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A Book and a Bug

Our Monday is spent how many folks spend their Sunday, relaxing and reading and cooking. Our week-end is Sunday/Monday, so a chill day was on the schedule. I had started the Alice Waters book in New York at the beginning of the year but then left it on my bedside table at Hawthorne. It stayed there until May until making its way to the island. I love a leisurely read where I savor the pages and only read a few at a time. This is one of those reads for me. What a fascinating life she has led. I highly recommend this book. Bailey, one of whose many nicknames is ‘Bug’ snuggled up on her pillow looking out at the birds and the water in between naps. I did much the same, dozing after I read a bit. We must all recharge, both two and four-legged beings. It is so good for the soul. To have nothing on the schedule and let your mind and your body relax and wonder.



Pumpkins Aplenty, Autumn in the Midwest

We have been in the Milwaukee area this week-end celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday.  A country drive yesterday put us in this scrumptious area where I snapped these shots.  An impeccable farm with pumpkins galore.

The Midwest sky changing by the minute and within no time there was a loud crack of thunder (which sends Bailey immediately into shaking mode, poor bug, breaks our heart) and the rains began.  A little while later is was clear again.  We were able to sit outside for more of a visit, and within the next hour the rains & thunder were back.  All a reminder of my childhood and the intensity of that heavy rain, which I always loved.  We head back to Seattle this eve.  What a wonderful fete to ring in her next decade.



The Life of Bailey

20151122-081941.jpg Our pooch Bailey gets her own post this morning. Thought it was fitting as she turns 10 today. It has been a bit of an emotional few months with her–learning of the Mast tumor, all that involved, getting her healthy and on the road to recovery. So this is a very happy day, indeed. She is actually sleeping pressed right up against me as I write this, which is common most mornings when I am working on the post. The amount of love and affection she shows each day is just extraordinary. Animals can teach us so much. Amazing unconditional love. We feel it is an honor & privilege to care for her. She is our constant companion. So many of you have met the feisty girl at one of the shops or on our travels, which I just love. Thought I would share some photos from over the years. She is a miniature Schnauzer, hailing from Minnesota. Good Midwestern stock, just like her daddy. Insert big grin or eye-roll, I will leave that up to you… She was the runt of her litter, so we call her a mini, mini, weighing in at 11 pounds. She has hair not fur, which means she does not shed, but it does mean she has to get her hair cut several times a year. So in the photos you will see her hair in various lengths of shagginess. The below one of our all-time favorites, where she is sitting on TPS’s chest at WestWard and I was able to capture her head tilt, which is what she does when we ask her a question and she is thinking about the answer. The above a gift given to us yesterday by our friend, artist extraordinaire, Jeanne McKay Hartmann. Cheers and Happy BIRTHday to our Miss Bailey!















A Change of Season Marker + A Bailey Update

20150924-045019.jpg Just like clockwork, the huge chestnut trees across the street from The Gainsborough start dropping little signs of the change of season, as if on cue in a Nancy Meyer film. The above chestnut my first of Autumn. Something about the ritual of nature I find so comforting and hold so dear.

First off, let me start by saying how touched we have been by the outpouring of kind & informative words, thoughts and prayers for our beloved pooch, Bailey. She is resting comfortably all snuggled up right next to my leg as I type this. She had her Mast tumor removed on Tuesday. The surgeon called late yesterday saying we caught the cancerous growth super early so it was still in its lowest grade. The amount of information so many of you provided us with from your own experiences was invaluable to us as it helped guide us through all of this. We are forever grateful. Bailey sends a bark, and if you have ever been to one of the shops when she gets excited you know what I mean, as well as a loving lick or two, to you all, in thanks. We could not be more relieved and are excited for her to be on the mend.
Much, much love,



Enjoying/Relishing Each and Every Moment

20150918-072624.jpg I truly burnt a piece of toast the other evening. Such is life. I laughed when it popped up out of the toaster…

Dear readers, we received some potentially not great news about our beloved Bailey. I took her in for a vet appointment and they think the bump under her front leg is a Mast cell tumor, and they want us to get a second opinion. We have a meeting on Monday with a specialist and surgeon for a second opinion as well as what options we have. My question to you all, have any of you had experience with your dog having this Mast cell type of tumor, and if so, what was your experience? Your comment on this one is so hugely appreciated. Our heads are spinning with options and we love the idea of hearing how other folks handled it.

