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Singular Beauty

This lone stem grabs the top spot this Flower Friday and here is why. I am always looking for tulips that have something unique going on. This flower has part of the stem growing right up into the petal. Extraordinarily beautiful. I love celebrating the differences–in life, in people, in rooms, in things. This is also where single stem containers shine. They allow brilliance to take center stage. This bloom could have been in with a big bunch of other tulips and part of the magic would have been lost. But today it is able to beam ever so brightly.



Lily Love

Flower Friday brings us a single lily stem I picked up at the new Whole Foods a few blocks from the apartment on Monday. The buds were tightly closed. Within days they started to open ever so beautifully. The scent catching me the moment the elevator doors open on to our floor. Heaven. Hope you all have a grand week-end! X, T



Repetition & Ritual and a Single Bloom

20160201-072108.jpg Repetition often plays a key element in design. It can also feed into our rituals we in regards to our homes. It can be incredibly soothing, for both the eye and the soul. One of mine at Hawthorne is a single stem of hydrangea in the guest bathroom to the right of the sink. I just like the scale and the color of the flower in the room. I like washing my hands and admiring the bloom. Often, hydrangea have hits of blue and green going on. This room is the only space in the house that is not green. The previous owner had installed just the sweetest tiles in the floor with little blue rounds running throughout, and pulled the exact blue out for the wall color. We liked it all quite a bit, so it was the only room that did not get a splash of green. My point with all of this really is, if you find a spot you visually/emotionally enjoy a flower, place one there often. The amount of joy that will bring is pretty darn awesome.