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Pollard Coffee ‘Watson Kennedy Special Blend’

To say I am over the moon to introduce you to our ‘WK Special Blend’ Pollard Coffee would be a slight understatement.  For this is quite possibly the finest coffee I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy, so the fact that we now have it to share with everyone and sell at the shop and online–well it just makes me incredibly happy.  

Let me start from the beginning.  Friends who had come to dinner at WestWard awhile back mentioned the coffee to us.  We had actually had a bag open that we were currently enjoying so we were aware of Pollard, but an introduction from our friends to the owner Robin shortly thereafter got the wheels in motion.  Within the week, we were standing among the beans as she showed us around her property as well as where she roasts these exquisite beans.  Her husband is the creator of Andrew Will Winery, so part of the tour was their lovely home and winery. Oh, I failed to mention, Robin lives and roasts her coffee on Vashon Island.  How perfect is that!

I have long wanted to offer coffee for sale at WK, but seriously, Seattle is such a coffee city that I felt I needed to have a connection to it to really make it all work. So the fact that Robin personally roasts the beans in small batches on Vashon was just the connection I was waiting for.  Serendipity, if you will.  She comes from a wine background, so her palate is spot on.  She blends with an artists touch, creating coffee that is truly exceptional.  Sourcing her beans from around the globe, our blend she roasted up for us using a mixture from Columbia & Costa Rica.  We did several rounds of tastings to get to this blend, and I have to say, it is sublime.

We are honored to now be offering it at Watson Kennedy.  We will be pouring complimentary cups over the next few days at our First & Spring shop, so stop in if you are in the neighborhood.  



The Ideal Pour-Over Coffee Maker, Now at Watson Kennedy

20150923-020813.jpg I have been searching for the perfect ‘pour over’ coffee maker. One that marries function with stylish presentation so it looks cool on the dining table. Happy to say, I finally found it and we are now stocking them at Watson Kennedy. The pour-over method (where you pour hot water right over the ground coffee and it drips right into the server) has been my preferred way of making coffee for many years, but I have never really loved what the options have been. This is a great size, the silver filter is part of it, but the best part is the inlaid wood handle. This thing is spiffy. It actually looks like it was meant to be on the morning breakfast table. Where form and function meet and good stuff happens.




Stumptown Coffee Love

20140115-072031.jpg Excellence in a consumable good is always a delight. So often the difference in money between something that is good/ok and great can be very little. I am always on the hunt for that great option. That brings us to Stumptown coffee. For not really much more than run of the mill coffee, you can be drinking exceptional coffee.

20140115-072646.jpg In 1999, Duane Sorenson opened his first Stumptown in Portland, Oregon. He wanted to frequent a place where quality reigned, where beans were meticulously sourced, intentionally roasted and carefully brewed to bring out the life and unique flavor profile of each coffee. He and the coffee received great acclaim right out of the gate, and he branched out to Seattle, New York and Los Angeles. Not only is the coffee exceptional, but the spaces are always incredibly unique and highly visual. I wrote about the cold-pressed coffee they make awhile back, which I also really quite like. But if you ever get the chance to have a latte or cup of plain black made with Stumptown, grab it. You will be very happy you did.




Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

20131009-050459.jpg Good coffee really is worth the extra pennies. Stumptown, from Portland, has always been at the top of our list for one of our very favorites. I drink an iced coffee every morning, whether the temp is 8 degrees or 98. Always have. I was delighted to come across these nifty bottles that Stumptown is now creating with their cold brew. Also known as ‘cold press’ or ‘toddy coffee’ it is brewed without heat over a long duration. The freshly roasted coffee is steeped for 12 hours with room temperature water, using a double filtration process. It produces a full-bodied brew that is complex with a tad of sweetness. Plus I am crazy for the design of that little bottle. Easy for transport and handy to have a few extra bottles around at the ready in the fridge.