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Blueberry Hemingway Jam

20121023-064236.jpg Seattle preserve creator extraordinaire, Deluxe Foods, is at it again. We just received a new delivery at Watson Kennedy and I am just blown away by the quality & creativity. Following classic French recipes, they add herbs, liquors and clever fruit combinations to make handmade small batch preserves. My newest favorite, Blueberry Hemingway Jam, uses lime and rum for a kicky punch. Fab on toast, but equally tasty with cheese.



Deluxe Foods Jams, Jellies & Preserves

20120229-052714.jpg A new batch of jams, jellies & preserves from Seattle based über fab Deluxe Foods has arrived! The brain child and passion of owner Rebecca Staffel, the award winning Deluxe Foods uses classic French recipes and then puts a little twist on it using herbs, liquors and clever fruit combinations.

20120229-053429.jpg The Earl Grey Tea jelly is amazing on toast, whether with a cup of tea or not. The Spiced Green Tomato preserves lovely with cheese and amazing added to a sandwich.

20120229-053809.jpg The Spiced Plum jam makes for a great addition as a glaze to a pork roast. The Quince jelly ever so tasty on a scone.

The happy packaging also makes all of the above stellar host/hostess gifts too.