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Ted’s Tip No. 280

November 30, 2020

Polishing silver can be incredibly therapeutic. The soothing motion of the cloth over the silver almost hypnotic. A time to dream, plan, or just let your mind wander. The end result quite gratifying.

A Good Sunday Thought

November 29, 2020

The Tradition of Tulips

November 27, 2020

Flower Friday all about a bundle of white tulips that were a birthday gift to me earlier in the week. As the week progresses they have begun their dreamy dance I am so fond of, the dining table the stage. My friend Heather presents me with tulips each year on my day. It has become a beloved tradition as well as a marker that tulips are back in the flower rotation. If you have followed along for any amount of time you know of my deep tulip devotion. Hothouse growing means we get to enjoy them months & months before they start popping up outside. Just had to share this Wedgwood vase full of them with you all as they make me supremely happy.

Setting a 2020 Thanksgiving Table

November 25, 2020

While this year Thanksgiving will look/be quite different, with safety at the top of the list, even a table for one or two can be special. A small gathering can be just as stylish as a large one. If you love a tablecloth, pull it out, give it an iron and you are on your way. Placemats are always a good starter for setting a swell table if you pass on a tablecloth. Bring out the good silver and china. Add pumpkins and flowers to the mix. Bring out a favorite pair of candlesticks, light the candles for instant warmth. Find some of your favorite small objects from your travels and set about. They will bring back fond memories as you enjoy your meal. Turn on your favorite music. Set votive candles all about. Add your favorite small plants to the setting. Elevate the mood of the meal and the table to make it extra special. Then give thanks. Reflect on the good in your life. Give thanks again. Have just the loveliest time. Sending much love your way. T2+B

Denise Fiedler Geranium Silhouettes at WK

November 24, 2020

We have now carried a variety of works by San Francisco artist Denise Fiedler for many years. I am like a kid in a candy store opening the shipment when it first arrives, incredibly excited to see what newness she has send my way. Awhile back she sent a round of geranium silhouettes that sold out so quickly I barely had time to enjoy them being at the shop. This might be the case with this round too, but she sent even more this time, so one might even make its way home with me. My love of geraniums runs deep, as it does for Denise too. These works beautiful on so many levels. No watering required.