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The Lovely, Lovely Stems

Water has such a beautiful way of making things appear to be frozen in time. Much is the case with flower stems. Often, the stems can be as spectacular as the blooms. Typically I would clean off all the leaves and such from the stems, but this jumbo bundle of Queen Anne’s lace gathered from a country walk TPS was on seemed to begged to be left just as it was. No arranging in the least–a completely natural free form grouping of the stems. The water magnifying their rugged while still yet dainty simplicity, just as they had been plucked from the earth.



Put An Egg On It

The beautifully glorious simplicity of the egg. If you have some at the ready in the fridge, a meal is but a few simple steps away. Poach it, fry it, prepare it however you see fit–then set it atop asparagus, pasta, or a sandwich for a truly satisfying meal any time of day.



The Simplicity of a White Lily

20160519-090038.jpg Flower Friday is on Thursday this week, as my Pottery Barn shoot is scheduled to run tomorrow by the PB folks, and I will write about it then too. Plus I could not pass up on this lone beauty which is seeming to twirl and dance on my bedside table. The one flower I can always count on at the grocery store here are lilies. We bought a bunch last week that were all tight and closed up, so it has been a delight watching them unfold over the days. The scent perfuming the rooms they grace, single stems dotted here & there.



The Simplicity & Purity of White Peonies

As the peony season comes to a close here in the Pacific Northwest (only scattered buckets here and there remain at the Market), I am taking every chance possible to have them at home and the shops. Such ruffly bundles of pure goodness. I have a particular fondness for white peonies. Something about the simplicity of them. Sort of similar to my love of black & white photography. There is just a pureness to it. Not totally finding the right words to describe it at this early moment in the morning. I guess I just like how I feel when surrounded by them. Like all is right in the world at that moment. Enjoy these gems as much as we have this week.







The Simplicity of a White Peony

20150515-085514.jpg A simple bunch of 5 peony.

20150515-085554.jpg Scattered about the house.

20150515-085632.jpg Set here and there and everywhere.

20150515-085752.jpg The singular beauty of a white peony.

20150515-085936.jpg Each fluttery bloom a small work of art.



Leonardo da Vinci Quote to Begin Our Week

20140324-074735.jpg Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci



A Tuesday Thought

20140211-063400.jpg Simplicity is complexity resolved.
–Constantin Brancusi



Candle Container as Vase

20131112-062238.jpg When the world hands you a bunch of empty glass candle containers, make vases out of them. Such was the case yesterday when I was in need of a bunch of short little vases, but did not want to use just normal clear drinking glasses. TPS had cut back all of our scented geraniums out on the island and I had all these beautiful stems and leaves to play with. We also have quite a collection of old Diptyque glasses that we store in the shed. I just like the way they look all massed together. All cleaned out and sparkly. We had yet to use them for anything other than visual pleasure. Now was the time. So many glass candle containers are quite fetching, it seems a shame to just toss them. Use them to hold pencils on your desk, cotton balls in your medicine cabinet, or use as water glasses. I like to think of it as stylish recycling.





The Power of Simplicity

20131104-042813.jpg sim·plic·i·ty
1. the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do “for the sake of simplicity, this chapter will concentrate on one theory”
synonyms: clarity, clearness, plainness, simpleness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, understandability, accessibility, straightforwardness

I was quite struck by the cover and contents of the T Magazine yesterday in the Sunday New York Times. I think ‘simplicity’ is such a beautiful word, with an equally beautiful meaning. Clarity, clearness. To me it means distilling something down to its very essence or purest form. More on this word and why it resonates with me in the coming weeks…

If you don’t get the Sunday Times, certainly look for it the weeks T, the style magazine is included. They are so good I save them. Under the editorship of Deborah Needleman, who many of you might remember from Domino, the magazine has flourished. “Style that lasts is the style that counts” are her wise words from this latest issue.



Simplicity in White

20130823-085555.jpg Back at Hawthorne from the city. Took the train. It travels right up alongside the Hudson River and is just spectacular. A few days of rest before we head back to Seattle. I have really been enjoying the varying shades of white in many forms that the house has to offer. The master bedroom a warm yet still energizing white. The amount of natural light throughout the day changes the color considerably. The vintage rocking chair the perfect slightly beat-up shade of white.