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A Table For Two

Actually make that a table for three, as Bailey slept on a blanket curled up next to me on the bench. But you get the picture. We are grabbing every chance we can to dine outside, savoring every moment of this divine season called Summer. We had a busy week-end of entertaining so it was relaxing having the meal outside be just us, having leftovers. Yep, even leftovers deserve setting a table. The view to the pond cleared up since we acquired the property along with Little Hawthorne. It sits in a wetlands area that we are going to foster naturally, allowing all sorts of divine creatures to thrive. It is a view we have longed for and take every chance we can to enjoy. The crickets, cicadas and an occasional frog the music for the evening. The big galvanized bucket we found a pair of at Brimfield awhile back. Completely forgot we had bought these big pots of geraniums on our last stay, so they were a pleasant surprise to me when we arrived. The pink blooms adding to all that green happiness as the sun set and the flicker of the candles set the relaxing tone as the eve slipped away.



Mega Tealights

These mega tealights have become one of my new favorite things.  They burn for 10 hours so you can light them at the beginning of an evening, party or dinner and know they will be lit for the duration.  The regular sized tealights never making it through a full event. The gold containers also spiffy enough to use as they are. They are fab in glassybaby.  Make great host/hostess gifts too, as always nice to have extra candles at the ready.  Available at Watson Kennedy.  



A Table for Two, or Many

20160531-055105.jpg Our ritual of bringing the dining table outside for the warm months happened yesterday. Out comes a little table we have up in the shed that replaces it inside and the long zinc model becomes al fresco central. I write about this as outside dining is such a lovely thing in my book. We are always looking for ways to enjoy a meal in the sun or as the sun goes down, be it a picnic or full-on, table set meal. Rather than have a table outside part of the year in the rain, we like the idea that it is our ‘everyday’ dining table. Where is this post going, you ask? It really is just a reminder to us all to grab a spot in the breeze and take a few moments, many really, and enjoy the heck out of a meal outside. There are lots of ways to do it, I just thought I would share ours that we enjoy so much. That table for two last eve will be filled with many friends this Summer sharing a meal, creating wonderful memories.

The first batch of notes/letters arrived on Saturday. Major happiness. I sat in my favorite chair by the fire at WestWard last night after dinner and read through them. You have no idea–well, that is silly, I think you probably do–how much I enjoyed reading them. From Arizona, to Kansas, Florida, D.C. and many points in between, what a joy. Loved it! Keep them coming. Thank you SO much!!!



Mix & Match

20160412-043711.jpg Setting a dining table should be fun. And keeping it fun means changing it up from time to time. Mixing & matching patterns from what you have stashed away in the cupboards. Such was the case this Sunday when we were fete-ing our visiting sister-in-law, Marian, who was here from New York. I took my cue from the crazy good creamy white tulips with streaks of green that have been some of my very favorite this season.

20160412-044252.jpg Out came the leafy white plates, as well as the green. I had never used the two together. Now was the time. The flowers pulling it all together. I even set half the settings with green handled silverware and the other half with cream. Assorted green objects like the Italian marble fruits and a John Derian paperweight of a green apple filled in the spots in-between the dancing tulips. The mixing and the matching creating a Spring table that was a different version than times before. Setting a table really needs to capture the interest first of who is setting it, you. If it makes you happy, it most assuredly will make your guests feel that way too.




Just In: Mega Tealights

20151219-041241.jpg Just In, another round of mega tealights. For all of us out there who love rocking a tealight but get frustrated with how quickly they burn out, these are the ticket. They burn for 10 hours! Now you don’t have to pardon yourself from your party to refresh the candles. These also are perfect in glassybaby vessels, which you know by now are near & dear to my heart. Also nice to have around if the power goes off for awhile, as the gold cup housing the tealight is spiffy enough to have a few set about in a pinch.

