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A Hanging Flower Basket, Another Way

There it was, looking all pretty and so full of flowers it was just bursting at the seams. Well, make that bursting out of the pot. Only challenge is I was not looking for a hanging basket of blooms, but rather a big pot of flowers for one of the galvanized buckets we found at Brimfield last year. Out came the wire cutters and away went the strands that formed the hook. A pot from the kitchen turned upside down went in the middle of the bucket to give some extra height to the flowers. We were off and running. These should be perfect for all the alfresco meals we will have this stay. 



A Candle, A Clematis, A Salt Cellar

Still new goodies arriving/being put out on the floor each day, which helps tremendously when a section of something sells out. Ahhhh, the retail puzzle. This time of year is when it is most complex as it happens often, and you must act quickly to fill empty spots when they occur. Yesterday was no exception, where candle stock was refreshed, new Livia Cetti paper flowers arrived, and vintage salt cellars we found at Brimfield in September were unearthed. Keeping shop displays looking fresh is an ongoing task, one we relish and enjoy immensely–all part of the mix, all part of the puzzle.



A Bird-y Woods-y Table

Setting a table can often come down to one initial element that you want to use, then you build off of that. In the case of this dining table at the shop, it was to use a large bird scarf we just got in as an overlay like a tablecloth. I liked the sheerness of it, making the dark table underneath stand out a bit. My point with all of this is to get everyone thinking outside the box when setting a table. Pieces of fabric, dishtowels, scarves–all can be employed and called into action to set a fun table. Plus boxes have started to arrive with vintage goods we found at Brimfield a few weeks ago. I just had to get several things worked into this display. I was itching to use them the moment they were unpacked. This is a bird-y, woods-y table filled with mismatched silver, ferns, and beautiful brass candlesticks to pull it all together.




We returned from Brimfield elated at all the amazing vintage goods we acquired for WK, and beat as we walked through miles & miles (literally) of antique stalls. Brimfield is truly awesome, and if you have any hankering for vintage, it is mecca. If you ever get the chance to go, go. It is about an hour and a half from Hawthorne, so we often feel its pull on us if it is happening when we are here. It is a bit like preparing for a race, as you need to be fully rested and on your game, or the enormity of it all with swallow you up. It is in the town of Brimfield in Massachusetts. It overtakes the town 3 times a year, for 5 days at a stretch, in May, July and September. Folks come from around the globe to sell at it as well folks to buy from them. It really is hard to describe just how big it is. Tent after tent in field after field filled with every kind of vintage good you can imagine. From tables overflowing in one booth with all items under $10 to a booth next to it selling things for thousands of dollars. From jars of old marbles to polished Tiffany & Co. silver to long tables that seat 20 to buckets of wooden tennis rackets to exquisite oil paintings and just about everything in between. Truly, awesome. Goods will start arriving soon at the shops as well as on our website and I can’t wait to start playing with it all in displays.

Sending tons of safe vibes & thoughts to all in Florida and the South in the path of the hurricane. We have many family and friends in Florida, many who fled and many who stayed. My heart goes out to you all…



More Brimfield LOVE

20130518-110620.jpg The love continues… I have antiqued and flea marketed much of my life, and nothing compares to the vast amount of stuff you will see at Brimfield. And like I said yesterday, the majority of it is pretty darn good stuff. My arms feel an inch longer from carrying things. It is a tired but exhilarated feeling. It is a day of rest today at Barrett Pond, then into the city early tomorrow for an action packed 5 days. Here is a further look at what caught my eye. I was also shooting things for my book, so it meant shifting from camera to iPhone, but it is a fun mix of ephemera and all the good things like portraits, numbers & letters you know I adore.







Brimfield LOVE

Oh my word, where to even begin. Brimfield is extraordinary. Not only is it a massive antique show/flea market, but so much of it is so good. I mean really good. Often times at flea markets, you are surrounded by quite a bit of bad to mediocre ‘stuff’ while Brimfield offers so much good. It is a visual feast for the eyes. We have found so many treasures that will make their way back to the shops & website. I am doing my darndest to remember to click images. Here are a few things and vignettes that caught my eye. More tomorrow too…









20130516-073107.jpg We are up early for the 2 hour drive from Hillsdale to Brimfield this morning. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Brimfield happens 3 times a year, and is one of the largest antique/flea markets. I have heard stories about how immense it all is. We are ready for the adventure. As well as finding tons of vintage treasures for Watson Kennedy!

I am loving this new app called, Beautiful Mess. It allows you to add words and a few select icons to photos. Fun to play around with to add a little added flair to images.

Happy Thursday!