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Aero: Beginning to Now, by Thomas O’Brien

20131025-064453.jpg I have really been looking forward to getting this book. Copies arrived at the shops when we were away. I had the good fortune of meeting Thomas O’Brien 20 years ago when he first opened his now legendary retail/design shop, Aero, in New York. I was still teaching tennis but knew my wholesale showroom was soon to be. I had read about him a bit in design publications. He could not have been nicer or more encouraging about me heading into the design arena. It has been a huge pleasure to watch his successes over the years. Not only has his shop flourished, but he has become one of the more recognizable designers in the field. Both in interiors as well as product design. His new book is a look back over the past 20 years and how his shop and homes have evolved. Beautifully photographed, it is stylish look into the journey of being a merchant and shopkeeper. Filled with page after page of ideas to incorporate into your own home.



American Modern

The book, American Modern, has become a new favorite to peruse when I have a few spare moments at home. Thomas O’Brien beautifully showcases his work in this book. What I most liked are his apartment in Manhattan, and his house in Bellport, on Long Island. They have both been published many times, but here, you really get to see page after page of detail, which I love. He is also quite thorough in his descriptions on how, when and why he bought the things he did, and placed them where he did in the space. I met Thomas ages ago when he was first opening Aero Studios. It has been fun to watch him turn into a world class design talent. His eye and his work really are spectacular.

A very happy Labor Day!