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Still Going Strong

October 23, 2020

We had a bundle of these beauties on the other end of the dining table that faded away much quicker, but this divine solo bloom just won’t quit. Absolutely fine by me. It went right to the head of the class in its quiet beauty on this Flower Friday. The dahlia season is wonderfully long in the Seattle area. They started showing up at the flower stalls in the Market in early July. Have been savoring them ever since. This one a tad frayed around the edges but still going strong. My role model for these times. Cheers to a lovely week-end to you all. X, T

The Classics, Continued.

October 22, 2020

Arriving later today, a big box of works by artist Mindy Carpenter. The Classics, continued! In some ways, we are just getting started. So many iconic images to be captured and she does them all so beautifully. These will be on our website in the coming days but if one speaks to you right out the gate, let me know. They go fast. It has been so fun watching folks put together collections of these. But one certainly does the trick too.

Pay It Forward

October 21, 2020

The below something I wrote the other day on Instagram. I know many of you follow along on that platform, so apologies for being redundant, but for you who do not, the thoughts are where my/our heart and head have been lately. X, T

Agraria Bitter Orange

October 20, 2020

There are so many fun aspects to having been around a long while, with one of them being certain goods attain Classic status for the duration they have graced our shop shelves. The ‘Bitter Orange’ scent by Agraria would absolutely be one such grouping. The scent unmistakable, which has spawned many imitators over the years, but none ever coming close. Two gentlemen started a little shop in San Francisco in 1970, and the scent was born. I sadly never got to see the space but I have heard wonderful stories over the years from folks who had. The other day I redid the display as a snazzy repackaging arrived. My homage to them and to the fragrance is it has always lived in the middle of the Market shop at 86 Pine Street. Our longtime customers of it know right where to head when looking for the scent. When my eye lands there, it brings me great joy knowing how much happiness it has brought to so many over the years.

Ted’s Tip No. 274

October 19, 2020

Often, the leaves can be just as striking as the blooms. Try an arrangement made completely of leaves for a hit of green that is sure to please.