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Holiday Open House This Saturday

November 21, 2019

Please join us this Saturday the 23rd as we celebrate our second Holiday Open House of this festive season, at our Pike Place Market shop. From 10 to 6 bubbly will be served, music will fill the air (opera is on the menu) and we will be wrapping all your WK treats. It is such a fun day–if you are in the Seattle area, I so hope to see you. Ted

All Put Back Together

November 20, 2019

We had water damage a few months ago at our home in the city. The above middle wall needed to be opened up where the pipes were located. We opted to have the work done while we were in New York in October, which meant things stayed torn up for longer than needed. But having troops of workers around while we were there seemed less appealing. Things actually got finished up while we were in Los Angeles last week. Home holds such great importance to us, as I know it does to many of you. The ritual of routine something we both derive much pleasure from. So top of our task list this past week-end was to hang the art and put it all back together again. I breathe easier when things are orderly. Certainly having a Virgo mother who loved a tidy home is smiling down from the heavens at her Sagittarius son. This time of year I can’t wait to get candles lit the moment we get settled at the end of the day. Home, big or small, how it wraps its arms around us and comforts us. I know it might sound silly, but I often say “Home, thank you for taking such good care of us!” as I close the front door and head out for the day.

Blue Table Vignette

November 19, 2019

The shops are brimming with extra special treats at the moment. Well, I try to have it be that way all throughout the year but there is just something about ornaments that kick up the visual a notch. We have trees snuggled into displays which gives the vignettes they grace another layer of goodness. The blue splatterware plates & bowls I also have a fondness for, they are just so darn cool looking.

A fun new aspect of the blog refresh is now you can shop right off of it. As you know, I write my daily post each morning as soon as I get up, on my phone. Now through the wonders of magic (I sometimes call tech stuff magic, as I have no idea how it works, but I love the outcome) once Chelsea gets to the shop at 10, she will do her computer magic and add links to a bunch of the goods in the above photo. Viola!

Ted’s Tip No. 227

November 18, 2019

As holiday celebrations approach, stud oranges with cloves to make festive pomanders. Both the scent and the sight will delight.

Some Sunday Thoughts

November 17, 2019

A Refreshed TKW Daily Blog

November 16, 2019

Along with a full re-do of the Watson Kennedy website the daily blog also received a little refresh. The new banner encasing my name is artwork created for me last year by my friend Jeanne in honor of the WK20 anniversary. We thought it would be swell as part of the blog and I could not be happier. Many of my favorite things! The largest improvement is you will now be able to shop right off of the blog. I will still post each morning from home, but later in the day Chelsea, who oversees the website, will be able to add links to the post. I am pretty over the moon about it, as this is something many readers have asked me for time and again. I hope you like the new format! One little glitch. For those of you who receive the daily blog post via e-mail each day, the service we use has had a few hiccups. Not sure why, but it has. Like before, the post should come to your in-box at 3 o’clock Seattle time, each and every day. If for some reason it does not, please e-mail me directly at tedkennedywatson@watsonkennedy.com and let me know.

A lovely November Saturday to you in your part of the world. X, Ted

Kick-Off To The Holidays Open House, Tomorrow

November 15, 2019

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday from 10 to 6, at our First & Spring shop for our kick-off to the season Holiday Open House. Bubbly and cider will be served. Our shelves are brimming with just the right gifts for those on your list. Plus we will be wrapping away all your treats in our signature WK wrap. Artist Jeanne McKay Hartmann will be painting from 1 to 4, creating her annual commemorative piece. If you would like to purchase one of these personalized pieces, give us a ring at the shop. It is such a fun, festive day. Hope to see you there!