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Home. The importance of it runs so deep in my bones I have made it part of my profession. The loss of one’s home and all of your belongings is on some level almost too much to comprehend, but for many it becomes a reality. This is one of my views from my favorite chair out at WestWard. I sat and pondered yesterday about what could be done for our friend Tami, who lost her home in Paradise filled with objects from a lifetime of collecting beautiful things. I have been in contact with her via text and she and her family are safe & sound. A reality she is so grateful for and is clinging to as she knows not all families have been as fortunate. I can’t begin to imagine the range of emotions for so many people who have been effected by the California fires. On this week of thanks, we must all take a moment to give thanks for our safety and the comforts of our home.

Tami is one of those friends who sends gifts out of the blue, for no reason. You open up the parcel and it contains some magical vintage piece you never knew you could live without. We have so many little treasures dotting our daily lives that make me think of her. To think of all her small treasures she has collected over her lifetime just gone, it breaks my heart as I know how much meaning many of those things had to her. So this is my idea I would like to share with you. If it works to help out, fabulous, and absolutely no sweat, if not.

I know many of my readers are like Tami and me, collecting ‘things’ with meaning is a way of life. Let’s share an object from our collections with her. It will be a way for her to rebuild her home and possessions, filled with love. Be it a silver knife to use when serving cheese, to a candlestick to light the way, or a beautiful bowl to serve nuts in. Something vintage that holds meaning to you that you think she would like. Ideally something on the smaller side, as I will package many things up at once and send various parcels over time. Please write a note with your thoughts on the object so she remembers it is from you. Even though she does not know you, she will remember the incredibly kind gesture. Include your name on the note too. Send to me in Seattle and I will package up things from you all and get them to her once she figures out where she will be living. Her new home will start out with things filled with love from folks around the globe. What an awesome thought. XO, Ted

Please send to her attention at the Home store and I will gather up things and send them on. Watson Kennedy Fine Home c/o Tami 1022 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98104



The Gift of Hydrangea

Ahhhhhhh, the gift of hydrangea. What an amazing treat they are, brightening up any room. This Flower Friday showcases 2 gorgeous bunches that were gifts to us. The above brought in yesterday to the shop from Erika and the below (saddled up next to my dad’s pipe) from Peg last Saturday. Hydrangea have a lovely long lasting life, so these will be enjoyed immensely for quite some time. If you have flowers in your yard or garden, never underestimate the power they have for being truly special gifts.



Ted’s Tip No. 143

Offering to bring dessert when a friend is hosting a large dinner or gathering helps take one extra task off their plate. Be it homemade, bakery or grocery store bought, the gesture ends the event on a sweet note.



One on One

Spending one on one time with a friend can be incredibly special. Spending that time sharing a meal deepens the experience even further. Whether that be in your home or a favorite restaurant, breaking bread with those you love and hold near & dear is truly a gift. In this past week I got to catch up with friends new and old in Seattle and San Francisco, spending quality one on one time with them. Be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner, just getting alone time to spend catching up or getting to know one another better, laughing, sharing stories, and laughing some more is so good for the soul.



The Gift of Hydrangea 

Flower Friday is about the gift of flowers. I have written about this before, and I for sure will many more times too. If your garden is plentiful, giving some of that bounty away to friends who are gardenless will be HUGELY appreciated. Our friend Peg grows a variety of hydrangea and keeps us well-stocked throughout the season and every time she brings me a new bundle I am happy beyond measure. The gift of flowers you grow yourself is like giving a part of yourself. Much like giving food you have cooked, which is I think is a majorly winning gift, as well. You will be thought of each time the recipient glances at the flowers, and in the case of hydrangea, that can be quite awhile, as they often dry beautifully once they are beyond their peak.




However you define it, hold tight the ones you love, for it adds so much joy & meaning to our life. And laughter!




To me laughter equals happiness.  My grandmother told me when I was little that she thought it was the best medicine.  My Tuesday thought is to surround yourself with those that make you laugh!  No prescription required.  



The Gift of Greens

My friend Margo and her son came to WestWard on Sunday for a visit.  She brought a huge bag of greens from the garden.  What a truly awesome gift!  Sharing the bounty of Summer is such a gracious act.  It was all whipped up into a big salad the next eve.  The giving of what we have is so personal, and always makes a very special gift.



Cooking with Kids

20160628-053824.jpg Encouraging youngsters to enjoy cooking has always been big in our household. Our nieces over the years have cooked up some pretty amazing meals with and for us, and it has been so fun to watch them get better and better at it as the years progressed. They are now grown and are all impressive cooks, with one of them a well-regarded chef in New York (I know, I am a very proud Uncle), the below photo taken last Summer with paella on the menu. When our 8 year old godson Magnus recently said to TPS that he wanted to cook a meal with him, they started planning the menu on the spot. This Sunday was the day.
Steamed clams with pesto bruschetta
Grilled shrimp
Orzo pasta with grilled cauliflower & broccoli + tomatoes
Grilled portobellos with parmesan
Flourless chocolate cake with raspberries
Blueberry & peach crisp
It was cool to watch him in the kitchen cutting, mixing and cooking away. I think when I was that age I was making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The rest of us chatted the afternoon away out on the deck in the sun as they cooked away and then were treated to all the above. What a special meal, what a special day.




The Gift of a Dogwood Branch

20160427-044722.jpg This post is about giving of what we have. It also about this divine Dogwood branch that was a gift to me yesterday by our friends Peg & Brian. The branch broke off in their yard, and they thought of me. So incredibly sweet I get teary just typing this. They knew how much I would appreciate the beauty. They know me well. Sometimes the best gifts come at unexpected times, out of the blue. Often these can be some of the very best gifts. A sign of friendship & love. It could be a book just read passed on to someone you know would enjoy it. Or a beloved sweater outgrown that you know a friend would adore. Or a loaf of just baked banana bread given unexpectedly for no reason. Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, at all times. It means you are giving a part of yourself–truly the best gift you can give.