Fingers crossed that our computer challenges are behind us… I was able to access all the incredible flower responses I received for the one year subscription to flower magazine. The winners are:
Jane Wilson, Jill from Washington, Kathy from Boston, Elizabeth Whitfield, and Mary Ann from Florida. Congrats!

Thank you all, who sent in your favorite flower submissions. What a joy to read them all and to hear your stories and how much flowers mean to you too.
Sending much, much love,




Ted’s Tip No. 41

20150703-061129.jpg Transform a bare wall into a rotating ephemera gallery. Use interesting pushpins or double stick tape to display favorite photos, ticket stubs, beautifully handwritten cards & envelopes–really whatever makes you smile.

PS, I was hoping to announce the 5 winners of the flower magazine subscription contest today, but we have been experiencing some major computer issues at WK this week, and all the entries are sitting in an e-mail folder I have been unable to access. Arghhhhhh. Hugely sorry. Fingers crossed this will be fixed today and I can announce the 5 winners tomorrow. Oh my word, I have received sooooo many amazing entries. Thank you for that, and thank you for your patience on this one.



A Thursday Thought





A happy July 1st everyone! Wimbledon has begun, the hydrangea are in bloom, the evenings are nice and long, ahhhhh, Summmaaa. We are spending the week out on the island, commuting in each day. The little heat wave hitting Seattle has it feeling like August. We love the heat, so no complaining here–both of us growing up in it in the East and Midwest, it brings back fond memories. But you do become acclimated to the surroundings, so once that cool comes off the water in the evening, we are ready for it. Took an outdoor shower last night under the stars. Magical. Anywho, my mind is on the season so the images today will be, as well.














Dancing Dahlias

20150630-070239.jpg I know the calendar might say that it is Summer, but the dahlias in the Market are my visual indicator. The whites variety being the most abundant this Saturday. They worked great atop a vintage cloth that we bought ages ago and forgot about, finding it in a drawer recently–love when that happens! I left them tall and used taller clear drinking glasses so they could do their long, leggy dance down the middle of the table.







20150629-080819.jpg Happy to report the arrival of a new bath, body care & home line I am quite excited about that is now gracing our shelves. YARD ETC is crafted in Sweden by folks who are major garden enthusiasts. Hence, all the yummy garden-y scents. Like dog rose, oak moss, green tomato and lemon nettle. Yum, yum, yum. Liquid hand soap, bar soap, hand balm and a nifty candle in a cool looking tin. All beautifully packaged so it all looks swell left out on the counter for all to enjoy. Equally lovely to give as a gift or to become your new favorite. At both shops, and soon to be added to the Watson Kennedy website.




Sunday Blooms

20150628-062518.jpg My, oh my, oh my. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. I was wrong, peony season has not quite ended. Which is such a good thing. Yesterday on my Saturday Market stroll, there were still a few buckets left of some pretty awesome peony. The above color almost unreal. But there they were, in all of their gloriousness. Wow.

A lovely Sunday to you all in your part of the globe!



A Day to Remember. A Day About Love.

20150627-062812.jpg Yesterday was a hugely emotional day for me/us. I have usually steered clear of writing about politics and religion, as the topics are more than covered in the daily papers and on a continuous stream of television. But this seems so very different, so very personal. The Supreme Court decision yesterday effected us personally, greatly. To quote President Obama, “When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.”

20150627-063747.jpg Yesterday made the day we got married in a little garden overlooking the Hudson River in Nyack, New York, even more meaningful. We are now afforded the same rights as all married couples throughout our country. I must admit, growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I never dreamt I would see this day. Being gay was something to hide. It was made fun of, ridiculed. The kids who were thought to be gay were taunted, bullied. I was able to hide who I was behind the success of being an athlete. My hope is that where we are headed means more acceptance for all. Our differences are what make this country so exceptional. The God that I know is one of absolute love for all. It seems so strange to read/hear about the hate focused on this, when really all it is, is just accepting love.