They Keep on Giving 

The flowering kale ‘cabbage roses’ were still going strong after several weeks, giving us tons of enjoyment for our Thanksgiving table. They had started to fade which worked perfectly against all the sun-bleached shells from the beach strewn about. They are our Flower Friday blooms as we begin the holiday of THANKS week-end.






Watson Kennedy Fine Living Anniversary Holiday Open House

Please join us this Saturday, the 25th of November, for our Holiday Open House. It also just happens to be the 19th anniversary of our Pike Place Market shop too, so lots to celebrate on that day. Oh, and it is also ‘Small Business Saturday’ which kind of works perfectly for the day! I do hope you can join us for a glass of Gruet bubbly or sparkling cider. Artist Loretta Trevino will be painting from 1 to 3. Stay tuned for details of a raffle for one of her beautiful works. Music will fill the air and we will be wrapping the day away. I so hope you can join us!

If you are not in the Seattle area, we have over 1000 goods on our Watson Kennedy website, so head on over and check it out for your gift giving needs. –TKW



Bits of Blue

The chocolate chip banana bread I posted yesterday in the blue splatter ceramic pie dish got me thinking of the color and how much my eye is drawn to it in many shades. A quick scroll through my photos and I noticed it often–whether in packaging, a quote, or a design element, it is our color inspiration for the day.



Ted’s Tip No. 124

As we head into the busy Holiday season, keep those in mind who are less fortunate. If you know of an elderly person living alone, next time you bake, make two. Then share your bounty. 



A Sunday Thought 



Surround Yourself With What You Love

It all started with having our windows washed at our home in town. Our building was built in 1929 with classic large windows in each room, all of which we have shutters on both the top and bottom, which makes creating the space cozy by closing them in a quick minute. But most of the time we leave the top part open, streaming in tons of glorious light during the day and the twinkle of the downtown buildings at night. It had been quite sometime since we had the outside professionally cleaned, as it involves a bit, actually make that quite a bit, of work by a pro with a big ladder to get the job done. But when they are cleaned, oh my, our hearts sing. Which lead me to polishing hotel silver and moving a bunch of ‘things’ around in the living room & entry way, in the built in shelves & etageres and on a few of the table top surfaces. Which got me thinking about stuff. Objects to me hold history. I am so drawn to old things as I feel they have an energy and history to them. They remind us of travels, gifts from friends, and become a timeline of your life. The afternoon I spent moving things around was like a walk down memory lane. Even though our home is filled with lots of stuff, we edit ruthlessly and only keep objects that have deep meaning to us. By keeping only the things you truly love, even if it is quite a bit, both your eye and heart lands on each and every thing with happiness. Moving, polishing, and cleaning those beloved possessions just reconnects us with them and the memories they evoke. 



Flowering Kale

The variety of flowering kale or cabbage roses at the Market right now are pretty spectacular. VERY of the season as the chill in the air swirls about and we plan for Thanksgiving. You can tell from these images how tough it was to decide which to take home, with all of them so uniquely beautiful. They are our Flower Friday pick of the week.



My Favorite Things Today 

My Favorite Things Today could also be called ‘Things I Like’ which includes this decoupaged tray by New York artist John Derian. Many, many treats caught my eye this past week as the unpacking & displaying was at a steady hum. 



Happy Dance Flowering Kale

I often buy our flowers on Saturday morning from the stalls at the Market. I like buying from the farmers who actually grow the blooms–so appreciative of all the hard work that goes into their entire process. From growing, to bringing to their stall, to selling the blooms, to packing it all up at the end of the day, to starting all over the next day. Many are so kind and often soft spoken. A few of my favorites have a sparkle in their eye when I ask them a question about their flowers, as I know how proud they are of them. The sign for these said ‘Flowering Kale’ but when I asked she said in a softly sweet tone, “But I like to think of them as my cabbage roses” as she wrapped up the big bundle for me. They did a happy dance down the middle of the Sunday supper table out on the island.