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The Simplest Autumn Dessert

This time of year a caramel apple can make the perfect simple Autumn dessert. We picked up this perfect jonboy caramels specimen at a farmers market on Sunday, but by all means if you want to get creative making them, do. I just love the idea of serving each one to a guest or serving slices with coffee after the meal. Gotta say, I felt like a kid again the moment I had my first bite. Amazing how scents & flavors can transport you and bring back such fond memories. Happy Wednesday everyone!



Inspiration in Red

This week is all about getting the shops ‘Holiday’ ready, so I have been drawing much inspiration in all shades of red.  The above display at the Home store was what started it off.  A look over my photo feed over the last few months has lots of red inspiration injected into it, with an appearance of my beloved dahlias, here and there.  And of course tomatoes & apples in tons of variations on the hue.



Ted’s Tip No. 81

With apples so abundant this time of year, fill a bowl or compote to happily enjoy the natural beauty of the apple.



The Beauty of Taft Farms

We arrived to Hawthorne late Thursday eve.  We hopped out of bed on early Friday morning, so excited to take the picturesque autumnal drive from Ghent to Great Barrington in Massachusetts.  Just a tad over a half of an hour, it was the beginning of seeing the colors change, with each valley slightly different, as some are cooler or higher and the leaves progress at difference paces–it is just such a spectacularly stunning time to be in the Hudson Valley.  This is our fourth year in a row to be here at this exact time, it is like watching live natural theater.  Taft Farms was at the top of the list.  Our friend Mimi from Little Ghent Farm pointed us in their direction last year, for which we will be eternally grateful.  The Taft family has a 200 acre farm that produces some of the prettiest pumpkins I have ever seen.  Plus tasty, tasty apples.  Their store is filled with all the above plus food & flowers.  It is a ‘must see’ if you are ever in the area.  I clicked away a few images and then dug into filling up our wheelbarrow full of pumpkins.  



A Brie, Sliced Apple, Fig Jam & Turkey Sandwich

20160419-060329.jpg This began with a good sized piece of Brie left over from having guests last Sunday to dinner. I had read somewhere of Brie with apples on a sandwich so it got my mind thinking in that direction. A hearty sandwich rates pretty high in my book, so next came turkey as I thought it would work well with the two. The Black Mission fig jam by INNA jam would seal the deal and add another flavor element. Jam and cheese go so well together. Off came the rind on the Brie as I was just wanting the creamy texture and then took the skin off the apple and made large thin slices. Lastly, the bread needed to be not overly rustic, so the potato bread from Macrina would be perfect as it has a softness to it. The combination of it all made for a many layered hearty lunch where not much else was needed.



Apples, Apples & More Apples

20151027-082047.jpg We arrived back to Seattle late last eve. I am sure the TSA folks must have gotten a good chuckle when they screened our checked bag. All those little white pumpkins that were on the picnic table outside, a bag of Seckel pears, a bag of acorns picked up by Mister Sive on his walks, and bag of Hawthorne Valley farm store bagels, a loaf of Mimi’s Little Ghent Farm bread along with jam and chutney she made with the Italian plums from our tree, and apples galore from the farmers market on Saturday. The piece of luggage came in just a tad under the 50 pound allotment. Comical when we opened it up, a sort of farm stand homage. Here is a look at some of those incredibly beautiful apples the Hudson Valley is famous for. Like little works of art.









An Apple a Day

20150922-091114.jpg Autumn is almost here! It is a crisp, sunny day in Seattle. Sort of a perfect last day of the season really, as we usher in a change. Very similar to the day I snapped the above apples at the Hudson Farmers Market awhile back. A change of season is a new beginning. A fresh start. Time to begin a new book. Light a fresh candle. Try a new recipe. Call an old friend you have not spoken to in forever. Eat an apple a day. You get the idea. Have fun!



How ‘Bout Them Apples



20150125-091821.jpg A little Sunday beauty for you. Yesterday morning at the Market, a vendor had just the most picturesque bushels of apples. The light was hitting them perfectly, bringing out the amazing variations of color. Nature’s magic.

We fly out early tomorrow to snowy & quite cold New York. Super excited for a Winter respite at Hawthorne.
A restful Sunday to you all,



How Bout Them Apples

I promised apples, and today, apples it shall be. On Saturday the lovely Hudson Farmers Market was just brimming with apples in so many delicious shades & varieties. Each box, crate, and basket a still-life just waiting to be enjoyed visually. It was all I could do to contain myself and not take photos of each and every one. But I did capture a few that I thought you would mightily enjoy–their beauty undeniable. The bounty of the season.






What a Summmaaaa

What a Summer indeed. As it draws to a close, it is so lovely to look back and reflect on all the good this past season brought. It is also a time to look ahead and enjoy all the bounty that the next season has in store for us. The below Hudson River Valley apples just caught my eye as I was looking through images I had shot when I was thinking about what to write before I fell asleep last night. The incredible colors a reminder of all the beauty that is ahead in the coming months.



I am up and out early for a flight to San Francisco. If you are in the area please stop by the new glassybaby shop on Sacramento Street this eve from 5 to 7 for my Style & Simplicity book signing. Would love to see you!