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Peonies & Lavender

I thought on this Solstice day a past table with peonies (a nod to Spring) along with a bucket of lavender (a nod to Summer) seemed in order on this Flower Friday. May the new season be awesome for you and that it includes a few or many meals enjoyed outside! X, Ted



Aromatic Rosemary & Lavender Savory Salts

20140627-070812.jpg Just in time for Summer grilling, aromatic rosemary & lavender savory salts. Simply sprinkle this salt on meats, fish or vegetables before baking or grilling for a quick and easy way to add flavor to a dish. The combo of lavender and rosemary sort of Summer in a bottle. Plus the bottle is cool too! I love these little Weck jars with the metal clips. Once you have used the salts up, the jars are the perfect vessel for whipping up a vinaigrette in–come to think of it, these savory salts would be pretty fabulous added to a vinaigrette to add a serious burst of flavor. And last but not least, these make one heck of a swell gift. Your host/hostess will be quite happy they invited you…



Lavender in a Cachepot

20140118-061421.jpg cache·pot
1. an ornamental holder for a flowerpot

I like to think of a cachepot as something that ‘catches’ or holds a pot. Or better yet, something that turns a very unattractive plastic plant liner into something quite fetching. The grocery store flower section quite often has really inexpensive pots of flowers. Recently that had these sweet, sweet pots of lavender. We acquired these cool dark zinc cachepot ages ago. These are when they really come in handy as they are always waiting at the ready in the walk-in closet. Plop, in that pot of lavender goes, ready to add sunshine to the dining table or side table. A cachepot can really be anything that holds a pot. Be on the look-out for them on your travels or when you are out & about shopping. They really are so handy to have around.




The Sweetest Lavender Linen Sachets

20130119-063619.jpg It has been a few full days of display at the shops sprucing them up with new product that has come in these last few weeks. It is refreshen time, and also a time to get the shops ready for Valentine’s Day. We always get things out for heart day by the 15th of January so it puts a festive energy in the air. A local artisan brought me these incredible linen lavender filled sachets last week and wanted to know if I was interested in buying and selling them. I could not say yes fast enough–these are real gems. She found the gorgeous linen fabrics on a trip to London, and when she got back home made these sachets. They have such a cool vintage feel & vibe to them. Of course the addition of the number in red makes my heart sing. So good.




Spanish Lavender

20120502-081036.jpg A happy belated May Day to all! I have been a tad under the weather and a bit off my game. I wrote the post yesterday and completely forgot to mention May Day. I hope your day was a lovely one.

My heart goes out to all of the businesses that were affected by all the violence that occurred in downtown Seattle yesterday. I have not been down to the shops yet, but think we were spared from anything happening in the night. It is a shame that things turned to violence on what should be a joyous day.

Now onto beautiful Spanish Lavender. I put 4 pots of it in front of our First Avenue shop last year. They were teeny tiny little plants. Over the course of the late Spring, they grew considerably, producing stunning dark purple, pineapple-shaped flower heads. They were perfect in the front windows. As the seasons passed, we really did nothing but water them. The plants survived the Winter, actually looking quite lovely with just the silvery green leaves. We were once again treated to the beautiful flowers when the sun started appearing again this Spring. I can not recommend these plants and this variety enough–they are hearty little puppies. They love the sun, are super easy to care for, and make me think of Mediterranean memories.