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The Dahlia Love Continues

The buckets get fewer and fewer, but the Market is still filled with a good amount of dahlia love. On these chilly days they are a reminder of the warm July days that were not that long ago. This is a Flower Friday on a Saturday, as I just had to share these beauties. Heaven. Have a lovely, lovely week-end! X, T



Season Ending Dahlias

As dahlia season slowly fades away, taking every chance possible to enjoy them while they are here. Flower Friday pays homage to these gorgeous blooms that are filled with such happiness. Hearty, colorful and just as pretty as can be. Whether one bloom or many, dahlia season can be quite long, but when they finally say goodbye it always makes me reflect on their beauty and all the bliss they provided over the last months. Cheers to you sweet dahlias!



An Autumn Supper Table

The menu last evening at home might have been leftovers but honoring the meal is always at the top of my list. Pumpkins, pine cones, geraniums & lilies made for an Autumn supper table. A few candles were lit and away we went with a weeknight table for two. My idea here really is to stress that every meal is a celebration and to honor it. Be it a fancy meal or the simplest. A big party or a table for one.



Neighborhood Floral Inspiration

Flower Friday this week is not so much about a certain bloom, but a place that provides me huge inspiration throughout the year. Both our city home, The Gainsborough, as well as our neighborhood, First Hill. Our building and the grounds surrounding it always full of inspiring greens and depending on the time of year, colorful blooms. Our neighborhood is tree-lined with a visual assortment of flowering plants throughout the year, making our Bailey walks a treat. Sometimes I think it is easy for us to overlook what beauty lives in our neighborhoods and we take it for granted. On your next spin around the block, look with fresh eyes. I am often delighted to find all sorts of things I had never noticed before.



A Day At The Office

The term ‘working remotely’ can conjure up lots of scenarios. For me it almost always means spreading out my work on our long antique French fruitwood dining table. Diptyque candle lit. Classic King FM floating about the air. A big Baccarat tumbler of sparking water with ice at the ready. It is a combo of my days as an athlete along with love of creature comforts, where my rituals soothe both mind and soul. Then I am ready to get down to business! A full day of website work was at hand. Our goal date of launching it November 1st nearing. Lots of moving parts & hands/minds in this project, which I always love. Bailey snuggled up on her Burberry blanket by my feet. There are a bunch of gorgeous big trees across the street from The Gainsborough that drop the most divine horse chestnuts this time of year. To me a natural grand gesture of the beginning of Autumn. Each time I walk Bailey I collect a few and deposit them about the hotel silver bowls. Another ritual that brings me great joy. Then it is back to work editing photos and writing product verbiage. All while the works of Bach and Mozart and Handel filled the rooms.



Season Ending Dahlias & Tomatoes

Flower Friday brings season ending fiery red with orangey yellow tipped dahlias along with a plate of gorgeous tomatoes alongside French sea salt. With Summer ending Monday may we all grab every bit of it we can, so we may have it stored up in our memory for when the days turn cold. May the dahlias & fresh off the vine tomatoes be a sight and taste that instantly warms us come January. Sending much love from Seattle, Ted



Holding On To Summer

On Monday out on the island, we did everything possible to enjoy supper outside. The eve before it was pouring rain and we enjoyed our Sunday supper inside with a fire roaring. This last week of Summer has been anything but here in our little corner of the PNW. But any ray of sunshine has us scrambling to get outside. This is pretty comical actually. I snapped this table of blue with the potted scented geraniums taking center stage. I went it to start cooking while the lightest misty rain flew by, hardly upsetting the table setting in the least. Right as we sat to enjoy the meal the sun was setting. Just glorious. As we were taking our last bites we felt the drops begin. As we quickly finished we disassembled the table lickity split, laughing along the way, determined to savor every last bit of the season.



Ted’s Tip No. 218

For this our official last week of Summer, grab every chance you can to dine alfresco. Be it a table outside at a restaurant, a picnic blanket on the beach, or a napkin folded over your lap on a park bench–take that opportunity to enjoy a meal with the sun or the moon.



Lilies and Dahlias

Flower Friday brings the combo of lilies and dahlias. They both looked so great at the Market on Saturday morning that I just had to snap up the pair. We were on the island for part of Sunday so the rest of the weekend was city filled. Thought it would be such a treat to look at these on the dining table throughout. Even as I write this on Friday morning they are still going strong and looking pretty spiffy. My eyes hitting them often this morning as I sat at the table having my oatmeal reading the paper. A geranium playing nice between the two. The below a new app I have been enjoying playing with called Waterlogue. It takes your photo and turns it into a watercolor. Hope your day is flower filled!



Dahlias For Days

My Market strolls always filled with such beauty, but during dahlia season, actually make that towards the end of dahlia season, at times it is all so good I could weep. The dinner plate dahlias get me every time. Look at all that detail. The range of color in a single bloom heavenly. Snapped these the other day as my bundle was being wrapped up. Wishing you the best beginning of September weekend–hope it is grand. X, T