A Saturday Thought



The Cafe au Lait Dahlia

Cafe au Lait dahlias are a simply gorgeous variety and come in shades of creamy pink, blush, peach, ivory, champagne and dusty rose.  One of the Market stalls was brimming with them.  Dinner plate in size, one will do the trick and make any space sing.  Many are just a slice of heaven.



Breakfast at Buvette

Rarely has there been a time in last 5 years or so, that I or we have not had a breakfast at Buvette if we are in NYC.  I have had countless memorable meals there with friends as well as have dined solo when a quick trip into the city for biz calls.  Yesterday it was with our friend CoCo from Portland who was also walking the show buying for her shop.  It is always fun to see this incredibly special eatery through new eyes.
Buvette opens at 8 in the morning and serves continuously throughout the day, closing at 2 in the morning.  7 days a week.  So really anytime you are hungry, it is open.  They don’t take reservations and the space is petite, but I have never ever waiting very long to get a table.  Actually, I rarely have ever had to wait.  

Yet the space is always busting with stylish New Yorkers, so people watching is a delight.  The food, out of this world.  Chef Jody Williams has a way of turning everything into something sublime.  Whether it be a meal or a space.  
Even the planters outside are divine.  No detail has been missed.  You feel transported to a slower time, with a bit of Paris thrown in.  Both of those feelings rate pretty high in my book, especially when in the city where all moves at lightening speed.  It is always such a treat to just ‘be’ there.



A Week-Night City Table for Three

Last week we had a new friend, author Julia Reed, over for a week-night meal in town.  She was in Seattle working on an article and I really wanted to have a quiet eve in other than take her to a bustling restaurant where the pace is much quicker and the space is much louder.  Plus I think a meal in your home is so much more memorable.  The dahlias just so darn abundant the choices in the Market were crazy good.  I pulled out glassware we have not used in forever, set a simple table, lit a few candles–and we were set for an evening of much laughter & many stories.



Goods–Here, There & Everywhere 

I am back at it again buying at the show in New York City.  Such a visual feast.  I have used the ‘needle in a haystack’ analogy many times before, as it is so true. It is the search of looking high and low, in every nook & cranny, leafing through pages and piles–to find the gems.  Very excited to have remembered to click away some images.  Here is a bit of what is on the way…



New Works by Jeanne McKay Hartmann

For all of you who were able to make the Jeanne McKay Hartmann Trunk Show & Rosé Tasting, huge thanks for being part of such a fun eve.  Watching an artist create in your presence is such a special thing.  She also brought new works which are available to be shipped around the globe for all you readers not in the area.  I don’t want anyone feeling left out of the party.  Insert large smile.  These are 8 new images.  They are all original pieces, but if a work sells, Jeanne is able to paint another similar piece.  Her work just makes me happy, and brightens up any space it graces.  These are all a similar size and sell for $295 each.  If one catches your eye, e-mail us at purveyor@watsonkennedy.com



A Passionate Sunday Thought



Mr. & Mrs. Coasters at Watson Kennedy 

The wedding season is in full-swing, and our Mr. & Mrs. coasters are once again a top stylish choice.  Made of Italian marble, they are perfect stacked and at the ready for holding all sorts of libations.  



Zinnias with Sage

Herbs can add great texture to a flower arrangement. This time of year when so many herbs are growing like crazy, snip a few stems and intersperse them with some of your favorite blooms.  Here zinnias got the sage treatment.  Our rooftop herb garden brimming with lots of choices.  Rosemary is another particular favorite. Happy Flower Friday all!



Reds & Yellows

I love when things flow together, both in daily life as well as design. Such was the case this past week-end, when the tomatoes we were having as part of the meal were pulling out the same colors as the dahlias that were dancing down the middle of the table.  A lucky coincidence but one of those in life that I love to revel in.