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The First Dahlias + A Gift

June 14, 2024

Flower Friday the first dahlias of the season, housed in two special vessels. I have written about this often, but little glasses and goblets scattered around your house with a flower in them can bring little hits of happiness from room to room. It is such an easy way to get a bit of visual sunshine just about anywhere the glass and bloom will fit. Here, in the front sunporch at Hawthorne on a round table for guests to enjoy when they arrive. The glasses were gifts from our friend Jocie, the owner of Red Chair in Hudson. I love that when she spots a solo green glass she might think of us. That is one of the best thing about gifts—in return, you think of the giver when you glance at the object around your house. The dahlias from my beloved Cedar Farm that I picked up at the Saturday farmers market. That is the thing about what you have in your home, the pieces and blooms should all have meaning and a story. Layer after layer of experiences & memories everywhere the eye lands. Everyone enjoy the last weekend of Spring! X, TKW

Seattle Love

June 13, 2024

We flew back from the Hudson Valley last eve. Seattle looking quite fetching as we came in for our landing. This city I have loved deeply since moving there in 1986 after college. Oh how it has grown since then. The beauty of the region something we enjoy each and every day, in big and small ways. Seattle certainly took a beating, just like so many other cities, during Covid. But it has rebounded and continues to do so each day for the better. Up early and hitting the ground running. My to-do list a mile long. It is going to be a glorious & busy Summer season in our fine city.

Father’s Day Treats

June 12, 2024

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, we have you covered. All sorts of special treats to bring a smile. Be it a special coffee, a handsome tin of chocolates or a fab French wine bottle opener, plus oh so much more. All wrapped up for you too!

New Mindy Carpenter Pieces At WK

June 11, 2024

Just In, a fresh round of artist Mindy Carpenter pieces for our under $200 walls at each shop. I love these pieces as they work beautifully tucked into a bookcase or laying flat on a coffee table, in addition to hanging them in sweet spots here & there. Each piece is an original, with a happy vibe that every Mindy piece exudes.

Ted’s Tip No. 484

June 10, 2024

If you are given an incredibly special bottle of Champagne, save the last bit of it to make a jar of vinaigrette to give to the giver of said bubbly. If you can successfully peel off the label, add it to the jar. It all becomes a lovely ‘Thank You’ gift.

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