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What a treat! We finally found time to dine at the much acclaimed JuneBaby here in Seattle. It was everything we had hoped it would be. Chef/owner Edouardo Jordan took home the James Beard award for ‘Best New Restaurant in the Country’ and ‘Best Chef in the Pacific Northwest’ this year. Needless to say, snagging a table has become quite a feat. The restaurant does not take reservations, so it can mean quite a wait. But we love a challenge! We thought a week-day arriving early would be the plan. We arrived at 4:30 and were third in line for seating at 5 when they open. We were dining with our niece Haley who is a bread baker at Sea Wolf and gets up at 4 in the morning for her early start time so we thought an early supper would be easiest for her and it clearly helped getting a table easily. Once in, then the fun began. Jordan’s family and Southern roots dictate the menu, and man oh man is it all tasty. We decided to order a bunch of things and share, so we could experience lots of flavors.

Buttermilk biscuits with pure cane syrup. Pimento cheese, pickles and house made saltine crackers. Gumbo. Nashville hot chicken liver, Nancy Lee roll, pickles & coleslaw. Fried green tomato with herbed shrimp salad and romaine lettuce. Chicken fried steak with a lima bean purée, peaches, cucumbers and tomato jam. Catfish with Geechie Boy yellow grits, spinach, pickled corn with a red sauce. Along with a bowl of Southern rice. Yes, we were quite full. But…

The dessert menu just looked crazy good so we shared, pecan toffee bread pudding with cinnamon bourbon anglaise and a piece of hummingbird cake with pecans, coconut, banana & pineapple.

Heaven. All of it. Every good word written about this place and every award received is incredibly deserved. A must if you live in Seattle or are visiting. Tell them the Teds sent you…

A walk around Gas Works Park after the meal to stretch our legs and enjoy the stunning soon ending Summer evening was the cherry on the cake. Actually, make that hummingbird cake!



Provence, 1970

20141017-070826.jpg This book Provence, 1979 has been at the top of my list to read for awhile. I forgot to grab one as I was packing up at the shop the day before we left for New York last week. I wanted so badly to read it on this stay, we purchased it at the charming bookshop in Chatham the other day. It has been such a treat. A bit like taking a Provence trip while being ensconced at Hawthorne. Not a bad duo in the least. Written by the grandnephew of M.F.K. Fisher, it is a look back to a slice in time in the culinary world when a group of food legends (Julia Child, James Beard, M.F.K. Fisher) converged on Provence. It is a bit like being a fly on the wall at a very special time. Change was in the air for the group of them. Many at the top of their game, the book centers on how this visit to Provence at this time in 1970 was pivotal to them all–how it shaped the next moves in their careers and in their lives. Being a lover of many things French, it is so interesting to read how many of these things influenced all of them as well. Like honoring the meal, savoring simple ingredients, and finding beauty in so many things/moments that the French are regaled and known for. I rarely read a book in several sittings, preferring to savor it over time. But this book is an exception. Even though I know how it all ends, I have just not been able to put it down. So good.

Just a reminder, if you are in the Hudson Valley area of Rhinebeck this afternoon, please stop into Paper Trail from 4 to 6 for my book signing. Would love to see you!