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Paperwhite Narcissus Several Ways

20141217-042446.jpg No matter how you have them surrounding you, the heady scent of paperwhite narcissus is a nod to the joyous season that is here. Whether in candle form or pots filled with bulbs where they do their fabulous poetic dance, they speak to this time of year. They also makes the sweetest gifts to ring in the new year.




Holiday Candles at Watson Kennedy

This time of year we carry more candles than ever at the shops. Many of our candle vendors offer Holiday scents that fill your home with balsam fir, sage, newbury holly, paperwhite narcissus, orange, cinnamon and spice. Many of our tried and true scents that we carry throughout the year like the Diptyque feu de bois, Kenneth Turner original, and Votivo red currant work beautifully too, filling your space with Holiday scented goodness. Of course they all make stellar gifts to give, but make sure you pick one up for yourself and light it the minute the sun starts going down for a little extra flicker of light and festive scent in your home.