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A Sea Of Peonies

July 1, 2022

This happens to me each year. I think the peonies are finished for the season and then I do a walk through the Market. Oh how I love to be wrong when it comes to peony season being complete! The beauties are still hanging on. They got dotted around the apartment in single stem vases, to spread the flower love around. My personal favorite way to enjoy them. You really get to enjoy their singular exquisiteness. Everyone have a lovely first weekend in July. X, T

New Pub Date August 23rd

June 30, 2022

Supply chain issues has hit just about every facet of our lives these past few years, and publishing is absolutely one of them. Books can sit on shipping containers for weeks before docking, along with a host of other possible delays in delivery. The list of reasons can be long. But I am most happy to report, that a new publication date just a few weeks delayed has been finalized. I type that with my fingers crossed. Yes, I look quite funny typing with my fingers crossed! The new date is Tuesday the 23rd of August. It had been the 9th. So if you have pre-ordered books from Watson Kennedy or Amazon or any other fabulous place, that is when it will arrive to you. As a side note, our big book party at our First & Spring shop will be that night. Lots more details on that coming next month but wanted to get that event swirling around your head as I would LOVE for as many of you to attend, if possible. The book party for Style & Simplicity is a night I will never forget. The line went out the door and down the street with folks waiting to get their books signed. It truly was a magical eve and a memory I will always cherish.

We hope to create another lasting memory of one heck of a book signing party on the 23rd of August for Ted Kennedy Watson’s Guide To Stylish Entertaining. X, TKW

Avocado Toast

June 29, 2022

Wine & Dine Wednesday about something many of you might already make, or have ordered out at an eatery, but for those who have not, avocado toast is something you absolutely want to add to your repertoire.

Take a very ripe avocado and slice in half. Use a spoon and gently guide the half out of the skin. Place atop a piece of toast. I like using a fairly hearty bread so it does not get soggy. Take a fork and press down on the avocado so it spreads out covering the entire piece of toast. Sprinkle liberally with flaky salt. At this point it is perfectly yummy to eat just as it is.

Add a fried egg atop, my personal favorite, and you will be very happy you did. A meal all on its own. There are so many variations—radishes, smoked salmon, tuna, sliced tomato. Whatever sounds good to you, give it a try! Enjoy, enjoy.

New Original Art Walls at WK

June 28, 2022

I am crazy for original artwork. That you can have a piece of art that was made by the hands and heart of an artist that is one of a kind makes me wildly happy. The last ten years it has been a major goal of mine to increase our original art offerings at Watson Kennedy. From big to small, from major investment pieces to incredibly affordable works and lots in between. My latest idea has been to have a revolving wall at each shop with works under $200. I could not be more pleased with the start. Artists like Mindy Carpenter and Denise Fiedler right out the gate said they would create pieces for this project. A new artist for us, Lorene Edwards Forkner, has been added to our lovely mix of supremely talented folks and created pieces too. These make the most perfect gifts. As well as pieces that can be placed here & there in your home to add little bits of beauty wherever you need it. As I said, this is an evolving and ongoing project that is here to stay. With lots more planned to be added to the stellar mix.

Ted’s Tip No. 400

June 27, 2022

Grab those moments of quiet & solitude whenever you can, as much as you can.

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