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The Beauty of Livia Cetti Paper Flowers

September 30, 2022

We arrived to Seattle late the other night and hit the ground running the moment we were up the next day. I have yet had a chance to pick up flowers for the apartment at a handful of my favorite places. So this Flower Friday is a big nod to the beautiful paper blooms by artist Livia Cetti that ‘grow’ out of our kitchen and dining windows. No watering required! Even though the rooms have yet to get fresh blooms, these blooming paper geraniums absolutely do the trick keeping the rooms flower happy. The big potted paper geranium on the bar also adding to the happiness. A lovely first weekend of October everyone. Sending out tons of extra love to all my Florida family, friends & followers. Stay well. X From Seattle, Ted

Piece By Piece

September 28, 2022

A home is always evolving. I think that is what makes it most interesting. It is an adding and subtracting equation, that hopefully should be fun and bring lots of joy. Sometimes it can be a recently received gift or a new acquisition. Or both. On this wall in the dining room at Hawthorne two new pieces were hung the other day before we headed to Seattle. The caviar painting by Julie Bowers Murphy finding a happy spot right above a Jackie Clark Mancuso piece. Both are represented at Watson Kennedy, so it is lovely having a little slice of that connection in New York. I found another French mirror at Red Chair on Warren after a quick run in on my way to pick us up supper in Hudson after my book signing in Kingston on Saturday. The duo of mirrors became a trio. The dining room is not large, so I find mirrors to be the easiest way to create light bouncing around the space to give it more visual interest. Piece by piece and layer by layer our Hudson Valley farmhouse becomes more of a home each stay. When we close the door to head out to the airport, I always say, “I love you house.” See you on Christmas night…

Gifts From The Garden

September 27, 2022

We had our friends Frank & Scott over the other evening for an alfresco supper on the last night of Summer. They showed up with gifts from their garden. The above along with an armload of dahlias. The bounty of the season! Not sure there could be more stylish gifts this abundant time of year. Giving something you have grown or baked or handmade really can be the very most special of gifts.

Technical Difficulties Resolved + A Pretty Dahlia

September 26, 2022

Super frustrating as we have been dealing with some tech issues on the daily blog website these past days. Hence the no posting on a few of the days last week. Terribly sorry! But all resolved, fingers crossed, and back at it. Hopefully all set and things will load properly.

This was going to be the Flower Friday image. A gift from friends who came to dinner last week. What a beauty! Plus the vintage green vase holding the bloom was a gift from friend and artist Julia Felsenthal at my book signing party week before last. It was the perfect vessel for the dahlia.

Happy Monday everyone. Happy Autumn too. X, TKW