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Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum at WK

Just In, a new scent from London based Molton Brown, Geranium Nefertum. Available in both bath & shower gel along with body lotion, it is a summery duo that will be enjoyed year round. You know I am crazy for anything with geranium in it–this fits the bill through and through. I put a few healthy dollops in the bathtub before I take my shower in the morning. The whole bathroom a symphony of geranium goodness when I get ready to step in. The exquisite packaging makes for a lovely gift too.



My Favorite Things Today

On this first day of September, Saturday, all sorts of goodies have been coming in that caught my eye as My Favorite Things Today.



Molton Brown Eau De Toilette at WK

Just In, to both shops and soon our website, four unisex eau de toilettes from Molton Brown of England. Well-known for their sophisticated blending of scents, each of these four are sure to please, whether for a gift or for yourself. 



Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Molton Brown at WK

20160416-080213.jpg Just In Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise bath and shower gel from Molton Brown of England arrived yesterday. Perfect timing for Spring gift giving, like Mother’s Day or just a yummy gift to give yourself. Either in a bath or on a washcloth in the shower, Molton Brown gels are regarded as some of the very best. A perfect refreshing start to your day.

Happy Saturday all!
From sunny (which is making me quite happy) Seattle,



A Classic: Molton Brown Naran Ji

20121025-072153.jpg Molton Brown from London is one of those companies that has gained cult status. The best-selling scent, Naran Ji, falls into the ‘classic’ category for many fans around the globe.

20121025-072703.jpg Molton Brown is a line we have carried at Watson Kennedy almost since we opened the First & Spring location 10+ years ago. I had been a big fan, and was buying it at Heathrow upon returning from London excursions. The Naran Ji scent being used by British Airways was always a reminder that I needed to stock up.

20121025-073214.jpg I am not the biggest fan of gift sets, as I think our customers prefer to mix & match goods to create a more one-of-a-kind gift. But I just could not pass up this set as it was so good! Beautifully boxed, with a liquid hand soap, hand lotion, and a mini travel candle–all in the classic (neroli, grapefruit extract, and orange oil scented) Naran Ji.



A New Molton Brown Favorite

We started selling a new Molton Brown scent awhile back, and it has become a crowd favorite. Amber Cocoon, with the warming qualities & notes of amber, is a scent I just can’t get enough of heading into the cooler Autumn months. We have it in both the liquid hand soap, as well as hand lotion, so it makes a nice duo by the bathroom or kitchen sink.