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Ted’s Tip No. 210

Take time to dream. At any age, it is good for the soul to set a goal and see where the road to achieving it takes you. It might be right to your intended destination, or not. But the journey will teach you so much all along the way.



Ten Sunday Thoughts



A Bag In The Wilds

My brother-in-law Walter snapped and sent me this pic awhile back when he was out & about doing errands. Made my day! I love seeing our reusable WK shopping tote out in the wilds seeing the world. If you are ever out and see one, take a picture and send it to me. Or if you are loving yours and want to show me your bag in situ, I would love that too. Initially created in honor of our 20th anniversary last November, we decided to keep it in the mix as folks have liked it so much. Sturdy as all get out, they just need a wipe down every once in awhile to look brand spanking new.



A Saturday Rumi Thought



Ted’s Tip No. 208

Stop and small the flowers. Truly. For real, stop and smell those roses and peonies and sweet peas. Time will stand still for that moment. It is a natural reset. Good for the soul, the mind, the body AND the nose.



A Sunday Happiness Thought



Ted’s Tip No. 207

At this abundant flowery time of year, if you have a garden overflowing, sharing is always a great idea. Friends without yards can be the happy recipients. Blooms make the best ‘just because’ gifts.



A Henry James Sunday Quote



A Saturday Thought



A Father’s Day Sunday Thought

One of the biggest life lessons my dad taught me was to never compare my life to others, that we all have our own special gifts/talents, and to run with them.