Which leads me to enjoying life to the fullest each and every moment. Pets somehow get that concept in spades. The love they give is just enormous. This scenario we are going through is yet again another reminder to snuggle a bit longer, take the time to look into one another’s eyes, and just BE with those we love, be it 2 or 4 legged. For we know we have this moment. We have right now. Savor it.



Bailey’s Biscuits

20140710-065730.jpg Our order of Bailey’s Biscuits arrived the other day at the First Avenue shop. They are not named after our Bailey, but I do love the idea that they are named after a beloved Bailey. We will just pass that love on. A very generous and quite stylish kraft bag of healthy pooch treats awaits. Lovely as a gift and great to have around when you need to give a four legged friend a treat.

The below one of my all-time favorite Bailey photos, taken at Hawthorne by TPS. Given her back issues from last year, the vet has said stairs should be limited, so we have trained her not to run up and down them. Here, her favorite toy has fallen down a stair. “Seriously, can you help me out?” is so much the look on her face. Yes, I am smitten with our pooch. Had to share this photo since the post is Bailey-centric… Happy Thursday all!




Red, Yellow & Orange

20131125-075712.jpg As we head into Thanksgiving week I find myself drawn even more to the colors red, yellow and orange. The Autumnal spin these colors take on this time of year just makes them a warming attraction. A quick scroll through my photos and I was drawn to bits and pieces of the trio of colors in a host of ways. Here is what caught my eye and energized me on this Monday morning.

















Love in the Details

20130719-055111.jpg We head back to Seattle this evening. It has been quite a week. We have made our lists, envisioned how we see we will live in the spaces, talked furniture options, and have both been smiling from ear to ear. We squeezed in a bit of relaxation, and awoke early to the amazing symphony of birds singing.

20130719-055558.jpg I laughed when I unpacked these Hermes towels and thought that the ‘H’ could also stand for Hawthorne.



20130719-055902.jpg We have been relishing in all the lovely details. The hydrangea that run the length of both sides of the house add a perky bit of color. I love snipping single blooms and setting them about. The green leaves as pretty as the blooms.

20130719-060150.jpg The original claw foot tube in the downstairs bathroom. Loving all the vintage details.


20130719-060413.jpg There is really so little work we have to do. Green, gray and black are the colors that prevail. The look so handsome against all the crisp white. We are choosing several shades of green to paint the rooms to freshen them up and put our spin on things. Part of our vintage green McCoy pottery collection will find a home here too.

20130719-060800.jpg The heat has enveloped us and welcomed us to the area. Bailey, ever the seasoned traveller, has found a spot next to a fan each day. Not sure she is as big a fan of the heat as we are.

Thank you all for joining us this week on our adventure. As always, such a treat to have you along. We will be back in August. For more heat I am sure. Back to work tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what new dahlias the Market vendors have in store…



A Personalized Gift

Denise Fiedler, artist extraordinaire from San Francisco, sent me the sweetest gift the other day. We have been carrying her work for some time now, and I have struck up a lovely long distance friendship with her. That is the fun thing about the retail world, you end up working with fabulous folks from around the globe. She sent me one of her hand cut & pasted, one of a kind works–taken from a photo that appeared in Country Living magazine, of me with pooch Bailey at my side. Baseball cap and all, Denise captured a moment in time.

If you are wanting a personalized piece by Denise, all I need is a photo in PDF form, and off we go. The custom work starts at $350. I will be adding this service onto the Watson Kennedy web site soon, but if you are wanting something sooner, always feel free to contact me directly by e-mail, or call one of the shops.




Pet Paintings

Our beloved Nancy, who was a member of the Watson Kennedy retail family (well actually, she still is, because once a member, always a member) recently moved to San Francisco. Her husband was offered a cool new job at a tech start-up, so off they went. We were all excited for them, and for the next chapter in their journey together to unfold. Nancy is an amazing artist. Yesterday, she sent us a painting of Bailey, as a gift. What an amazing gift! We love it. She captured the essence and expression of Bailey perfectly. It is spot on. The smaller framed piece in the photo is what she took the image from for the painting.

Before she left Seattle, we chatted briefly about us offering her services of pet portrait painting. I am happy to report, we now are. If it interests you, all I need is your favorite photo of your pet e-mailed to me. Nancy will do the painting, and send it directly to you. The starting price is $895 for the size she painted Bailey, but she can also do much larger canvases, as well. It really is a great gift idea for that special someone or a lovely way to have a remembrance of your own pet.

Happy Saturday!