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Surprise Balls Are Back!

Happy to report that a big box of surprise balls arrived the other day.  We were without them for awhile and I really missed them.  These really are just joyous little things.  The lovely woman who made them for me had all sorts of cool stuff she added herself + I sent her a bunch of vintage ephemera from the shops, so they are filled with goodness.  Each includes a shiny new penny for good luck too.  Whether a party favor, place setting treat, or just a fun little gift, these surprise balls are equally sweet for any age.  We sell them as much to adults as we do kids.  Happy to create custom versions too, if you are ever in the market for truly one of a kind treats for a festive party or large gathering.
Happy Saturday everyone!



Custom Surprise Balls at WK

20120609-075021.jpg We have been creating more and more custom surprise balls for customers–they really are such a fun gift to have sitting at a place setting or to give as a guest is leaving a party. We can customize each ball by having their initials included inside the ball by using vintage ephemera, which really makes them extra special. For the above order, we had a photo of when the gentleman was a little boy put on the outside, and they were gifts at each place setting for a lovely 45th birthday dinner, that his wife surprised him with. Each surprise ball is filled with a dozen Watson Kennedy goodies, which includes a vintage key. You can customize the inside gifts, as well. All that we ask is that a personalized order be for 20 surprise balls or more, and allow 4 weeks for the custom order to be completed. They really are such a delightful treat for all ages!