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Diptyque Valentine Candles at WK

Just In, two wildly yummy new Diptyque candles created in honor of Valentine’s Day. They arrived at the shop the other day and I can’t stop sniffing them, their floral goodness intoxicating. Plus I quite like the colored containers, which filters the light of the flame, creating a lovely moody environment when lit. It is always a treat when these limited edition candles arrive, as they make extra special gifts.



My Favorite Things Today

Summer is such a busy bustling season for us at the shops.  So many folks in from all parts of the globe, which makes each day incredibly interesting & full. Box after box arrives each day keeping our shelves nice and full.  A quick walk around, I snapped away some of my favorite things of the moment to enjoy on this Sunday.



Diptyque Liquidambar at Watson Kennedy

20151103-081123.jpg A gorgeous Holiday candle by Diptyque, Liquidambar, arrived the other day at the shops. A celebration of nature’s delights, which embraces the redness of this large autumnal tree. Its enveloping liquid amber is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, then cloaked in the scent of muscovado sugar, providing a sweet and warm veil of gourmand accents. Beautifully presented container & box, so it is all set for gift-giving as we enter into the season. Yum.




Valentine Treats Galore

So many new goodies arrived while we were away, it was fun to walk around yesterday and take it all in. I clicked away a few images. Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite days. A day focused on love–between friends, spouses, those you work with. The world could always use a heavy dose of love each and every day. It is just fun that there is a special day that it is regaled. Cheers to love!









Happy Valentine’s Day from Watson Kennedy

20140214-045127.jpg From all of us at Watson Kennedy, a very lovely Valentine’s Day to you all. If you are in the area and are in need of any last minute gifts for a special someone we are here to help. Chocolates, candles, jewelry–we have you covered. And of course, all wrapped up by us for you and ready to give!










A New Favorite Diptyque Candle

20140209-072317.jpg We have been burning a Vetyver Diptyque candle at Hawthorne this week and have so been enjoying the warm scent on these chilly nights. With notes of vetiver, juniper and cedarwood–this trio also makes up their Vetyverio edt that I personally wear each day mixed with the fig. The Vetyver candle is a new scent to our stock at Watson Kennedy. It has found a happy home and a permanent spot on the shop shelves. So darn good.

Our friend Catherine sent me a quote yesterday she thought I would like. Perfectly timed, as I knew I was writing this post about this candle. Not sure who said it, but it is so very true.

“A burning candle is like a quiet presence in the room.”



Holiday Candles at Watson Kennedy

This time of year we carry more candles than ever at the shops. Many of our candle vendors offer Holiday scents that fill your home with balsam fir, sage, newbury holly, paperwhite narcissus, orange, cinnamon and spice. Many of our tried and true scents that we carry throughout the year like the Diptyque feu de bois, Kenneth Turner original, and Votivo red currant work beautifully too, filling your space with Holiday scented goodness. Of course they all make stellar gifts to give, but make sure you pick one up for yourself and light it the minute the sun starts going down for a little extra flicker of light and festive scent in your home.












Candle Container as Vase

20131112-062238.jpg When the world hands you a bunch of empty glass candle containers, make vases out of them. Such was the case yesterday when I was in need of a bunch of short little vases, but did not want to use just normal clear drinking glasses. TPS had cut back all of our scented geraniums out on the island and I had all these beautiful stems and leaves to play with. We also have quite a collection of old Diptyque glasses that we store in the shed. I just like the way they look all massed together. All cleaned out and sparkly. We had yet to use them for anything other than visual pleasure. Now was the time. So many glass candle containers are quite fetching, it seems a shame to just toss them. Use them to hold pencils on your desk, cotton balls in your medicine cabinet, or use as water glasses. I like to think of it as stylish recycling.





The Ritual of Lighting a Candle

20130929-060216.jpg Yesterday was such a rainy day. At one point when I was working the Market shop, I looked outside and thought I had never seen it rain so hard in Seattle. It has been quite a week and I could not wait to get home, light candles, and be enveloped in the warmth of home.

20130929-060544.jpg Lighting candles to me almost becomes a meditation. The striking of the match, bringing that flame to the wick, creating more flame, light and warmth.


20130929-060900.jpg While many would think it a chore (there are quiiiite a few candles to be lit) I find it incredibly relaxing. It clears my head. Candle light feeds my soul. A simple act that brings so much joy.



Surrounding Yourself with What You Love

20130502-065448.jpg The world is filled with quite a bit of stuff. Some good, some quite good, some bad, some quite bad. It is just up to each of us to search out the things that have meaning to us. For this post I am talking about objects, but as I am writing this, I realize you could take out ‘stuff’ and insert quite a few other words, like people, experiences. Bottom line, we should be surrounding ourselves with stuff, people and experiences that bring us joy. Back to stuff. The above and below are of a game board that sits atop an ottoman we use as a coffee table at our home on Vashon Island. It is filled with things that bring us much happiness. The white pottery is something we have collected over the years, and this is a piece of that collection. It is filled with vintage pool balls with my favorite No.11 on them. The Diptyque candle is one of our very favorite scents. The tulips are, and you already know this, one of our very favorite flowers. Also included in this tableau is a gold hook that we bought from the estate of Albert Hadley, that was a gift that was given to clients when a project was completed by his firm he had with Sister Parish, Parish-Hadley. We actually bought 2, and the other one sits on the coffee table in town. I feel such a creative vibe just by having them around. And lastly, a small bowl we bought on a memorable trip to Maine, that has a piece of moss/lichen (not always sure of the difference) that TPS found on a walk with Bailey. It all conjures up this quote that I used to have painted on my showroom wall years ago about only having in your home what you believe to be beautiful and bring you happiness. Again, it really is just all stuff. But by surrounding ourselves with the things we love, it really does bring joy & fond memories of how you acquired the object. All resulting in happiness as your eyes glance over the things through the course of the day and then a lifetime.