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A Day At The Office

The term ‘working remotely’ can conjure up lots of scenarios. For me it almost always means spreading out my work on our long antique French fruitwood dining table. Diptyque candle lit. Classic King FM floating about the air. A big Baccarat tumbler of sparking water with ice at the ready. It is a combo of my days as an athlete along with love of creature comforts, where my rituals soothe both mind and soul. Then I am ready to get down to business! A full day of website work was at hand. Our goal date of launching it November 1st nearing. Lots of moving parts & hands/minds in this project, which I always love. Bailey snuggled up on her Burberry blanket by my feet. There are a bunch of gorgeous big trees across the street from The Gainsborough that drop the most divine horse chestnuts this time of year. To me a natural grand gesture of the beginning of Autumn. Each time I walk Bailey I collect a few and deposit them about the hotel silver bowls. Another ritual that brings me great joy. Then it is back to work editing photos and writing product verbiage. All while the works of Bach and Mozart and Handel filled the rooms.



A Day of Display

Yesterday was a day of display where I took everything off two big shelving units, cleaned it, cleaned & polished some of the goods, then set about re-displaying all the things to make it look fresh. These days are heaven to me. I get into an almost zen like state. Hugely satisfying when all is said and done. My hope is it is always a visual feast for all.



Vintage Hotel Silver & Baccarat at Watson Kennedy 

Our back shelves that house the vintage English hotel silver and Baccarat are filling up in anticipation of our busy Summer months. I always like to try to give my blog readers a first look at things. So many gems. Both hold a very special place in my heart. Hard to beat the feel of a Baccarat glass in your hand or the look of freshly polished hotel silver piece holding a treat you are about to serve. I was asked recently in an e-mail if we sell any of the things I write about. Oh my gosh yes! If a post is tagged Watson Kennedy, most certainly yes. Always feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any questions on a particular item or give us a jingle at the shop at our toll-free number at 1.800.991.9361. Here are more of those gems…



Sometimes, All You Need Is One

The light streaming through the shutters ever so beautifully seeming to light up the fluttery single stem tulip from the inside out.



More Vintage Baccarat Coupe Love

There are just certain vintage goods that I find that are always strike a cord in folks. Vintage Baccarat Champagne coupes would be close to the top of the list of those things. They are just so pretty to look at, they are lovely to drink from, and they are ever so special & delicate to hold. I am always tickled to find them, and this go round, I found several styles. They are spiffy-ing up the display at the back of the Home shop until they find a happy home.






Stunning Vintage Baccarat Coupes

20131205-064358.jpg I have been finding and have amassed just the prettiest collection of vintage Baccarat coupes of late. The grouping catching my eye yesterday as I walked passed them mixed about with all the hotel silver.

20131205-064613.jpg The shapes and sizes vary a tad, with some also able to be used as small little dessert compotes. But my mind just races to them filled with bubbly. What an elegant looking vessel for Champagne.

20131205-064827.jpg Of course, these make wickedly cool gifts. A pair with a bottle of bubbles would make one seriously swellegant present.

20131205-065304.jpg They just look amazing carried on a silver tray. Heck, they could be just left out on a bar or side table on said silver tray and they would make a beautiful display when not in use.

20131205-065520.jpg However they are used or displayed, they are just breathtaking.



Behind Closed Doors

20130713-062607.jpg Display is a constant at the shops. Keeping things fresh is key to good retail. The other day was spent freshening up the cases at the Home store. Cases are necessary for several reasons. One, I really like how you can create vignettes on a shelf. It keeps it nice and contained. Secondly, and this is the sad truth, it helps cut down on theft. More expensive items are enclosed and just tougher for those (insert really bad word) folks that come in solely to steal. I try and focus on the first, and the other day was tidying up the assorted cases.

20130713-063305.jpg I think grouping ‘like’ items together makes for a strong visual. The assortment of vintage Baccarat drawing your eye up to the top of the 3 tiered glass fronted case. Mix with a little ephemera is always a good thing.

20130713-063614.jpg The next shelf was hotel silver mixed with quite a bit of lovely John Derian decoupaged works. The cases being lit also helps tremendously.

20130713-063818.jpg More silver, more John Derian, for the bottom shelf. Too much of a good thing is always a good thing in my retail book. Just by refreshing the cases, it breathes new life into all the goods. I think the same applies for things in your home. A little re-do makes you see your loved possessions in a whole new light. At the shops and at home, bit by bit, rather than an entire re-do makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

Happy Saturday!



Healing Wishes and a Baccarat Coupe

20121030-063011.jpg I must admit, posting anything today seems a bit frivolous as my heart is so heavy for all the people affected by the storm back East. But I know for myself in times of stress, viewing a little beauty is always good for the human spirit. So a small entry with a beautiful object will be it for today. A champagne glass from our ever-expanding vintage Baccarat section seemed fitting, as we will raise a glass after all this has passed, been cleaned up, and hopefully it will all seem like a distant memory for those of you living through it. Sending much love for a speedy recovery to all our family, friends and readers back East.




A Full Day of Design

20120523-074759.jpg It is another early start this morning with a full day & evening on this last day of the Blogfest on Design. I will write a lengthier posts about the events next week, so please excuse the brevity. The day yesterday began at the Hearst building, with meeting the editors of the above 3 publications. It was a lovely event. The peonies are just bursting in the above vase.

20120523-075234.jpg It was then onto the Elle Decor show house, which was incredibly visual and creative.

20120523-075341.jpg Then we were off to a yummy lunch in the Kravet showroom in the D&D Building. It is the Decoration and Design center for New York. We were then treated to a marvelous presentation by the talented Alexa Hampton. She and I chatted before she spoke. What a lovely, lovely gal.

20120523-075844.jpg After perusing design showrooms, with one of my favorite being Brunschwig & Fils, we were on to Baccarat and a glass of champagne with a view of the city. It was such a fun day!



Vintage Baccarat at Watson Kennedy

20120323-074141.jpg Often times the vintage goods that I decide to bring into the shops stems from a love of a certain type of item or something I personally collect. Usually it is both. My collection of vintage Baccarat decanters began years ago and started as a gift from my sister when she was living in Palm Beach.

20120323-074606.jpg I have continued to find and add to the collection over the years, and recently thought it would be cool to start a small, but growing vintage Baccarat section at Watson Kennedy.

20120323-074816.jpg I am not limiting it to decanters, as there are so many other glorious goods the company has produced. Since 1764, when King Louis XV of France gave permission to found a glassworks in the village of Baccarat, the company has been creating some of the world’s finest crystal.

20120323-075612.jpg The weight of the decanters is quite something. The beauty of it empty or full is exceptional.

20120323-075858.jpg I particularly like the ashtrays on a desk holding stamps or a bit of Santa Maria Novella or Cote Bastide potpourri. Look for the collection to grow, as I find more on my travels.