A Big Bundle of Hydrangea

August 11, 2023

A big bundle of dreamy blue hydrangea were dropped off at our apartment last night by our dear friend Patrick. He and his husband Steven had us over for supper recently and the yard was brimming with stellar hydrangea from all the lovely, sunny weather we have been having. He said, “ Grab a scissor and go cut some to take home!” The evening got away from us as we always have fun reliving some of the fabulous times we all have had together in our close to 35 year friendship. I completely spaced on cutting some of the hydrangea before we headed home. Fast forward to last night, Patrick was busy gardening this week and cut us a big bunch of the beauties. They will make us quite happy in the kitchen as we cook away in town—these just had to be the Flower Friday blooms of the week. Everyone have a lovely August weekend and stay cool! X, T