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Chicken And Thyme Infused Dumplings

January 19, 2022

It was bitter cold last week-end. The thought of something really comforting to warm us up and fill our bellies was high on my list. A quick perusal of recipes on the internet brought me to the fab Spoon Fork Bacon site for a pretty darn quick & easy chicken and dumplings recipe. I would use it for my base, and tweak it ever so slightly. I bumped up the amount of thyme in the dumplings, doubling what it called for, as I really wanted the herby-ness to stand out among the richness of soup, and did not add the chives. I also added half of a package of frozen peas to the mix, as I thought they would add another layer of flavor and color to the dish. Super happy I did. The dumplings turned out larger than I wanted, so I would prepare them smaller next time, as they plump up considerably when cooking. I felt rushed forming them as the soup cooked away. Next time I will form the balls before I start the soup and put them in the fridge and pull them out when needed and see how that goes. What I liked most about this time saving option, is you can use a cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. By all means cook one fresh if you are motivated to do that, but it is not necessary. The rotisserie chicken was just perfect. We are hearty eaters, so the below recipe fed the two of us, with just a bit leftover. Easily double it to serve 4 to 6. I did not make a salad, but as we were eating, we both felt like a mixed green salad would be lovely with this. Happy Wine & Dine Wednesday. Enjoy!

A Good Read

January 18, 2022

I tend to have several books going at once. Above, my assortment for this month long stay. Some days reading just one book. Other days I jump around and read a chapter or two of each. It soothes while also energizes my mind to have the options. Almost always, I leave the books at the house and don’t take them with me to Seattle. If I don’t finish one or all, I pick up where left off next time we are here. It is fun to leave the books for our Airbnb guests to enjoy while we are away. The bookshelves & side tables getting fuller and fuller with options for them. Books, much like seeing dear old friends you have not seen in awhile, pick up right where you left off.

Ted’s Tip No. 338

January 17, 2022

All it takes is one simple blooming potted plant to make your dining table come to life—to be savored visually at every meal.

My New Book Is Ready For Pre-Order

January 15, 2022

My new book, Ted Kennedy Watson’s Guide to Stylish Entertaining, is now available on the WatsonKennedy.com website. Click here. It has been such a labor of love to write about, style and photograph about something so near & dear to our hearts in our household, entertaining. Filled with ideas & tips, menus, recipes, along with QR codes to scan that take you right along, as I set the table, make the meal or whip up a cocktail. I even created Spotify playlists to be played for your next supper or soirée. Be you a seasoned entertaining pro or novice just starting out, this guide is for you. With a fab foreword by our friend Lisa Birnbach, and lovely back cover comments by design icons Charlotte Moss and Margaret Russell.

You can pre-order it now as the release date will be in August, and that is when your book/books will ship to you. Shipping is complimentary on all pre-ordered copies of Ted Kennedy Watson’s Guide to Stylish Entertaining. Pre-orders also get an extra special treat added to your order in thanks. Plus your book will be signed and personalized as well as gift wrapped, if you would like. Thank you so much for your support in pre-ordering! All along the way in this project it has meant the world to me. X, TKW

The Versatility Of White Tulips

January 14, 2022

Flower Friday all about the goodness of hothouse grocery store tulips that you will see popping up everywhere. As if a New Years gift to us all! White always catch my eye as I like the flexibility of them working in lots of different spaces. These worked on the dining table, out on the back porch by the fireplace with guests and in the front room on the coffee table while we would read the afternoon away. They have been a well-traveled vase of happiness. A few simple bunches bought at our local Price Chopper that were simply plunked down into a glass vessel. Then I just let them do their dance for us this week. Fab entertainment as they would catch my eye as I walked from room to room. Happy almost weekend everyone! We are due some mighty cold weather in these parts. Around -6! Hope you all are staying safe & sound. XX, T2+B

An Afternoon At The Clark

January 13, 2022

One of the greatest pleasures of having a home in the Hudson Valley where we do in Columbia County, is the close proximity to many culturally rich areas. Within an hour in any direction we are treated to so much history and beauty all along the way. Williamstown, Massachusetts is one such place. It is home to Williams College, along with the world class art collection of The Clark. It is a fairly small little town that packs a very large punch visually in every direction you turn. From the gorgeous old buildings that make up the campus situated right in the middle of town, to the picturesque tree covered hills that surround it all. Yesterday they were snow covered, which made our outing even prettier. Below some favorites I snapped as I strolled around the museum. TPS in the car with Bailey. We took turns staying with her while the other soaked up the art. From Renoir to Degas to Homer to Toulouse-Lautrec, it was a dizzying amount of beauty that absolutely energizes the creative soul.