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Candlelight and a Broken Walnut

December 6, 2023

This is really a two-part post. One, about a cozy rainy night in with lots of candles lit and the case of the broken walnut. TPS was away on business and it has been raining buckets the last few days in Seattle. Yesterday was a day off for me from the shops holiday marathon, so I lit lots of candles around the apartment and let the beating down rain be my music. A quiet, puttering day in with a nap or two can be one of my very favorite. Now, let’s get to that walnut half sitting atop the platter on the black tray. I am constantly moving things around when at the shops. It is part of being a good shopkeeper and it brings me tons of joy. Every once in awhile something will break in the process. Not often, luckily, but when it does my heart sinks. Even more so when it is a really lovely object. We carry these beautiful ceramics from Portugal and they make a walnut box. Often I would look at one and think of taking it home, but that never happened. Until the other day. Insert large smile and laugh! When I lifted the walnut to move it from one display to the next, the bottom piece dropped from my hand and I was left holding the top. I set it on the counter and walked away so mad at myself for not being more careful. Awhile later, I walked by the walnut top, less angry as you just have to let that stuff go, and thought, I am going to take that home. Instantly my spirits were lifted, and the moment I got home, the piece came out of my bag and right onto that platter. It has found its home. In many ways, I like it even better this way…

Ted’s Tip No. 461

December 4, 2023

A simple orchid in a bathroom can help make the room feel alive. The orchids love the steamy climate of the room. The inhabitants of the space will love the hit of color and greenery of a room often void of flowers.


December 1, 2023

Flower Friday all about these waxed amaryllis bulbs that have become so popular these last few years. We have enjoyed them the last two Christmas seasons, and this year I found a gold dipped one to grace the dining table. At each supper we marvel at the beauty and how much it grows each day, excited to see the first bloom. This one has many weeks to go. Encasing the bulb in the wax must somehow lock in enough moisture that the amaryllis bulb gets enough of what it needs to create its magic. Happy first day of December everyone!

Bon Bon Soaps

November 30, 2023

Just In, Bon Bon soaps. Rarely do I buy something that is scented from a photo. But I was completely taken with the packaging on these soaps so I took the leap. I was in no way disappointed. They are even cooler in person and the scents are spectacular. What a fun and clever way to present something as utilitarian as a bar of soap.