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Stunning Vintage Baccarat Coupes

20131205-064358.jpg I have been finding and have amassed just the prettiest collection of vintage Baccarat coupes of late. The grouping catching my eye yesterday as I walked passed them mixed about with all the hotel silver.

20131205-064613.jpg The shapes and sizes vary a tad, with some also able to be used as small little dessert compotes. But my mind just races to them filled with bubbly. What an elegant looking vessel for Champagne.

20131205-064827.jpg Of course, these make wickedly cool gifts. A pair with a bottle of bubbles would make one seriously swellegant present.

20131205-065304.jpg They just look amazing carried on a silver tray. Heck, they could be just left out on a bar or side table on said silver tray and they would make a beautiful display when not in use.

20131205-065520.jpg However they are used or displayed, they are just breathtaking.



A Classic: The Champagne Coupe

20130409-064122.jpg I always find it entertaining when I read a certain thing has ‘come back’ and I think to myself, “Did it really ever go away?” Such is the case with the champagne coupe. I was flicking through a stack of our monthly magazines and saw it mentioned that they are now back in style. These have been a Watson Kennedy staple. Always. A classic really. A classic never goes out of style in my book.

20130409-064731.jpg We just added a charming variety of 36 vintage coupes to the shop collection. Some etched, some hollow stemmed, others clean & simple. I love a big silver platter with a variety of them. These work so well mixed and matched. Guests gets to choose what glass they like best. Cheers to a classic!