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A Trio of Reads

Always fun to have a magazine or two along with a good book tucked into your bag for a little Summer reading.  Whether it be the beach, the bus, or your backyard.  We have you covered with a variety of titles not always easily found.  From short stories, to pretty gardens, to a new recipe to try with friends.



The Newest Gather Journal Has Arrived

20131210-063706.jpg The newest Gather Journal arrived a few weeks ago, and with all the hustle & bustle of the season, I completely forgot to write a post about it. The cocoon and cocooning is the direction this edition takes. Perfect as the cold weather sets in. Gather is really a food magazine/book, with the emphasis on recipes and entertaining, but in a style very much its own. I call it a magazine/book, as each issue is 20 bucks, so this is not your ordinary monthly, toss in the recycle bin when finished magazine. They are so beautifully photographed on such beautiful paper, you want to start a collection. In some way, each issue is incredibly affordable art–usable art. I have personally wrapped a few for customers as gifts these past few weeks. What a clever, stylish gift these will be. A one for them, one for me, type of situation…



GATHER Journal

20130702-061942.jpg A new stack of Gather Journal arrived at the shops last week. Beautifully shot and organized, this recipe-driven food magazine hits the design sweet spot as well. Lushly imagined images live with wonderfully presented words to create a winning combination. Each issue is divided into chapters, much like a meal–amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts. A theme drives each edition of the magazine, with film being the current. This is as much a coffee table book/magazine as it is a resource to use in the kitchen while you are cooking. To bring people together, to gather. What a perfect Summertime thing to do.