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Happy Hyacinth

This Flower Friday is a look back on a dreamy bundle of hyacinth blooms. We are in the beginning of the process of working on our new website so I have been looking at images I have saved. This one, from FLOWER magazine is a favorite of mine. The season may be short, but they pack a serious punch, and they are always happy! Have a grand week-end everyone.



Stacks of Magazines

I love staying in a guest room that has a stack of magazines waiting to be flipped through or landing on an article I can’t wait to read before I fall asleep. It is a creative design element that enhances really just about any room, but especially a guest room. We sell a variety of magazines at Watson Kennedy, some of my favorites like the Paris Review and Flower. To make it easier to accomplish a spiffy stack of mags, awhile back we started selling all of our back issues at half off. It is fun seeing customers sort through the stacks finding the issues that resonate with them, finding an assortment.



A Trio of Reads

Always fun to have a magazine or two along with a good book tucked into your bag for a little Summer reading.  Whether it be the beach, the bus, or your backyard.  We have you covered with a variety of titles not always easily found.  From short stories, to pretty gardens, to a new recipe to try with friends.



The Latest Flower Magazine Has Arrived

20160627-072503.jpg I was honored when asked to write one of the articles for the current flower magazine. My love of Instagram was showing, as I interviewed 3 of the top flower photographers in the business, Miguel Flores-Vianna, Stacy Bass and Ngoc Minh Ngo. They shared their tips for setting up & shooting images from smart phones. It is something so many of us do daily from our mobile devices, so getting some pointers is always a good thing. The trio could not have been more delightful and gracious all along the way. Copies arrived at both shops and you can also check it out via the flower website.



Flower Friday

20160422-054142.jpg Flower Friday a new post idea. Not sure why it has taken me close to 5 years to think of this. Insert very large smile. Silly me. So look for my favorite blooms coming your way each Friday. These intensely yellow tulips echoing the incredibly beautiful sunshine we have had a bunch of the last few days. Yellow equals happiness in this case.



Spring Flower Magazine at Watson Kennedy

20160219-102126.jpg Stacks of the Spring flower magazine arrived this week. A little ahead of the game, as most magazines tend to do, but you get a little early daydreaming of all the blooms that are coming our way in the coming months. Heaven! Also perfectly timed with the Northwest Flower & Garden Show at the Convention Center in Seattle going on now through the week-end. If you have never been, you must. A visual delight for all the senses. Aisle after aisle of inspiration.
Happy Friday all!



October Flower, Autumn in Bloom

20151004-080812.jpg A stack of my new favorite magazine flower has arrived at the shops. Filled with page after page of Autumnal goodness. Flower lover-centric, the issue is packed with ideas on how to incorporate flowers big and small into our day and into our lives. With a heavy nod to the colorful season upon us.

A lovely Sunday everyone…



Happy July 4th + flower winners

20150704-090540.jpg A happy 4th of July to you all! I hope your day and eve is grand.

Fingers crossed that our computer challenges are behind us… I was able to access all the incredible flower responses I received for the one year subscription to flower magazine. The winners are:
Jane Wilson, Jill from Washington, Kathy from Boston, Elizabeth Whitfield, and Mary Ann from Florida. Congrats!

Thank you all, who sent in your favorite flower submissions. What a joy to read them all and to hear your stories and how much flowers mean to you too.
Sending much, much love,




WestWard in Flower Magazine + A Year Subscription Give-Away

20150626-063842.jpg Very excited to report that our beloved WestWard is featured in the current issue of flower magazine. Our dining table that we bring out on the deck for the season made the cover, which tickled me to no end. The hydrangea a gift from our friend Peg from her yard. Shot last Summer by the incredibly talented Australian photographer Claire Takacs, she captured the relaxed easy spirit of our week-end home. It was an incredibly beautiful sunny & hot Summer day, with Bailey in heaven with all the activity of a photo shoot. Issues arrived yesterday at both shops, with both stacks almost depleted within the day. More are on the way. Click here for a little taste of the article. Flower magazine has become one of my new favorite publications. It fuels my love of flowers in many forms. We will be carrying the magazine now at Watson Kennedy, beyond this issue. I think it has found a happy home.

To spread the flower love, I would like to give-away 5 subscriptions to the magazine for a year. Leave a comment with your favorite flower, and a description of why you love it. Lengthy or not. Short and sweet is fine too. Next Friday I will choose the 5. Get creative. I love the idea of reading about your favorite blooms.




TKW Hyacinth Quote in Flower Magazine

20150313-074300.jpg I was extremely honored to be asked to give a quote about my beloved hyacinth for the latest issue of flower magazine. They shot the most gorgeous hyacinth in a clear container so you can see the beautiful stems, just as I had hoped and asked that they would. The arrangement is stunning. The magazine has become a new favorite, highlighting flowers and the people that love them. A magazine devoted to flowers, yes, that is a pretty swell thing. flower, check it out!

May your Friday be filled with all good things, and if that includes flowers, even better…