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The Sweetest Sweet Peas

20160617-065547.jpg Sweet peas are the Flower Friday bloom, the Market stalls filled with them the other day. Their glorious scent wafting about. This was my favorite bunch out of all I was surrounded by. Heavenly.

A lovely start of the week-end to you all.



The Flower Love Continues…

The flower love continues with more, more, more of the sumptuous blooms that filled the year. Whether massed together in a big bunch or solo running down a table, they bring so much added life to our life.




















20151227-114621.jpg That 20 did not even get us to the end of Summaaaa. More tomorrow. Hope your Sunday is just lovely…



Sunday Sweet Peas

20140629-101254.jpg Summer has kicked in, as the Market yesterday was just packed with shoppers–which is always lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves with all the variety of things offered there. Many, many of the flower vendors had sweet peas it was really quite a sight. They are such dainty, wispy blooms. Like most flowers, I prefer all of one color. Even when choosing one tone, the natural variation within that color adds visual interest. Sweet peas are so sweet, sorry but I had to type it, clustered in tight little bunches. The red-y pink-y ones reminded me of cutting into a perfectly ripe watermelon. Here are a few more to enjoy on this Sunday.






Kale, Sweet Peas & Peonies

20140610-074339.jpg Buying beautiful produce and flowers should be enjoyed every moment after you get it home. Or in this case, work. I shot this the week-end before last at the Market shop moments after I put things in vases to be enjoyed by all as soon as I opened the shop at 10. My point with all of this is when we are buying flowers and produce we are spending a bit of change on it, so we want to get as much enjoyment out of it as we can. Creating a little still-life of sorts while we unpack our other groceries or do a few chores lengthens the time we get to enjoy all this pretty stuff. I find kale to be such a hearty green that it can easily sit out for part of the day before it is refrigerated. The sweet peas and peonies looking so sweet snuggled up to one another. The kale visually pulling out all of the green from the other two. A happy trio to be enjoyed by all until lunch came around and the kale was called into action.



The Ever Sweet Sweet Peas

20130617-073450.jpg On this Monday I want to send you all a little fluttery flower goodness with this sweet bundle of white sweet peas. Many of the Market flower stalls these past few weeks have had bunches arranged ever so neatly for folks to buy. It is always such a visual delight to see such a profusion of one type of flower in one setting. Not only are the blooms sweet, but the scent has a sweetness too. Just a happy flower. A lovely start of your week to you!



The Sweetest Sweet Peas

20120727-074253.jpg The Market stalls have had just the prettiest little bunches of sweet peas. These delicate flowers just speak to me of Summer. As with most flowers, I prefer just a simple arrangement of one color. I think you really get to enjoy the singular beauty of each stem that way, as you are seeing multiples of the same variety. The sweetly scented white sweet peas working perfectly tucked into a display at the Inn at the Market shop. We have the Sicilian monk in the 17th century, Franciscus Cupani, to thank for these lovelies, as he sent the seeds to England, where they were crossbred, creating the sweet pea.

A happy Friday to all, and cheers to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!