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Roasted Shrimp, Feta, Olives & Italian Parsley Over Basmati Rice

Wine & Dine Wednesday is about a tasty meal that comes together pretty easily in a quick amount of time. We quite often have a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer. They are handy to grab when you want to put together a satisfying meal. We had not done a big shop yet at Hawthorne but wanted to have a nice supper by the fire on the back porch. We always have rice on hand as well as a jar of olives in the fridge. A run to the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store for a piece of feta and a bunch of Italian parsley and away I went.

If you use fresh shrimp, fabulous. If they are frozen defrost by running cold water over them in the sink in a colander. Either way you want 1 pound raw deveined shrimp. Take the shell and tail off of all. In a ziplock bag, add a big glug of extra virgin olive oil, as well as 2 to 3 finely minced garlic gloves. Pat the shrimp dry with a paper towel. Add the shrimp to the bag as well as big pinches of salt & pepper. Mix all around to coat and set bag in the fridge. This can sit for many hours if needed.

Oven to 400 to heat up. Cook rice on the stovetop, which should take around 25 minutes, which will be time to get all ready. I used basmati the other night. Any type of rice you like is fine. To the rice and water before it comes to a boil I always add a big pinch of salt, a splash olive oil and a pat of butter. This trio adds lots of subtle flavor. While that is cooking away, cut olives in half. We are big fans of green Castelvetrano olives. Whatever olive you use, just make sure they are pitted. Set aside. Take a handful of Italian parsley and chop finely. Set aside. Cut a good hunk of feta and crumble into a bowl and set aside.

Now that the oven is nice and hot, on a sheet pan, put entire contents of shrimp bag onto the pan. Spread out evenly. Roast for 3 minutes. Then turn the shrimp over for another 3 minutes. Test to see if done by pressing your finger into one. It should be firm. Or cut into one to see. If need longer go another minute or two.

Put now cooked rice into a bowl. Add shrimp, olives, crumbled feta and let that parsley rain over the whole thing. Simple and satisfying. Enjoy!



Ted’s Tip No. 222

Travel need not be boring. A little planning ahead can actually make it a bit of a party. Popcorn, pistachios in the shell, oranges, marmalade sandwiches made with big chunks of cheddar, newspapers, a few good books & magazines along with a laptop for movies and the flight just seems to fly by.



Ted’s Tip No. 221

When you buy beautiful looking produce, leave it on the counter to appreciate the beauty if you are cooking it that eve. Your eye will catch it when you walk by and be instantly pleased. It is natural beauty to be enjoyed with your eyes and your tummy.



An Autumn Supper Table

The menu last evening at home might have been leftovers but honoring the meal is always at the top of my list. Pumpkins, pine cones, geraniums & lilies made for an Autumn supper table. A few candles were lit and away we went with a weeknight table for two. My idea here really is to stress that every meal is a celebration and to honor it. Be it a fancy meal or the simplest. A big party or a table for one.



An Autumn Roast Chicken

Wine & Dine Wednesday brings a Sunday supper roast chicken we dined on at WestWard last week-end. What made it an Autumn chicken were the root vegetables that make the meal extra hearty. This is a one pan meal that could not be simpler and it is incredibly satisfying. Both in cooking it as well as eating it!

Oven to 400 while you get things ready. Peel the carrots and parsnip. I left the carrots whole and cut up the parsnip as it was quite large. The potatoes were quite small so I left them whole. Cut up 2 sweet onions. Cut in half rutabagas. Put the onions in the middle as the chicken will rest on top of those. Salt, pepper and olive oil liberally the whole lot. Use a 4 to 5 pound whole chicken. Give it a quick rinse and pat dry with paper towels. Make sure cavity is empty. Insert a halved garlic and 2 quartered lemons inside the cavity. Put the chicken breast side up on top of onions. Now pour olive oil over top of chicken and massage the oil over the entire bird. This helps considerably in overall browning. Then salt and pepper the heck out of it. Chicken can be pretty tasteless so seasoning it well really helps bring out all the natural flavors. Then top all with rosemary sprigs. That is it! Into that hot oven it goes. At the half hour mark turn the pan around so the bird is now in the opposite direction. This helps with even cooking. Move veg around gently so all browns evenly. At the hour mark insert a thermometer into the chicken. We are going for 160 to 165. If not there, check again in 15 minutes. Once at that internal temperature, turn the oven off, take the chicken out to rest on a platter and cover with aluminum foil to sit for 10 minutes. Discard rosemary stems. Your home should smell pretty divine by this point. The vegetables & potatoes can stay in the oven that is off but still warm to keep things warm. Carve up chicken. Plate up. Enjoy!



Season Ending Dahlias & Tomatoes

Flower Friday brings season ending fiery red with orangey yellow tipped dahlias along with a plate of gorgeous tomatoes alongside French sea salt. With Summer ending Monday may we all grab every bit of it we can, so we may have it stored up in our memory for when the days turn cold. May the dahlias & fresh off the vine tomatoes be a sight and taste that instantly warms us come January. Sending much love from Seattle, Ted



Holding On To Summer

On Monday out on the island, we did everything possible to enjoy supper outside. The eve before it was pouring rain and we enjoyed our Sunday supper inside with a fire roaring. This last week of Summer has been anything but here in our little corner of the PNW. But any ray of sunshine has us scrambling to get outside. This is pretty comical actually. I snapped this table of blue with the potted scented geraniums taking center stage. I went it to start cooking while the lightest misty rain flew by, hardly upsetting the table setting in the least. Right as we sat to enjoy the meal the sun was setting. Just glorious. As we were taking our last bites we felt the drops begin. As we quickly finished we disassembled the table lickity split, laughing along the way, determined to savor every last bit of the season.



The Gift of Pie

In our case, the above gorgeous pie was a gift from our sister-in-law, Marian. What is even more special about this gift is there was a second pie underneath the one pictured. Oh my! My thought with this post really is about giving in small ways, often. Giving of what we have. For some of us it is a baked good. For others it is time. For all of us it is a smile to someone we don’t even know. Give a kind word. This past week I got to meet two different blog readers from different parts of the country. Each shared their story with me which was an amazing gift to me. This giving idea is a lovely circle of love. Goodness and kindness and love all wrapped up in a simple gift, a gesture, a word.



Ted’s Tip No. 218

For this our official last week of Summer, grab every chance you can to dine alfresco. Be it a table outside at a restaurant, a picnic blanket on the beach, or a napkin folded over your lap on a park bench–take that opportunity to enjoy a meal with the sun or the moon.



The Photographing Continues…

I am a pretty hands on guy when it comes to all things Watson Kennedy. OK, make that super hands on. I love details. I love my work. The running of the shops requires a crazy amount of details. Let me correct that, running it well requires a crazy amount of details. There are many moving parts, with many folks wearing lots of hats. The website re-do would be a prime example. The list of details quite long. But it is getting quite exciting as we start to see it take shape. I was pretty adamant that the photos be shot in situ. So many websites shoot things in white boxes and frankly, I find it quite boring. My big job these past months has been photographing goods around the shops. It is meant to feel like you are in one of the spaces feeling cozy with Ella wafting about and you feel transported. The above a few of the shots from last week. Many, many more to be taken over the next month. Hope you like!