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Staying In With Take Out

Saturday evening we had dear old friends, Catherine & Steve, over for supper in town. Us entertaining could be challenging on that night, as we both always work the shops that day–me at the Market and TPS in the office at the Home store. But with a little planning ahead and really good take out, it can be done and a really good time can be had by all. Hosts included. I am always looking for ways to inspire us all to spend time with our friends at our home. We love dining out, but there is just a specialness about dining in your home with friends that just can’t be beat.

Setting the table the night before or even the morning of, is a must. It takes a ton of stress off of you and it is pretty swell to come home after a busy day of work and see the table all set! Plus it gives the flowers time to settle in and start to do their thing. For the other evening we put out pâté with a few cheeses, baguette, along with cashews and grapes. All enjoyed with a glass of Champagne while the cassoulet from Cafe Campagne heated up in the oven. I had made a shallot vinaigrette in the morning for an arugula salad along with haricot vert. A yummy bottle of red had time to breathe along with the flickering candles. More baguette with really good French butter and we were off and running. Actually, make that laughing and storytelling and having a grand time.



Cassoulet To Go from Café Campagne

OK, you know you must really like something quite a bit when you write about it twice. Know I am smiling as I type this, but you must also know you have a 54 year old brain when you forget that you have written about it in the past… When Google searching with a question this early morning, my prior post from 2015 popped up. What a lovely post! Again, insert smile. Anywho, I love it so much it deserves a second showing. Café Campagne ‘Cassoulet To Go’ is one of my favorite take-away treats to serve at home on a chilly eve, and is our Wine & Dine Wednesday yummy post for the week. Chef Daisley Gordon has served the same cassoulet recipe for close to 25 years. Gordon’s variation uses two sizes of white beans to create an appealing texture, adding housemade morsels of sausage and duck confit. Add a salade verte, haricots verts, a baguette slathered in butter, your favorite red, and off you go. Perfect for two or order extra and host the easiest, yummiest small dinner party ever. That they are my neighbors at 86 Pine Street in the Market means you can pop in and say a quick ‘hi’ after you run in to pick up your order. Happy mid-week everyone! 



Café Campagne Cassoulet To Go

20150103-071459.jpg Entertaining at home does not always mean you have to cook the entire meal. Often times restaurants that don’t normally do full take-out menus offer a specialty of the house that they do offer to be taken away. In the case of my friends at Café Campagne, it is their off the charts cassoulet, which they offer in the chillier months. It is prepared and packed up so all you have to do is heat it up and you are on your way to a stupendously tasty and oh so French classic meal at home. Guests or not. We did this before we headed out to the island last week and had just the nicest cozy dinner at home, just us two. Apologies for the funny angle of the above shot. I started to devour the cassoulet and then realized I had forgotten to snap an image, so the part of the bowl you do not see is missing… My stomach was many steps ahead of my brain at that point. We have ordered this when we have had guests, to rave reviews. They give you some baguette and butter along with the cassoulet, so all we really ever need to do is put together a quick salad and open up a bottle of red wine. Makes entertaining at home on a week night a breeze. Café Campagne at 1600 Post Alley, my neighbor at the Market shop, right down the stairs from us.