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can·dle·lightˈ kandlˌlīt/ noun

dim light provided by a candle or candles. “we dined by candlelight”

No matter how you define it, the flicker of candlelight, such a glorious thing. Year round really, but this time of year especially, candles being lit flickering about adds an instant warmth & intimacy to a room/table. 

Be it a smattering of votive candles, tapers or a scented variety in a glass container, they instantly add a specialness to the every day.



The Ritual of Lighting a Candle

20130929-060216.jpg Yesterday was such a rainy day. At one point when I was working the Market shop, I looked outside and thought I had never seen it rain so hard in Seattle. It has been quite a week and I could not wait to get home, light candles, and be enveloped in the warmth of home.

20130929-060544.jpg Lighting candles to me almost becomes a meditation. The striking of the match, bringing that flame to the wick, creating more flame, light and warmth.


20130929-060900.jpg While many would think it a chore (there are quiiiite a few candles to be lit) I find it incredibly relaxing. It clears my head. Candle light feeds my soul. A simple act that brings so much joy.