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To me laughter equals happiness.  My grandmother told me when I was little that she thought it was the best medicine.  My Tuesday thought is to surround yourself with those that make you laugh!  No prescription required.  



Funny Cards

If you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper of late, it can easily turn you blue. Wow.  Laughter has taken on a new level of importance.  A good chuckle or laugh can be the best thing.  I love clever humor.  Many of the cards I found in New York a few months back at the National Stationery Show have arrived.  Saturday I was looking for a little pick me up, and went through the card baskets for a laugh. It felt so good!




20160114-040051.jpg laugh·ter
the action or sound of laughing.
“he roared with laughter”
synonyms: laughing, chuckling, chortling, guffawing, giggling, tittering, twittering, cackling, sniggering; informalhysterics
“the sound of laughter”

Spent part of the eve watching sitcoms laughing ourselves silly. It got me thinking of laughter, and how important it is. How healthy it is. It is so good for the soul. It just feels good. The above photo one of us from a year ago on a laugh filled day. I love laughing–I like doing it and I love watching/hearing others laugh. I guess this post is just a reminder to all of us, for there are certain serious days where we get busy and distracted that we have to remind ourselves to take a moment for a little/much laughter.