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Mums, Leaves and a Lily

Flower Friday is a nod to the glorious arrival of Autumn and all the grandness it brings. The images from last year at this time at Hawthorne. We head there in a little over a week and we can hardly wait–where the season seems to be like a movie we watch change over the time of our stay.

It is a fun contrast to Seattle, where the season is much more gentle. Back East, it is a riot of color. It is not a better, just different, and we feel quite fortunate to have both in our lives. The below from the table I set for a photo shoot I did for Pottery Barn. The single lily floating in the vessel bringing a little yellow to the table.



The Golden Hour

Autumn brings many delights, with one of my very favorites being the diffused light in the early eve. I think of it as the golden hour. The light bouncing about doing its new season dance.



A Carpet of Leaves

Flower Friday is not about a bloom but rather the symphony of leaves that have been blowing in the wind, accumulating a beautifully crazy amount in the back of the house.  The variation of color inspiring on every level. 



Sheet Pans of Root Vegetables

A roasted chicken and an assortment of root vegetables was on the menu last night, a recreation of what was on the menu yesterday for the shoot.  It looks like I was cooking for a party, but it was just us two.  These make great left-overs–reheated for breakfast with eggs, diced smaller and added to salads for lunch, purée into making soups.  So I like to make a big batch, plus we love to leave a yummy meal or two in the fridge when we depart for fab caretaker Bill.

Truly, could not be simpler.  Get the oven heated to 400 while you cut up things.  I quarter most and some I leave whole, like the carrots.  Liberal use of extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper over all.  Then with clean hands really get into it by moving it all around and make sure every part is covered in oil, as this will help cook and not burn things, and give a tasty caramelized flavor to all.  Done.  Into that hot oven for half an hour, then turn all, put back in for another 15, check and pull out what is done, and continue cooking until all are to your liking.



A New Season Begins

And just like clockwork, the towering horse chestnut trees across the street begin dropping their little gems signaling a change of season is in the air.  I love this natural tradition.  Even if I did not have a calendar in front of me, we would know exactly what time of year it was.  Each year collecting a large handful to enjoy in a silver bowl, with various small bowls around the living room as a reminder of years past.  

Wherever you might be around the world as your season changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot, or just mild to mild, I wish you all a grand day. 



Major Pumpkin Love at Taft Farms

We don’t fully feel settled in on our October stay until we have a few pumpkins scattered about. We were told of Taft Farms in Great Barrington, Massachusetts by our friend Mimi at Little Ghent Farm when we went to pick up a loaf of bread from her the other day at their farm stand. She said they had the most extraordinary variety and amount of pumpkins she had ever seen. We took a meandering back country road drive and wound up there yesterday morning. We were just in awe. She could not have been more right.










A Change of Season Marker + A Bailey Update

20150924-045019.jpg Just like clockwork, the huge chestnut trees across the street from The Gainsborough start dropping little signs of the change of season, as if on cue in a Nancy Meyer film. The above chestnut my first of Autumn. Something about the ritual of nature I find so comforting and hold so dear.

First off, let me start by saying how touched we have been by the outpouring of kind & informative words, thoughts and prayers for our beloved pooch, Bailey. She is resting comfortably all snuggled up right next to my leg as I type this. She had her Mast tumor removed on Tuesday. The surgeon called late yesterday saying we caught the cancerous growth super early so it was still in its lowest grade. The amount of information so many of you provided us with from your own experiences was invaluable to us as it helped guide us through all of this. We are forever grateful. Bailey sends a bark, and if you have ever been to one of the shops when she gets excited you know what I mean, as well as a loving lick or two, to you all, in thanks. We could not be more relieved and are excited for her to be on the mend.
Much, much love,



An Apple a Day

20150922-091114.jpg Autumn is almost here! It is a crisp, sunny day in Seattle. Sort of a perfect last day of the season really, as we usher in a change. Very similar to the day I snapped the above apples at the Hudson Farmers Market awhile back. A change of season is a new beginning. A fresh start. Time to begin a new book. Light a fresh candle. Try a new recipe. Call an old friend you have not spoken to in forever. Eat an apple a day. You get the idea. Have fun!




20140924-034536.jpg There are a row of chestnut trees across the street from The Gainsborough. Like clock work they start dropping chestnuts at the start of Fall. I use the word ‘Fall’ instead of ‘Autumn’ because that is what they do, they literally fall from the trees, raining chestnuts. The squirrels are in heaven. TPS brings them to me as little gifts that he picks up when he is out walking Bailey. They are just such a sweet, and beautifully color coordinated, reminder of the beginning of the season.



And Autumn Begins…


20130922-072303.jpg You could just feel it in the air yesterday. A slight briskness. Even the dahlias at the Market had an autumnal feel. A bit more muted, but still so beautiful. This really is such a lovely, lovely time of the year. I had the door open out into the courtyard at the shop the entire day. I was determined to savor each passing moment of the last day of this most incredible season. Now it is onto the next. Farewell glorious Summer, you will be a fond memory always. A restful Sunday to you all.