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Ted’s Tip No. 181

The zen of wrapping. During these days of gift giving, find calm and satisfaction while wrapping up the presents you are giving. Think of the work that went into finding the gift, think of the happiness the recipient will feel when opening it. Find joy out of the process of choosing the paper and ribbon.



The Coolest Wrapping Paper

20120316-070833.jpg We sell a huge variety of wrapping paper at Watson Kennedy, but the wrap I am drawn to time and again, is this vintage English ruler motif that looks stellar on boxes of all sizes. It is made by an Italian paper company that produces generous over-sized sheets that make wrapping a number of gifts a snap.

20120316-071410.jpg We had a dear, dear friend have a birthday last week-end, so it gave me a chance to wrap up her gifts with my favorite paper. The ruler design working perfectly for a birthday, as the numbers on the rulers ties the whole birthday theme together.

20120316-072115.jpg I like using the same wrapping paper for most to all of the gifts, so there is a cohesive grouping. The bottle of Grove 45 EVOO was just to handsome to cover up, so a cello bag would do the trick, tied off with a calligraphed greeting to mark the event.



Let’s Wrap

20111202-065937.jpg Wrapping a gift is one of those tasks that makes certain people sweaty with fear. I know this because I am told this on a regular basis at the check out stand at the shops, when I ask a customer if they would like us to wrap their gifts for them. The stories I have heard of wrapping misadventures is comical. The scenario when you are in the middle of it–not so comical. I thought I would do a few posts this month on wrapping ideas that I hold near & dear, that are fairly quick and painless, and will add a bit of flair and creativity to your gift wrapping/packaging this season.

My first idea is a filler idea we have been using at Watson Kennedy for quite some time. This works well when you have put a gift in a box, and the box is a tad large for the item, so you have a bit of wiggle room around the gift. We use pages from old books I have found at flea markets that are falling apart. We consider this recycling at it’s finest, as these books have been terribly neglected and the pages have separated from the binding. We put the pages thru a shredding machine that is used for shredding documents that you find at office stores. It creates this incredibly beautiful stuffing, that has an aged, warm patina. Plus, it is fun to see the variety of words littered throughout the filler. I also like to use old sheet music for this too. If you don’t have access to a shredding machine, shredding scissors work great, as does a regular pair of scissors and you cut the pages into small shreds.




It’s a Wrap

A well wrapped gift can delight the recipient just as much as what is inside the box. A few added embellishments to make a package special and personalized, really shows you added extra care & thought to your gift. When out and about shopping, I look for things that have letters or numbers on them–vintage brass stencils, playing cards with letters on them, buttons. I don’t always have in mind who is getting what, but I never pass up a card or item that has a 30, 40 or 50 on it. The same goes for wrapping paper and ribbon. If I spot a cool design, I get it and hold onto it till just the right occasion.

The above photo was a gift we gave to our friend Sarah for her 40th birthday. The measuring stick paper is a favorite of mine for birthday gifts. All the embellishments I had collected over time. The below gift was for our friend Peg Poage, and when I spotted the card with the double P on it, I knew it would be perfect slipped into the ribbon so she could use it for a book marker.

Have fun wrapping!