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Heavenly Hotel Silver

February 2, 2023

Our vintage English hotel silver collection at Watson Kennedy grows and grows. We got so busy the last quarter of last year that a bunch of silvery goodness did not get photographed and added to our website. This is the week for it to happen! The pieces will be up on our site in the coming days. Utilitarian, gorgeous and meant to be enjoyed on a daily basis. Just last eve we hosted a supper and had many bowls filled with tasty treats for our guests from our personal collection. It all looks so spiffy when called to duty. They elevate even the simplest things like a bowl of cashews. All has been re-silvered in England before it makes its way to us, finding a home on the WK shelves, ultimately making its way to its new home. If anything catches your eye immediately, DM or send me an e-mail.

The Classics by Mindy Carpenter

February 1, 2023

Ahhhhhh, original art. Love everything about it. In a world of mass produced things, holding something in your hands like no other has a uniquely special quality to it. During the early months of Covid in 2020 I came up with the idea of The Classics which my friend the artist Mindy Carpenter brilliantly brought to life. Individual original paintings of objects that have stood the test of time that you pretty much recognize instantly. A classic! She paints the sides of the canvases, so you can hang the piece without framing it. Of course, you can frame it too, if you so desire. I also think they are cool propped up in a bookcase or laid flat on a coffee table. One or many, they give a big hit of visual interest to any space they grace.

Ted’s Tip No. 423

January 30, 2023

Take yourself out to breakfast. Enjoy your own company. Sit facing outward and watching the other guests dining and the theater of it all. Read your favorite part of the newspaper. Order your favorite thing on the menu. Don’t be rushed. Savor each bite and each moment of the experience.

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

January 28, 2023

Back from New York and hit the ground running. The windows were in need of a Valentine refresh. I pulled up in front of the First & Spring shop early Thursday morning to Heather turning the green painted walls pink. Then an idea that has been germinating in my head for awhile struck. Let’s have the windows be a field of flowers. Within moments, I was calling our friend Jeanne McKay Hartmann to see if the idea intrigued her. It did! 24 hours later she was doing her magic painting the day away up in the windows. People were stopping all day snapping photos and taking videos. I did not want to hinder Jeanne’s creative process so I did not mention I had envisioned roses. The second she started painting I was outside looking in clapping and smiling from ear to ear. Kismet. It is what I love most living a life filled with creative & thoughtful friendships. Making dreams realities. It was the perfect start to a new year filled with possibilities, and for the moment, where everything is coming up roses.


January 27, 2023

Fun to arrive to Seattle late in the eve on Wednesday night and turned on the kitchen lights to be greeted by this. The big vintage glass jar I filled right before Christmas just about to burst open and fill the apartment with the sweet scent of paperwhites. These were the tiniest bulbs we have ever seen, so I filled it up with the whole bag that was delivered. The stems much thinner than normal, which I quite like as the jar is chock-a-block full of them. Thought these just had to be our Flower Friday blooms of the week. Everyone have a fab last week-end in January! XX, T

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