A lovely Saturday and week-end to you in your neck of the woods. Hope it is filled with all you want it to be…
From Seattle,



A Summery April Day

20150428-061513.jpg My oh my, what a day. We were out on the island and it truly felt like an August day. 75 degrees, sunny, the birds singing away. Wow. We will take it. Last week-end was also pretty stellar so out came the dining table to the deck for the season. Earliest we can ever remember. Last night, we pushed it all the way to the end of the deck where we were bathed in early evening sun as we had our dinner. I set the table in deep blues–the light reflecting off of the cobalt & varying blues. Truly, if you can grab a spot outside to dine in your part of the world, do. Whatever the season, it always makes a meal special.






A Table in Blues

20141008-065642.jpg Varying shades of blue was the theme on our last dinner out on the island. Two of our nieces were visiting so the table was set for 4 on a beautiful eve as the sun started to set. Our niece Caitlin is a professional chef, so we knew we were in for a real treat as she was preparing us dinner.

20141008-070001.jpg As the outdoor dining season is drawing to a close in our neck of the woods, I really wanted this to be a simple table. Leaving the zinc top bare and exposed seemed to pull all the blue together. Lots of votive candles and a lantern would create flicker and light as it is starting to get darker earlier, and I knew we would just sit and chat the eve away after the meal. The blues seeming to change depth of color as the natural light receded into the evening. The sound of the lapping water below being the music for the meal. Even though the calendar says Fall, it felt like a Summer eve under the stars–and what an awesome few months of alfresco dining it has been.




What a Summmaaaa

What a Summer indeed. As it draws to a close, it is so lovely to look back and reflect on all the good this past season brought. It is also a time to look ahead and enjoy all the bounty that the next season has in store for us. The below Hudson River Valley apples just caught my eye as I was looking through images I had shot when I was thinking about what to write before I fell asleep last night. The incredible colors a reminder of all the beauty that is ahead in the coming months.



I am up and out early for a flight to San Francisco. If you are in the area please stop by the new glassybaby shop on Sacramento Street this eve from 5 to 7 for my Style & Simplicity book signing. Would love to see you!



{BOOK SIGNING} San Francisco glassybaby & Bell’occhio

20140917-062239.jpg I am so excited to be hopping on a plane Friday morning and heading to San Francisco for 2 books signings. If you are in the area, I so hope you can come to one of them. If you are not, but know someone in the Bay Area that you think would, please pass on this invitation.

Friday evening September 19th, from 5 to 7, I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity at the new glassybaby on Sacramento Street. Wine will be served and folks will get a chance to see all the beauteous range of glassybaby colors available at the moment. Sets of the ‘Style & Simplicity’ duo will also be available. 10% of the proceeds from the signing will go to The University of San Francisco Medical Center at Mission Bay to help cancer patients.
3665 Sacramento Street

Saturday afternoon the 20th, I will be at the heavenly shop Bell’occhio from 1:30 to 3 signing books. I have been shopping at Bell’occhio for close to 20 years, and the enchanted experience always leaves me beyond happy with a box being sent back to Seattle of glorious finds. Being a shopkeeper myself, I have such respect & admiration for those who do it well. Claudia, the owner has kept her shop inspiring after all these years. I am deeply honored to be signing copies of my book at Bell’occhio.
10 Brady Street

A lovely Wednesday to you all.



A Table in Blue

20140825-051609.jpg Honoring the meal continues, this time wrapped up in blue. Using what you have, is a continual theme in what I write about. In this case, sea shells we have collected on beach walks get incorporated into the table setting. This table for deux I set a few weeks ago on a sunny Sunday just for us. The table was outside on the deck facing Colvos Passage, we watched the boats sail by as we enjoyed our supper. The seashells adding just the right amount of beach-y to the table. Bottom line, if you have it, if that ‘it’ makes you happy, use it. The shells we have found over the years just bring back lovely memories. I am always so happy to use them anyway I can in a setting, big or small.