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France: Inspiration du Jour by Rae Dunn

I have been so excited to get my hands on this book since I first started hearing/reading about it a few months ago. Yesterday was the release date and happy to report we have a lovely stack of them at the shops. France: Inspiration du Jour by the ever talented Rae Dunn. The tag line is ‘An Artist’s Sketchbook’ which it really looks & feels like, which I quite love. It is what makes this book so special. I have long been a fan of Rae and her work in clay, carrying her original work at the Fine Home shop when we first opened and later her produced works for the last many, many years. Inspired by her time in France, this book is filled with her drawings, notes, thoughts, photos. From her foreword: “I feel particularly connected to France because I share the sensibilities, aesthetics, and quality of life of the French.” I could not agree with her more, feeling very much the same way. For those of you who share in this, her new book will be a happy respite whenever you need a little sojourn without the jet lag.



A Lovely Saturday Thought



Crowns and Numbers

20120606-081834.jpg The crown plates arrived months ago, but I had yet to use them on the table in a fully set display. Yesterday was the day. Designed by Rae Dunn, artist extraordinaire from San Francisco, the plates combine 2 of my favorite icons–crowns & numbers.

20120606-082144.jpg The red numbers would pull the number theme together and give the table that red burst I was going for. The white lilies, adding height and softness. Clear glass to make it all light and airy.


20120606-082345.jpg I used the linen dish towels we just got in a few weeks ago that have a red stripe as placemats, along with the red striped napkins. Then I start adding ephemera with hits of red.