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My Favorite Things Today

Today is a big day for small retailers as Shop Small takes center stage in our communities.  I do hope you can get out and about in your town or city to shop & eat small today.  Of course you know I feel this way and I have said it often before, but small businesses add so much variety/creativity/love to the community in which they grace–they are fueled by the passions of individuals and families.  So if shopping is on your agenda today, shop small.  I promise you, it will be greatly appreciated and make you happy, happy, happy.  

Just a reminder, we have our Holiday Open House today at our shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, in the Pike Place Market.  Would love to see you there!  As a little blog reader bonus, if you see me and tell me you follow along on the daily posts, I will have a ‘merci’ treat for you.  Now on to my latest favorite things…



Shop Small 365 Days a Year


20151128-053055.jpg It is that day again. A day when small business takes center stage. I love that it is the focus today, but I also think the emphasis of shopping and eating at small businesses is a practice that should be in our minds throughout the year, not just one day. Of course I believe that–it is such a big reason why I do what I do. And I know so many of you feel the same. Small business is what gives a city or town its flavor. It is that shop with the fabulous owner that greeted you, told you an interesting story of where she found the good you are purchasing, and then graciously wrapped it up, that you still remember to this day almost 10 years later. Or that family restaurant where the kids of the family sat and worked on homework at one of the tables while their parents cooked away making a memorable meal for you. The word authentic is one of those buzz words that is starting to get slightly overused, but it applies here in spades. You are being treated to an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience when you frequent a small business. So I like to think of this day as a reminder to all of us. Shopping or dining for the lowest price is not the only factor in deciding how to spend our bucks. It is the experience, the memory. I know so many of you feel this way too, so I hope this does not come across as preachy. Just a reminder to myself and all of us, on this very cool day of shopping/dining small.





Small Business Saturday

20141129-065946.jpg Small businesses add interest/color/uniqueness/insert whatever fabulous word you think best, to our communities. They just do. Think of standing inside a small bookstore and each of those books surrounding you were hand-selected by the owner with tremendous thought, love & care. Think of that amazingly tasty chicken salad sandwich you just devoured that was lovingly made for you by the owner of the deli on the corner. I know I am preaching to the choir because I know so many of you frequent small businesses. But I really do feel they are the backbone to our communities, as I am sure so many of you feel too. This is a practice to be put into place throughout the year, but today is a special day to embrace the concept and bring it to the forefront. “Shopping Small” is the thought for the day. As you start or continue your Holiday shopping, stop in and see/shop the small businesses in your city, town, neighborhood. You will be happy you did.

From all of us at Watson Kennedy, we thank you for supporting our small business today as well as throughout the year. Our customers rock!

A happy Saturday to you in your part of the world.



Watson Kennedy Holiday Open House Today!

20131130-052436.jpg If you are in Seattle today, please stop in and join us for our Holiday Open House. It will take place at both shops from 10 to 6. We will be serving tangerine mimosas and sparkling cider. Trophy cupcakes will be served. The tables and shelves are brimming with gifts galore. Each shop is just stuffed with just the right gifts to give, or receive.

20131130-052959.jpg And as always, you know we will lovingly wrap your gifts with our signature Watson Kennedy tissue. Sign up for our $250 stylish gift basket raffle at each shop too. It will be a fun, festive day all around. I love that the Holiday Open Houses coincide with Shop Small. I know I am preaching to the choir, but small shops are what give cities and towns their flavor and personality. Frequenting them throughout the year is always a good thing, and it is so lovely that it is the focus of the day. If you are not in the Seattle area today, shop the small local retailers in your area, and be treated to the love & passion & creativity that independent shopkeepers bring to the table.