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Domaine Daulny 2016 Sancerre

Wine Wednesday is recommended to us by Micheal Teer at Pike & Western Wine. Every so often at the end of my work week, which typically finishes up at my Market shop, I will enjoy a glass of wine with some of my 86 Pine framily–Peg, Camilla & Emily. This was a ‘you fly, I buy’ bottle Cam picked up for us at the end of a busy day, knowing I love crisp white wine. A glass was perfect then, without food, and I enjoyed a glass last evening with dinner. Around 20 bucks it is pretty darn perfect and has quite a bit going on.

From my Google searching, as you all know I prefer to leave the ‘wine speak’ to the experts: The classique cuvée from Etienne Daulny is made with grapes coming from his fifty or so parcels around Verdigny including some in Perriers, Mont Damnés and Chaudenay. Aged purely in stainless-steel tanks, this is bright and pure–just the way we like our sauvignon blanc, with grassy notes, citrus fruits, and hints of blackcurrant bud. Those who favor nervy, taut Sauvignon Blanc will love this tangy version. The palate is crisp and fresh with beautiful minerality.



Waterbrook Sauvignon Blanc

20160511-075356.jpg Wine Wednesday is a wine from Washington State. A really tasty Sauvignon Blanc from Waterbrook in Walla Walla. We love little reminders of the West when we are here, and we like reminders of New York when we are in Seattle. I was asked by the kind folks at Waterbrook if I would supply them with some Summer entertaining tips for hang tags for their bottles. Ted’s Tips of a sort, which I was honored to do. They sent a case to Hawthorne as a ‘merci’ as they know we host lots of guests while we are here. Such a very kind gesture as we will put those bottles to very good use these 2 weeks. We had it with the asparagus & Gruyere tart I wrote about yesterday, along with the halibut and corn on the cob. It was perfect with it. Sauvignon Blanc is my white go-to with most foods. You don’t want the wine to overshadow the food, and vice versa. I want it all to be complimentary to one another and for them to bring out the very best in one another. This Waterbrook did just that. I also enjoyed a glass before dinner while reading and thoroughly enjoyed it without food. Another of my tests–we are always on the hunt for wines that are equally enjoyed with or without food. This passed with flying colors. Perfect as we head into the warm months of grilling and picnics and outside entertaining.



Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc

20151223-042004.jpg As we head into the Holiday stretch, entertaining a crowd might be on your list. We are always looking for what I like to call ‘party’ wine. This is something I learned early on from a friend who was one of the best and most prolific entertainers we have ever known, Peter Donnelly. While Peter is no longer with us, the things we learned from him about being a gracious host have and always will stay with us. He would find a well-priced wine and that would become the ‘party’ wine of the season. This Wine Wednesday post is a nod to a truly tasty Sauvignon Blanc from Joel Gott. Quite lovely with food and equally fab solo while standing having a conversation with someone at a gathering.

From the maker:
The 2014 California Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of pineapple, ripe stone fruit and citrus. The wine fills the palate with bright fruit flavors and a round fullness, finishing with crisp, refreshing acidity.

Throughout California, the 2014 growing season produced one of the best vintages to date. A dry winter followed by light spring rains and a warm, temperate summer caused fruit to mature slightly faster than normal resulting in optimal ripeness with a good balance of sugar and acidity in time for harvest. The warmer tropical aromatics are characteristic of our favorite vineyard in Monterey, while Napa Valley vineyards offer stone fruit flavors, and fruit from Lake County brings citrus qualities to our Sauvignon Blanc blend. Combining fruit from throughout the state creates a balanced, food-friendly wine.



Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

20150805-072659.jpg As promised during this warm August I thought I would keep the Wine Wednesday posts flowing. Thought my bent would be all rosé, but this Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc has been a winner and thought I would share. Yes, the label initially caught my eye. Come on, it is really good. For a font fan, how could this not? But then you drink it, and the label becomes secondary. For the price, this is a really lovely Summer wine. We are lime and citrus, peach and melon fans, so it is no wonder we are enjoying this.

Tasting notes from the vintner:
Bright aromas of lime and citrus are the core of our Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, with layers of white flower nectar, peach, and tropical melon. The palate of the wine is fresh and alive with clean fruit flavors and a perfectly balanced finish.



Matthews Blackboard Sauvignon Blanc

20140402-070323.jpg As we head into nicer weather, I look for nice crisp white wines to have with week-night dinners, when guests come over, or when we are just relaxing on the deck on Vashon. This Matthews Sauvignon Blanc fits the bill in spades. From the maker’s site, “The nose is lively with lime, melon, green apple and hints of quince and a racy background of grapefruit and herbs. The palate is bright, steely and crisp, driven by bracing acidity and a lacing of minerality. The wine finishes with subtle hints of quinine and grapefruit.” There are so many fabulously descriptive words in all of that, I almost feel I could eat some of those sentences. Lime, melon, green apple and quince–oh my. If you see this bottle on your wine shop or grocer shelves, I give it both thumbs up.

A lovely Wednesday to you all,



La Petite Perrière Sauvignon Blanc

20131023-080930.jpg La Petite Perrière Sauvignon Blanc is the ‘Wine Wednesday’ choice, as it pairs so nicely with a variety of foods. It is also lovely just having it by the glass, without food. Something I always look for in choosing a wine for home. It also comes in at under $15, which is always nice. “The smell explodes with the aromas of ripe yellow (peach and apricot) and exotic fruits. Clean and refreshing with a good length the taste is a whirlwind of freshness, complexity, fineness and ends with notes of ripe melon.” This was a description I read from a wine distributor. Anything thing that has the words ‘whirlwind’ and ‘fineness’ rates high in my book. We had it last evening with that simple chicken dish I wrote about recently (the one with lemon, garlic, white wine) and I used this wine to cook the chicken in, and we also had a glass with the meal. It was perfect all around.



le jaja de jau Sauvignon Blanc

20130911-055214.jpg The label got me. It just did. I am standing there in the aisle of the QFC and my eye was just drawn to it. I was looking for a new white table wine to have with simple meals. I think I found it. From Château de Jau, this is just a nice inexpensive bottle to have in the fridge when you are having an easy pasta or making up a quick fish dish on a week night. The word ‘jaja’ is slang in the region in France where this yummy stuff is produced, for ‘everyday wine’ and is the house selection in local bistros. 100% Sauvignon Blanc, it has that zesty punch I really like in this variety. Holds up great with food and is lovely solo too. And that bottle. It will just look graphically stylish sitting in your fridge when you are not calling it into action.