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Green LOVE

February 18, 2020

A week of display began yesterday. Some of my very favorite days. The little bit of Valentine goods we had left distributed amongst existing displays or put away for next year. The big window units that face out to First Avenue were de-Valentine-d and given a good clean. Today they get a new paint job. Oh they are going to be fun! More on that later this week. Above a little slice of the front table I am working on that will get finished today. Along with the large area to the left of when you first walk in, which we lovingly refer to as Green Land. So much of retail and being a shopkeeper is about keeping things fresh. You want it to be a visual feast for the eyes, as well as soul. A gentleman asked me yesterday when I was knee deep into a display, “How do you choose all of this?” Which is a great question, which I am asked often. There is not a single item in the shops I have not personally chosen, and I do so out of the love for the goods. Just in the same way we fill our homes, which is always my biggest advice to anyone in regards to design. Only buy it or keep it if you truly love it. If that remains the goal, you will always find a spot for the object. Plus your home will be layered. And you will feel that love and your guests will too.

Ted’s Tip No. 239

February 17, 2020

Place cards at each setting allows you to seat your guests with some thought of who you would like seated where before folks arrive. Get creative and use old Scrabble tiles to spell out names or have a talented friend do drawings. They become a treasured keepsake for your guests to long remember the evening.

Sunday Champagne Thoughts

February 16, 2020

Saw this the other day. Loved it. A nice guide for the ideal things to serve with the variety of Champagnes. Sunday often has me thinking bubbly thoughts… Hope your day is a grand one. X, T

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2020

Wishing everyone a happy Saint Valentine’s Day. May it be filled with love–from family, friends & co-workers. Spread the love! XO, Ted

Sweet Treats

February 13, 2020

A sweet treat can be edible or not. It just might be the perfect little gift you know someone will LOVE. As the day approaches, sweet treats are front and center in my mind. The next 2 days at the shops will be such fun as customers meander choosing just the right gifts to give to those they love. In a pinch for time? If you live in the Seattle area, give us a ring and we can put together something thoughtful for you, wrap it and make it look spiffy, even run it out to you so you don’t have to park. Curbside service! Here are a few treats that caught my eye these last few days.

The Winter Light

February 12, 2020

As each day gets a bit lighter, I am cherishing the moments in the apartment when the shadows dance about as the sun goes down and it begins to get dark in the eve. Light has always been a fascination. Be it natural or created. How a lamp or lamps can completely change the mood of a room once they are clicked on. How the clouds shifting can change the light in an instant. It has been record setting rainy since we arrived back from New York in early January here in Seattle, which creates its own beautiful diffused light. But on those days that the sun has been out, I soak it up as much in every way possible. Be it interior or exterior. The wet does make so many things much greener, which has its own magic when the light hits it. Plus it brings the knowing that Spring is right around the corner…