Hydrangea Leaf Bouquet

20140821-080538.jpg We are unclear if all the hydrangea blooms from the bushes on the side of the house were eaten by deer or if they did not just bloom at all this year. The bush in front of the house is a riot of flowers. So we think it might be the latter. Either way, the leaves were just looking verdant & gorgeous I really could not leave them be. They had to be used in some form or fashion in the house. I have used the leaves before as filler in arrangements, but never just solo. Yesterday was the day. The stems are just so healthy, I started snipping away. I choose a fairly wide mouthed vessel and just started to layer the stems. A hydrangea leaf bouquet it would be. Just a simple burst of greens. When the world hands you copious amounts of hydrangea leaves, give this a go.




The Eye Has To Travel

20140820-075600.jpg It was an action packed 4 days and I am now cosily ensconced back up in the Hudson River Valley for a few days before we depart back to Seattle on Friday. The post title is in reference to something the legendary Diana Vreeland said, which was also the title of the documentary about her. I used it as it is so true, travel is one of those things that is so good for the soul. I always look at it as continuing education. My dad used to ask me at the dinner table every evening growing up, “What did you learn today?” It is something that has stayed with me always. Each day is an opportunity to learn, even if you are not traveling. Traveling just brings it all to the forefront. The world, the day, the moment–all have so much to offer us. We just have to see it. The above image I snapped the other day when I was walking to meet folks for dinner. What beauty. There at my feet. But we must see it to appreciate it. A lesson I am reminded of often.

From an exhausted but invigorated Ted at Hawthorne.
Sending much love.



Prune, The Cookbook

20140819-045701.jpg You can imagine my excitement when I rounded the corner and saw the mock-up of the upcoming Prune cookbook in the publisher’s booth at the show yesterday. I took a deep breath, set my Filson bag down, and just looked. I rarely take the time to look through books when I am buying at the show. But I knew this would be an exception, and I just soaked it all in as much as I could. As you know, my Prune love runs deep. We are in for a real treat–is all I can say. In typical Prune and Gabrielle Hamilton fashion, her book is unique. Slightly different. Special. Counting the days until it comes out this Fall and we are stocking it at Watson Kennedy.



NY NOW Now + {Book Signing}

20140818-053550.jpg These are such busy, full, fun days, these ‘show’ days, I am oh so happy I had a few days before to rest up and re-energize at Hawthorne. I have spoken a bit before about this, but walking a show is full-on visual stimulation, so coming at it with fresh eyes is crucial. I am finding such great stuff! At shows, I am always looking for “new, new, new” to keep WK nice and fresh with new varieties of things coming through the door. I clicked away only a few images these last 2 days, as I have been in the zone, but do know, lots, and I mean lots, of new is coming our way.



20140818-054608.jpg I am also very excited to report that I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity today at the show from 2 to 4 at my publishers booth. If you are at the show, please stop by the Sterling booth on the ground floor of Javitz. It is always lovely to see familiar faces at a show.

Happy start of the week to you all!
From The Marlton,



A Tomato Sandwich

20140817-073859.jpg I wrote about tomato sandwiches in my book, and I have written about them before on the blog, but I still feel the need to share again because every time I have one, they make me over the moon with happiness. Tomatoes right now are just divine. A good juicy tomato is key. The juices mixing with the mayo is what makes it. 4 simple ingredients, but just make sure they are the 4 best you can get your hands on. Toast really good sourdough or hearty white bread. Slather with mayonnaise. Cut a large thick slice of tomato. Lay said tomato on top of mayo laden bread. Sprinkle top of tomato with sea salt. Let sit for a minute or two to let the salt draw out the juices. I find these few minutes to be excruciating. Big smile as I type. Waiting is not my strong suit. Once ready, find your favorite spot to sit, along with a big napkin and enjoy the heck out of that tomato sandwich.



Beauty All Around




Hawthorne Snapshots

20140815-054529.jpg It has been a restful, restorative few days up at the house. I head into the city early tomorrow to walk the show and do some book related things, so it has just been divine to chill up at Hawthorne for awhile and really get my batteries re-charged. Being up in the country does just that. So peaceful & quiet. It has been fun to click away little vignettes for this post. A Hudson Warren Street visit produced a few new vintage finds the other day. Plus, more things have arrived since we last visited. Here in a few images are some of the moments of the last few days. Yes, green plays a big part in many.
















Ethereal Dahlias

Last week-end the light was just spectacular on my Saturday Market stroll, so much so, that the dahlias had an ethereal look to them. Like the sun was shining down from the heavens right on them.







DRY Cucumber Soda & Hendrick’s Gin

20140813-073923.jpg Wine Wednesday continues in the cocktail theme. Yes, I know, it is a bit of a stretch, but there is no day of the week that starts with a C, so I think the post fits (kind of has to) into this category. I am smiling as I type this. You get the picture.

DRY Soda Co. is a Seattle-based company that is enjoyed all around the US and other parts of the world. They are tasty ‘as is’ but they also make divine cocktail mixers. ‘Dry’ is in reference to not too sweet, which makes it perfect for mixing with spirits. A new favorite is using the cucumber soda in place of tonic, for a twist on a Summery G&T. I also swap out the lime for English cucumber, which I prefer over regular cucumbers so there are no seeds involved. No one needs tiny little cucumber seeds floating around their cocktail. Again, smiling. Again, you get the picture. I cut the thick green outer skin off with a sharp knife and discard. Then depending on the thickness of the cucumber, I either half or quarter the pieces. Hendrick’s gin is a must for this, as cucumber plays a big component in the flavor of this type of gin. If you are not a cucumber fan, this cocktail is not for you. This is serious cucumber-y goodness in a glass. In a tall tumbler add ice, then 1/3 gin, 2/3 the cucumber soda, and finally a wedge of the freshly cut cucumber. Stir. Enjoy!



Gleaming Hotel Silver

A freshly polished assortment of new, well actually vintage, but you know where I am going with this, hotel silver arrived the other day. Always a bit like Christmas when we open these boxes. Each piece such a treat to unwrap. First ever for us candlesticks and bud vases. Small bowls galore and little handled pitchers. All just so darn good and so darn pretty/handsome. Very, and I mean very, hard for me not to take most of it home. Our section just keeps growing. Please shoot me an e-mail or ring the shop if something catches your eye.