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Virginia McCracken Trunk Show Tomorrow at Watson Kennedy

20160603-064833.jpg Over the moon to be hosting a trunk show tomorrow, Saturday from 1 to 4 at the First & Spring shop, for Santa Barbara artist Virginia McCracken. She creates small-scale assemblages–imaginary worlds inside boxes that are inhabited by paper mache figures. I am just completely charmed by her works. She popped into the store yesterday to quickly introduce herself, and she is as fabulous as her artwork. Virginia said she brought over 20 boxes, along with what we already carry will be quite a fun assortment to visually enjoy. Beautiful works that are looking for a permanent home. If you are in the area, I so hope you can join us. Sparkling rosé & apple cider will be served. Hope to see you there!

A lovely Friday to you all as we ease into the week-end…



The Ethereal & Whimsical Works of Virginia McCracken

Over the moon to be showing and selling the works of Virginia McCracken. We first saw her pieces when we were in Santa Barbara a few years back and have never been able to get them out of my head. Fast forward to a few months back when my friend Liberty contacts me and says I have to meet this artist, who is a friend of hers, whose work she thinks I will adore and would be perfect for Watson Kennedy. LOVE when things work out like that!

From her website:
Virginia McCracken is a Santa Barbara–based artist who creates small-scale assemblages …. imaginary worlds inside boxes that are inhabited by paper mache figures. The expressively detailed characters are of unknown species, generally related to cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, but not quite, and sometimes not at all. She creates evocative habitats for these creatures, some minimal and mysterious, others crafted like stage sets or rooms. There are no explicit stories, although a hint of narrative is often contained in the titles. The characters are sometimes engaged in activity or relationship, but some are contemplative and alone. The miniature works have been described as whimsical and touching, humorous, as well as dark. The artist is inspired by make-believe and the notion of secret interior worlds. The viewer must step up close because of the small scale and is drawn into the intimate, ethereal realm of each piece and into his or her own story.​








48 Hours in Santa Barbara

20130313-072314.jpg After being back for a few days, I thought I would share with you a bit of what we did in Santa Barbara. TPS had visited when he was a youngster, but I had never made the trip. It has been on my list forever, so a quick 2 day visit after my conference was over in Los Angeles would be the ticket. We drove the Pacific Coast Highway to get there, which was an amazing treat. The ocean views and activity along the way made for such an enjoyable ride over.

20130313-073121.jpg With just 2 days, we had quite a bit to cover that was on our list of things to do. I was a bit worn out from a busy, few days at the conference, so both mornings I slept in a bit and read the above book. More on that later. Mister Sive is much more outdoorsy than moi, so he went on a hike up Rattlesnake Canyon. Yes, there are rattlesnake. I found that out later. He did not encounter any, but it certainly would have stopped me going. I guess that is why I am not a hiker. He also spent time wandering around the Old Mission & the Santa Barbara County Courthouse to feed his love of architecture. When we later drove by the building, I could see why he had wanted to see it–stunning.

20130313-074256.jpg Extraordinary Mexican food was a big highlight of the visit, and a stop at La Super Rica was a must. Made famous by Julia Child being a fan, we knew we were in for a treat. A dinner at Los Agaves was so good we went back the next day for lunch.

20130313-074936.jpg Shopping is of course, always on the list. Fun to finally see Pierre La Fond & Co.

20130313-075148.jpg We spent an afternoon wine tasting in the town of Los Olivos. It is about 45 minutes from SB, but so worth the drive. The little town is filled with quaint tasting rooms. It was fun to try wines from the area, many of which are exceptional.

20130313-075529.jpg It is always such a treat to see someone you know on a trip. We popped in to see my friend Liberty. For those of you from the Seattle area, Liberty and her mom had a fab shop in Kirkland, called Liberty 123. She is now living in SB, and working with a lovely jewelry designer. Adesso is in a charming old house where there is a workroom, the studio, and a retail space. Very worth stopping in. It was so fun to see her!

20130313-080237.jpg And of course, we had to sniff out a cool coffee place. Santa Barbara is such a special place. Walks on the beach, walks around town, and just hanging out. The relaxed vibe made our 2 days there so enjoyable. We caught a late, late flight back to Seattle, but not before another glorious drive along the PCH.