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A Classic: Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno Cookies

20140218-064650.jpg I was incredibly excited when this shipment arrived. I have loved these cookies since I was a little kid. Plus I was always so enamored with the cool paper they were wrapped in and even more taken with the red metal tin that housed them all. I have searched high and low for a distributor of them from Italy so we could have them at Watson Kennedy. Well I am happy to report, my SF buying trip helped that all come together. A big shipment arrived the other day, and our Italy section is bulging with red tins and boxes of these lovelies. The crisp, airy cookies with the big chunks of sugar strewn about are just the simplest, easiest, most perfect dessert in a pinch. Put said wrapped cookies in a nice bowl or scatter on a beautiful plate alongside clementines and dessert is served. They pair swimmingly with coffee, wine or liqueurs. I also like to crumble them up and put on top of ice cream or sorbet. The signature red tin becomes such a great keepsake after all is said and done. We have a collection at WestWard that houses a host of kitchen things. These make great gift options for a host/hostess gift in place of a bottle of wine.



Number Ribbon from Italy

20120702-073801.jpg Just in–some incredibly sweet ribbon that has the number 1 to 9 (you decide) throughout the length of the 2 and a half yard span. I think this will make for some clever package wrapping, combining the numbers on the box to signal out the birthday at hand. I also see a bit of this ribbon tied around the stem of a wine glass for a spirited table setting or at a party and guests can decide what number they want on their goblet. This ribbon has that old school feel of going to camp for the Summer and having your initials sewn into your clothes, but this is a more updated version with numbers. The possibilities are endless for all sorts of projects.