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A House Into a Home

20130818-054041.jpg I don’t know what it is, but being able to make toast and having a toaster in place brings me great comfort. I guess it also means we like toast quite a bit. Yesterday was a day of unpacking and continuing to turn a house into our home. Bit by bit, this sweet 1920 farmhouse is becoming ours. Both in our hearts and in aesthetic. We are adding pops of green to the kitchen. We really like adding similar elements from our places in Seattle, such as our all-green kitchen in the city. This kitchen will get bits of that. The green McCoy/Floraline collection will extend to here too. As well as small green kitchen accessories like a Kitchen Aid mixer and Le Creuset pots.

20130818-055057.jpg The house got an intense cleaning while we were away, as well as the front sun porch received a spiffy new coat of floor paint. Our caretaker Bill doing an amazing job on meticulously cleaning the more than 300 window panes in that room. The space just shines.

20130818-055339.jpg Scent will always play a big part in any Watson-Sive home. A bowl of Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri placed next to the washer and dryer in the basement to warm up the space.

20130818-055528.jpg We had tons of underbrush cleared, so we now get much more light looking out into the valley and the 400 acre organic farm that is our neighbor. This being a look from the dining room. We have a bunch of fun projects in store for the outside spaces in the coming year.

20130818-055841.jpg We had our first fire last evening. Nothing turns a house into a home quite like a fire. We had dinner on the back porch listening to a symphony of crickets and birds. It was magical.

Now up early this morning to head into the city for the show. So excited for new finds. Back to Hawthorne at the end of the week. A lovely Sunday to you all. From New York, TKW



Santa Maria Novella Armenian Papers

20120613-073749.jpg These fab incense papers from Santa Maria Novella are exactly as they were in the 16th century. I feel like I am lighting a piece of history when I burn one of these, which I love–feeling transported in time. Simply accordion the small piece of paper, light one end, and the frankincense and myrrh scent will fill the air. The Old World scent is really like no other. The papers even release a bit of the scent when unlit. We keep a box on our dresser, and we get a whiff of the scent each time we walk by. I like to include a few sheets when I write a note to a friend, and I also like using the sheets as bookmarks. They also works wonders in the linen closet, tucked in between towels and bedding. The distinctive red box makes it a perfect little host/hostess gift.



Santa Maria Novella Pot-Pourri at WK

20120315-075154.jpg A customer asked me the other day, “What is your new favorite hostess gift?” Without hesitation, I walked her over to the oversized Juliska compote we have using to display the Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri at Watson Kennedy. A bag of this magical mix makes for a great gift that will make any host or hostess quite happy. The pot-pourri is made from a secret formula using a blend of herbs & flowers, all grown without pesticides in the Florentine hills exclusively for Santa Maria Novella. Each batch is collected by hand, soaked in essence in centuries-old earthenware jars which are sealed with wax, then aged for several months, then carefully packaged as it has been for centuries. It has become my go-to gift that I love giving, because I know how much it will be enjoyed.



Santa Maria Novella at Watson Kennedy

20111103-054552.jpg I am thrilled to announce that our first shipment of the extraordinary Santa Maria Novella has arrived!

The centuries old Italian Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world–they create some of the most unique and sought after scented goods in the market. I have long been a fan, and am so excited to now offer it to all of you at Watson Kennedy.

20111103-055539.jpg The potpourri has gained a cult status, and is amazing. This is not your grandmother’s potpourri. Each batch of herbs & flowers is collected by hand and fermented in centuries-old terra cotta jars for several months before it is packaged.

20111103-060148.jpg The eau de colognes are sublime. Each day I walk by the new display, the scents wafting thru the air, I am transported to a slower time and my heart slows a beat.