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Reading and Watching 

I know I have mentioned this before, but I have some of my best customer conversations when I am wrapping their gifts. Something about time standing still and folks feeling comfortable asking me questions, it is always a lovely exchange of words, thoughts, ideas. The other day a stylish woman from Palm Beach asked me what I was reading and watching.

I just started reading the Bunny Mellon book. When we first opened the Market shop, now close to 20 years ago, the Slatkins created a candle in her honor that we sold. We also sold a little book about her ideas on gardening. Thus began my Bunny love. The read is fascinating and at times sad. Having it all materially does not bring happiness, which is a prevailing theme in this book. That aside, the woman lived a wildly fascinating life. Also on my nightstand is the November issue of Town & Country which I have loved since I was a kid. Writer/wine lover Jay McInerney extols on the awesomeness of Washington State wines, which makes me so happy, as it is so true. And lastly, I am counting the minutes until the Joan Didion documentary on Netflix comes out, which is tomorrow, Friday, btw. She intrigues me. I love reading, watching, learning about folks who have lived a life well. The Year of Magical Thinking is one of my favorite books. As for other things we enjoy watching, you must know how much I love to laugh. I need it, much like air. It is so good for the soul, the mind, the body. Will & Grace, Saturday Night Live and Modern Family top the list of shows that make me cry laughing. Much like life, I like the mix of it all. The high, the low. In my mind, it is what makes it interesting…



A Little Town & Country Love

20140224-072500.jpg I was honored and thrilled when asked by the folks at Town & Country what some of ‘My Favorite Things’ from the shops were at the moment. It is always so tough to chose just a few, but I clicked away a bunch of things that told a bit of a visual story and looked interesting together. Being a T&C fan since I was a kid, I joke that I read it in the crib, I was just elated to be asked. Here is the link.



A Little Town & Country Love

20131212-071830.jpg We are in full swing Holiday gift wrapping mode at the shops, and by the end of the day I am completely beat. Last evening the above was waiting for me when I first arrived home. A new issue of Town & Country always makes me quite happy. After a quick shower I poured myself a Hendrick’s over ice, and settled into my favorite leather club chair for a few minutes of visual eye candy before dinner. I have been subscribing to this magazine for decades. The mix of design, food, people, books, art, travel–is what I like so much about it. This is also the time of year many magazines offer two for the price of one subscriptions. Something I always take advantage of for a fun gift for a friend or two for Christmas. So if you are still in need of a quick gift, this is a very easy, stylish one to give. I also follow Town & Country on Instagram, and they posted this amazing quote last eve, so I thought I would share it with you. It is a really good one. May your day be filled with a bit of wonder…




My Favorite Hearst Trio

20130212-080442.jpg We have both been a tad under the weather, so I was very excited when I opened the mailbox and found my 3 very favorite Hearst magazines waiting to be enjoyed. An instant pick me up, and perfect for getting my creative juices flowing while not feeling well. House Beautiful focusing in on the perfect color combinations. Town & Country highlighting Spring Fashion, perfectly timed with Fashion Week in New York. They did a shoot at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, which was beautifully done. We took a trip there years back, and the photos brought back great memories of the spectacular setting and ruggedly warm spaces. The feature of design is the focus of Elle Decor this month. But my favorite section is always “12 Things He Can’t Live Without” Shortlist section. It highlights designer Thom Filicia, who I had the pleasure of meeting last May when I attended the Blogfest on Design in New York. He was just the most gracious, down to earth guy. We spoke of his then upcoming book, ‘American Beauty’ which is now out. Put it on your list if you are looking for a new design coffee table book–it is really lovely & filled with great ideas.

20130212-082025.jpg Lots of rest, lots of fluids, mixed with lots of good reading and I am ready for a busy Valentine week at the shops. Happy Tuesday!



The Art of Gloria Vanderbilt in Town & Country

20121211-074458.jpg Part of my day off yesterday was filled with perusing and reading my beloved stack of monthly magazines. The article in the current Town & Country about Gloria Vanderbilt is the one I found most intriguing.

20121211-074843.jpg I have always found her and the journey of her life to be so interesting. From her family background (both grand and at times tragic), her jeans empire, to her art–she at her core is a creative soul. The article focused mainly on her painting, which I have long been a fan of.

20121211-075629.jpg It was fun to see glimpses of her studio as well as more of her artwork. I was also happy to learn about her website, which features her current work. Check it out at Gloria Vanderbilt Fine Art



Happy Socks

20120217-080707.jpg The New York Times last week had an article about how more and more men are wearing colorful/patterned socks. I then was thumbing through a recent Town & Country and saw a similar article. They both made me think of the line the Nathan Lane character said in the movie, The Birdcage, “Well, one does want a hint of color” and it makes me laugh every time. I am so happy to see this trend catching on. Men have so few options to add fun statements in attire. Colorful socks have been a consistent in our household, always. I immediately checked out a few of the websites that were listed in the Times article. Many were new to me. I placed an order pronto from which are designed in Sweden. Within days, 3 jaunty pair of socks were delivered to our door. It is a cool site, with socks for both men and women. Fun for gift giving, or to spruce up your own sock drawer.


A happy, colorful Friday to you all!



Town & Country Love

20111116-074055.jpg I have been a fan of the magazine Town & Country for as long as I can remember. For awhile, it hit a bumpy patch, and it was just less interesting. The focus seemed more on money, less on style. With the new Editor in Chief, Jay Fielden, it looks like it is back on course. The magazine is fresher, is still full of beautiful photography, and the focus of style over “just throwing a wad of cash” at something to make it seem cool, is making for one interesting read. I hope it stays that way. There is a creativeness in the magazine that I really like. Whitney Robinson, who I worked with when he featured things from Watson Kennedy at House Beautiful, has blossomed at T&C. His features on stylish places and the folks who inhabit them have been a real visual treat. Back to Mr. Fielden. Any Editor that has a photo taken of the contents of his valise and features them in “The Things I Carry” each month in his editors letter is fine by me. There is an openness there that is very refreshing. My heart again skips a beat when I see the cover of the magazine amongst all the other mail in the mailbox.