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Stylish Readers At WK

July 7, 2020

A fab pair of readers is something we hold near & dear at Watson Kennedy. A sturdy, stylish pair that can take a beating and yet still be like new. Our Summmmmaaaaaa 50% Off SALE continues. This week a variety of readers takes center stage. Following baubles, pajamas and perfumes/colognes, which we still have a fun assortment available too. Click here to take you right to the sale page on our website.

Ted’s Tip No. 259

July 6, 2020

One magnificent bloom is often all it takes to light up a room.

Red, White & Blue Flower Friday

July 3, 2020

Flower Friday a nod to the upcoming 4th of July week-end. All sorts of Americana–red glassware, gingham napkins, silverware and a bowl of cherries. White geraniums and plates and pepper grinder. Blue hydrangea, glassware, monograms, and salt vessel. This was a full table set last year for a party of guests. Much more chill this year out at on the island. I hope your next few days are safe and cozy and filled with goodness. Tell someone you love them. Make their day. Sending tons of love from WestWard, T

Hawthorne In Autumn

July 2, 2020

Given all that is going on in the world we have decided to postpone our August trip to the Hudson Valley. I think this might be the first August we have not been back to New York in the 32 years we have been together. From visits to the city early on to attend the USTA Conference along with the US Open, family trips to The Catskills, to the big gift show at Javitz, to eventually buying our old farmhouse in the Hawthorne Valley. It has been a rich history of memories. We just think it best to put all our energies into getting the shops humming, staying healthy and hunkering down in Seattle/Vashon Island. If the last few months has taught us all anything, it is the preciousness of the moment. To live it fully. That has been a guiding theme in our life, always, but now even more so. Thank heavens for photos! Our plan, fingers crossed, is to be back in October. Autumn in New York is quite something. The valley the house sits in a riot of glorious color from the moment we arrive. The light that the region is so famous for even more magical that time of year. So today I thought I would share some favorite shots I nabbed from that season over the last 7 years.

Homemade Pizza

July 1, 2020

Wine & Dine Wednesday is not so much about a certain recipe. But it is about a gadget I bought for Mister Sive on his birthday that we took for a spin the other eve which was quite fun and the pizzas were awesome. As you know if you have followed along for awhile, good pizza is a very deal in the Watson Sive household.

I say ‘we’ took it for a spin, but it was me watching while TPS did all the work! He is, after all, the grill master in the family. This is in no way a paid advertisement, but you know I do love to share a good thing. An ad popped up on my Instagram feed several months ago, from a KettlePizza. It is an attachment you add to a Weber charcoal grill (they do one for gas grills, as well) to turn it into a pizza oven. Instantly I thought this would be the perfect birthday gift for my husband. Within a week it arrived.

The whole thing is pretty nifty. It came with everything needed to quickly convert the grill into a pizza oven. Pepperoni is always at the top of our list, so it was his inaugural try. Then up, a mozzarella based Italian sausage with golden beets, chèvre, thyme. Topped with arugula when it came out of the pizza oven. They both were soooooo good. If you are looking for a cool, super usable gift to give this Summer, or just want one for yourself to add to your alfresco repertoire, this is the ticket.